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To celebrate her success, Ted took Evelyn out to a bar for an evening filled with drinking and absolutely nothing else. At first, Evelyn withstood the effects of alcohol superbly. Ted ordered her another round of drinks and she began to loosen up slightly.

"Come on," he probed her. "You know you hate that old bastard!"

"Shh, I can't tell you. You'll let it slip to him!"

"I don't let things slip," he said with a mysterious smile.

The head of their sector, Walter Rogers was the topic for discussion. The seasoned man who never wore any colour to work was hated by many for his lack of joy in anything. He believed they were in a serious business, and in a serious business there was no time to enjoy life.

"Rogers is an ass!" Ted revealed to the whole world. "Come on, Ev. Admit it".

Evelyn shot him an evil look before her lips curved upwards. She twirled the ice round with her straw.

"Ok…fine he's an ass," she admitted against her will.

Ted had the power to do that to her. She hated it.

"More than that", he teased. "A bastard".

"Fine…he's a bastard".

Ted chuckled and downed his drink. Clicking his fingers he ordered another.

"You know about me," Evelyn stared into her glass. "But I don't know anything about you".

The bartender placed another drink before Ted.

"Ah Ev, you know everything you need to know".

They locked eyes. He wanted to tell her then and there. He wanted to tell her so bad. They had the same destiny. Their destinies were interwoven. Both were Orlov's children. Both needed to make their "father" proud. He knew telling her who he really was would blow his cover. But he couldn't, as much as he wanted to. He had a job to do. Maybe he could inform her later when they edged towards Day X. It was a lonely world, not being able to confide in her the teachings they shared. He looked forward to the day they could obtain their dreams, together.

"Obviously I don't know enough," she countered. "Otherwise I wouldn't be asking".

"Well said, Ev".

Evelyn grew frustrated at his lack of sharing. He refused to lift his cloud of darkness even though they were colleges. Friends even. As CIA agents they were required to remain discreet about their personal lives. But Ted and Evelyn had known each other for a while now. He could divulge some details because he could trust her. At least, she didn't feel like he did. She knew she had secrets of her own, but at least she told him a few facts. Evelyn placed her hand on his. They locked eyes again. This time it was longer, as they peered into each other's soul. What she found there was darkness, an almost malevolent soul without joy. She fought to bring his defences down. Eventually she was met with a sense of longing and loneliness. Evelyn was first to break out of their trance, looking up to the TV screen to avoid the awkwardness that entailed. Evelyn ordered another drink, downing it extremely quickly. To ease the pressured atmosphere, Ted knew only a joke would only suffice. He made a donkey noise. Evelyn almost choked on the remaining liquid in her throat. They burst out laughing uncontrollably. After three minutes of continuing laughter they paid the bartender and left the bar heading home. But whose home? Ted decided to walk Evelyn back to her apartment. She was capable of protecting herself with impressive combat skills, however it was still dangerous for her to be wandering home alone.

They continued to sway along the pavements, clinging to each other occasionally and in fits of giggles at almost everything. Peoples' blank faces only heightened their need to laugh. Eventually they made it to her block of flats. The alleyway leading up to the entrance was without light, so they felt their way towards the main door. He held her arm. Her skin was warm. Shivers ran down his spine. He ached to touch warm flesh, and now here he was doing exactly that. They collapsed by her door. Evelyn fumbled for her keys, shushing Ted as he whispered jokes and jibes into her ears. Finally they burst through the door, it crashed into the wall almost flying off the hinges.

"Opps" Evelyn murmured.

Evelyn dropped her keys on the floor. Unfortunately they both bent down to pick them up, colliding with their heads. Both clutched their heads, half moaning half giggling. In the dim light, their laughter subsided. They stared into each other's eyes, feeling some kind of synchronisation of their thoughts. Completely consumed by passionate emotions, Ted felt his defences slip away. He leaned in, smoothly and somewhat timidly. The first time in his life he ever felt timid. Evelyn felt herself drawing in, even though a far away voice was questioning what was happening. She buried any doubts. Their lips were inches away from joining. They were inches away from becoming one. Their lips lightly brushed against each other, before he closed the gap between them. Her beautiful lips cushioned his lonely ones. Evelyn's hands moved from his shoulders to his chest, stroking his firm chest muscles. He was anything but firm inside. But something inside her cracked.


Evelyn drew away. Ted attempted to mask his hurt.

"I'm sorry" she said with pleading eyes. "I can't do this. You're my boss, it would be too weird".

No matter how much he wanted to disagree, he could understand what she meant. Sighing he replied, "You're right".

Ted left soon afterwards, not waiting for her to say anything else. Plus, he needed to build his wall up again and this time, secure it so this display of weakness would never happen again.

Evelyn collapsed into her bed, rubbing her aching head and kicking herself for ruining things. The atmosphere around them would not be normal for a great period of time. However, mentally she imagined how the night would have gone had she not held back.

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