Codename: Damon Salvatore

Prologue: New Town

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Bonnie's P.O.V

I sighed as I unloaded the last box out of the car. I was sick of moving house. I was sick of whenever I got acquainted to a house or town; we'd have to move again. And all because of Skip. Who is Skip might you ask? Skip is the nickname I use for my mother's boyfriends, because they 'skip' the relationships with her yet she never seems to learn. Whenever mom has a bad relationship with a guy, we always have to pack everything up and move to a new town. It's the downside of having a single mother. My dad left us when I was born; he apparently didn't care to stick around.

I shoved the box into the house, and slammed the door behind me. I carried it into the living room and placed it on the floor which was covered with bags, boxes and more, sighing as I eyed a couple of photos mom had unpacked before she went to buy groceries for lunch from the store. One was of me and mom a couple of years ago; I looked hideous with braces and a really bad hair day next to my gorgeous mom. She had always been way prettier than me; with brown eyes, long silky brown hair, caramel colored skin and a model-like figure, as opposed to my petite build, green eyes and wavy brown hair. The only feature we shared was our hair color.

Mom wasn't like those mom's you'd see on T.V though or even like any other mom I'd met before. She was more like my older sister; most people thought she was and that was what she told them a lot of the time. She liked to dress in young looking clothes from Forever 21 or Gap, she liked listening to Ke$ha and Lady Gaga and all those singers I didn't really like; I preferred James Morrison's dulcet tones, and she enjoyed watching Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill both of which I hated; Three Words: Too much drama.

I looked at the picture with a wistful sigh. We were in Atlanta, Georgia then, but we had moved really quickly as usual. I'd never made any friends even so. I didn't really stay long enough in one place to even try to fit in. I wasn't the cheerleader type with blonde hair and blue eyes, nor was I brainy enough to be on the honor roll; I usually scraped by with B's or C's; so I was just kind of like the bland type. I was the new girl who drifted through the hallways on her own from class to class, not really talking to anyone except when required to. I was used to being ignored; after all I was shy and quiet and I didn't mind staying silent for a while. I didn't even mind the loneliness most of the time. I was what most people would call 'invisible'.

I ran a hand through my hair, before running up to my room. It had a beautiful view, overlooking the garden which was green and with all sorts of flowers. The house we'd rented in Mystic Falls was way better than any we'd stayed in before, some of them being Motels even. I started unpacking my things and because I didn't have that much to call my own, I was done quickly. I sat down on my bed and just stared out of the window, thinking of how different this school might be, or would it be just the same? I wasn't sure. I really hoped it would be.

I heard the key turn in the door, so I ran downstairs and found my mom entering the house a brown bag of groceries in her hand. She was smiling; her whole face was lit up. "Hiya darling," She cried, and I took the bag from her and carried it into the kitchen.

She followed me, a grin on her face. "Guess what?" She asked me, practically jumping up and down in her boyfriend jeans with exhilaration. Her long brown hair was tied up in a French twist and she had a red halter top on and a red beret in her hair.

"What?" I asked her wearily, as I started unloading things into the cupboard and fridge. I pulled out a mix for Mac and Cheese, and started to prepare it.

"I have a date for tonight. His name is John and he's totally gorgeous. Blonde hair and blue eyes and all that," She exclaimed, her brown eyes lighting up with happiness. She leaned across the kitchen counter and waited for my reaction.

I looked at her, grimly. "Are you sure you don't want to wait a little? I mean, we just moved; I'm not sure I want to move again," I told her, mixing the Mac and Cheese in a big glass bowl.

"Don't be ridiculous. John is a total sweetheart," She looked dreamy for a second.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please. He's probably just in town for a layover and he's just looking for someone to lay over," I murmured sarcastically, placing the mix in the microwave.

Mom smiled a little at my wisecrack, "Very funny, darling," She replied, breezily.

I sighed, pressing the buttons on the microwave. "It's probably true," I reminded her.

Mom didn't say anything for a second. "You look like you don't need any help, so I'm going to go get ready for my date," Mom explained.

"You aren't going to eat with me?" I asked, turning to look at her.

She shook her head, "I'm sorry, Bon. Maybe tomorrow?" She asked, before turning on her heel and running upstairs.

I sighed, listening to her heels clip clop on the floor above me. The microwave tinged, and I emptied the mix into a bowl. I took the bowl, a can of Mountain Dew, then headed into the living room to eat.

I flicked on the T.V but I couldn't find anything good to watch. I settled for reruns of Friends though after a few minutes I flicked to Family Guy, annoyed because I didn't actually have any friends. And it didn't seem like I'd ever get any. I wasn't antisocial or anything; people just tended to disregard me.

I spooned some Mac and Cheese into my mouth just as mom headed into the room. She was dressed in a light brown wrap dress which brought out the chocolate brown in her eyes and her hair was hanging loose and straight. "Bonnie I forgot to tell you something," She was saying as she perched beside me on the couch.

I turned to her jadedly. "What? That the John dude has a BMW x5?" I asked, with a cynic smile.

Mom laughed, "No. When I was getting groceries, I passed a small restaurant called the Grill. They had a sign that they were looking for a vacancy for a waitress. I know you always like to get an after school job," She concluded with a tiny smile.

I shrugged, "I'll check it out. Where is the Grill? Is it walking distance?" I ate my last bite of Mac and Cheese, then shoved the bowl aside.

Mom looked thoughtful, "I'm not sure. It's a few streets away. You can take the Kia though," She explained. Her orange Kia Spark was one of her most prized possessions.

I shrugged again; "Sure," I sipped some Mountain Dew just as the doorbell rang.

Mom jumped up, an excited smile on her face. "Wish me luck," She pleaded, before she grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

I sighed, and got up and put the empty bowl in the sink and threw the soda can in the trash can. I heard some conversation at the door, before it was closed and I was all alone again. I washed up my bowl before drying my hands and running upstairs to my room.

I dressed in some skinny jeans and a pink singlet and cardigan, before heading downstairs again. I would go to The Grill and try to get the job. It would be better than staying home doing nothing every day after school when mom went out every night to her dates. I rummaged in the key box for the car key, and when I found it I grinned, shoving it into my pocket.

I locked up the house, and got into the Kia hoping for the best. Maybe this town would be different. Maybe I'd actually fit in and make friends. Well, only time would tell.

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