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"Winter, I'd like you to meet your new protégée".

The day had finally come. This meeting would set in motion the very plan he had been thinking, living, breathing. This day mattered because, it would decide whether Day X would work or fail. Everything rested on this moment. Everything rested on her. Orlov informed him of her, instructed him to keep close watch on her. She was destiny.

"Theodore Winter, I'd like you to meet Evelyn Salt".

They laid their eyes on each other. He knew her of course, but he was a stranger to her. He had seen photos of her (provided by Orlov), but in person she was even more stunning. Her piercing eyes stood out the most- there was an air of determination within them. Maybe even stubbornness.

"Nice to meet you," she greeted him. "Theodore".

"Please, call me Ted".

She smiled; a cat's smile. Seductive yet cunning. Evelyn's figure was slender, but that was not to be mistaken for weakness. If she was Orlov's favourite student then she must be dangerous. Not anything less. This was going to be fun.

Evelyn surveyed her new mentor. Ted was tall, huge even. He appeared almost…cuddly. She chided herself. This "cuddly" man could wipe out his enemies with a swift punch. His eye's carried a little twinkle. She liked that. This would be a beautiful partnership. She imagined a middle-aged grumpy CIA agent who would be assigned to train her. He would have no enthusiasm whatsoever. Unless she was a fan of Murder She Wrote he wouldn't want to know. Instead, standing before her was a young, vibrant, charming man who would connect with her. Evelyn was in her last years of training before she became a fully qualified CIA agent. Deep at the back of her mind lingered a voice which constantly plagued her. Uninvitingly reminding her she had a mission to complete. Not to get too attached to anything American. Just a few more years.

Evelyn almost endangered herself by underestimating him. He could charm the socks off of women; impress the men to get what he wanted. He did this in such a way that they never sniffed out an ulterior motive. Smooth operator. Evelyn had to hold in her chuckles whenever he used his magic, during questioning or small investigations. Colleges respected him without question. He was a good mentor though, training her well on her way to becoming a complete agent. During physical practise, he almost beat her every time. Evelyn had the edge over the other male agents, but it was a battle to overcome Ted's height as well as heavy build. She had to force her body into complete overdrive to defeat him, earning applause and cheering from the surrounding agents.

He was surprised at how easy lying came to him. Ted Winter was an alter ego. His real origins were unknown to few but him. Salt drank his lies without question. She was bright though, he had to commend her skills. She was agile, strong and she persevered through the cruellest pain psychically. Mentally she could immediately detect when someone was lying, and when they were telling the truth. She paid attention to detail when other agents failed. Salt was much tougher than her exterior portrayed her. She was definitely Orlov's apprentice. He learned extremely quickly not to underestimate her, for she would prove him wrong. When she defeated him in a sparring session, Ted knew at that moment she was ready. Eventually came her trials. He held his breath. Again, today would be the day which decided the future. Even though he was nervous, he knew she would do it. And she did. She passed ahead of the class as he predicted. Ted reported the pleasing news to Orlov, who in turn clasped his hands together and danced with his other protégées. An inauguration ceremony was held where the graduates pledged their allegiance to the C.I.A and country. Ted scoffed at the irony. Salt promising to honour the motherland when she was designed to destroy it? To add to that was the fact that they were buying it. He sneered at the Americans' naivety. Today a monster was being made. Today, Orlov's plans were coming into place. Today, Day X seemed reality more than a dream. Today, Evelyn Salt would ignite her destiny.