She hated him, she hated Zuko with passion!

The way mother loved him more than she did her, she thought she was a monster but really, her mother was the monster!

Favouring Zuko like she didn't even matter.

But she was gone now, daddy made sure of that.

Even father loved him more, sure, he always spoke about her like she was a gift to the fire nation, her talents were unbeliveble but she knew he would sneak into Zuko's room at night.

One time she noticed father go into Zuko's room after bedtime, she heard him tell Zuko how pretty he was, father never called her pretty...she heard him say how much daddy loved his little boy.

He never told Azula he loved her.

Daddy thought Zuko was prettier than she was, even tho Zuko was crying like a little baby, daddy still loved Zuko more than Azula.

She heard daddy shout at Zuko and smirked, he must have been bad, "Stupid boy, stop struggling" he sounded angry and Azula heard a tiny cry from her brother "please stop"

Azula would never tell daddy to stop loving her...

"You're so beautiful...just like your mother" her daddy said almost lovingly to Zuko "I love you"

She heard another painful cry from her brother and please for him to stop.

She was furious! How could Zuko cry and whimper when daddy told him he loved him, she would never cry!

Zuko was weak, and couldn't handle daddy's love, daddy was too powerful to even have to give a damn about such a whimp!

Azula could handle daddy's love.

Azula wanted daddy's love.

She wished that for once, daddy would love her the way she loved him...

She whised that just once, daddy would love her the way he loved Zuko.