Gracie eyed some stakes behind the counter and grabbed two "Eric! Here!"

Russell was in Sookie's face and Eric turned looking when Gracie threw the stakes at him to the floor. Eric grabbed one and staked the vampire, then grabbed the second killing the one who had Bill on the floor by the throat.

Russell walked them both against a hard counter, now having the advantage "you both shall be mine. I love a frisky one in bed. Two of you at the same time would be so sexy as hell! I would love for my tongue to…. " Sookie's face was still burning bad and swelling from the slap, the side of Gracie's face was turning purple from Russell's hit too. Sookie stood her ground "you are gross! I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole you freak!" stopping him in mid sentence.

Bill grabbed the stake from where it had been stabbed into the vampire and walked up behind Russell stabbing him causing his body to explode all over the counter and the girls.

Sookie screamed "disgusting!" Gracie stood there taking a deep breath "I need a bath now" her eyes trailing over how slimy she was "well Sook, you did tell him he was piece of slime."

Eric snickered and stood on the other side of the bar silent watching Gracie make her way around the counter and saying "guess we should clean up this mess." She began searching for something to clean with, Eric walked to stopped her "we will handle it. You can come to my office. It's were I shower and sleep. I live here at the club." He took her hands "you can wear one of my shirts while I wash your clothes. It should be long enough to cover for the time being." he winked at her.

Bill and Sookie sat at the table talking while Eric showed Gracie to the shower. Sookie had always had extra clothes in the car which Bill had already ran out and got. Sookie snickered as they talked, she began going through her bag "I knew i had a two pairs of shorts in here." holding up a khaki pair, "I'll give there to Gracie.

Eric came back a few minutes later. He and Bill began cleaning up. Sookie went to Eric's room leaving a pair os shorts then went to the bathroom across the car to clean up in there. She was use to it by now.

Eric and Bill talked. Eric couldn't believe Gracie stood up for him then helped them kill the vampires. He had never felt anything like he felt for her. Bill said "I think you've met your mate Eric." Eric nodded "I thought so from the first time I saw her. I've never been in love. I have never met anyone who I wanted to protect and to make mine. She is what I have been waiting for all these years." They kept on cleaning and talking.

Wet haired Gracie came out wearing Eric's shirt and a pair of shorts that Sookie snuck in before she went to change too.

Eric smiled "you look good in my shirt."

"Well it smells fantastic, just like you, so you might not be getting this back from me for a while" she giggled softly.

Bill chuckled to himself "I'll go find Sookie.." he was done cleaning up and headed to the bathroom.

Gracie's hair began curling up, she had natural curly hair but always straightened it with a flat iron because she loved having long silky hair "sorry, my hair is going to baby doll curl." she reached for him. He pulled her against him then kissed her softly.

He pulled back "I am impressed by what you did tonight. I wasn't expecting you to stand up for me. No one ever has, just Bill and that really isn't sexy to me. You are sexy to me. I can't keep my hands off of you. Everything about you draws me in deep."

Teasing her eyes locked on his "how long does it take to wash my clothes? Because I hope to stay a little longer" raising an eyebrow.

He grinned, "well. I probably won't do them until tomorrow or maybe never" hands fondling her body "second thought, I don't think I'm letting you leave ever."

"Locked up on your bed is very appealing to me right now, but maybe I should be running since you are such a bad vampire." her hands pulling at his black muscle shirt she licked her lips and he quickly took them with his.

"Okay. we are heading out.!" Sookie said with Bill beside her holding her bag and her hand in his. "We wil leave you two to whatever you decide to do tonight. Just lock the door!" she snickered.

Eric broke the kiss leaning back to look at them. "Sorry about your party. I will make up for it. I promise! Give me a few days to throw something really good together."

Bill opened the red door "see you tomorrow night! We will be back." Sookie hugged Gracie "don't do anythign I wouldn't do. I'm just teasing. Eric is a good man. Trust me. You both deserve each other."

"Thanks" Gracie hugged her again then watched them leave.

Eric walked to the door and locked up. Gracie just stood there until she blinked and he was in front of her, hands pulling up her shirt and over her head. "let's take this back to my private quarters." He picked her up and sped fast slamming his door shut behind them.