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Part 4

"You what?" Traci stopped fastening her shoes and stared at her friend in disbelief.

"I asked him to take me back to my place." Andy's voice was barely audible. She shook her head and slouched on the bench, fidgeting with her bag. "I didn't plan anything really. It just happened."

"Andy, you're joking right? Things happen for a reason."

"I didn't want to argue with Luke, and I hid in Sam's truck when I saw him."

"Andy, you got to stop doing things like that. What is it anyway? Some kind of spur-of-the-moment move? I don't buy it."

"It's not like that."

"Of course it is. You have to take responsibility for your actions or you're going to hurt people."

"I know," Andy sighed. She stared at her feet. "But really, it just happened!"

"Something wrong happens or just something, and you come running to Swarek, that's it? What does it say about you and Luke?"

"We're good… I guess."

"I hate to break it to you, but no, you're not! Listen, after all those miserable months pining for you TO, you finally managed to do the nasty, - in his beloved truck no less, and then you ask him for a ride back to your place?"

"Yeah, I think you nail it perfectly," Andy spat.

"Actually, I think he did," Traci grinned.

Andy couldn't help the smile on her face. "Can we move on please? That's all I could think of at the time," she protested defensively.

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard this week. Think, is it what you call it? Then stop thinking for Christ's sake! What is it that you want from him? You can't play with his feelings like that, because he does have feelings. I've seen the way he looks at you. I know that I'm going to regret that Andy, but Sam's a great guy, you shouldn't push him away."

"And so is Luke," Andy said stubbornly, standing up and shoving her civilian clothes into her locker. She slammed the door. "I'm moving in with Luke, there's nothing to think about. I've made up my mind. I got Sam out of my system. My life is simple."

"Yeah, I hear you." Traci turned her back to her, folding her clothes and placing them neatly inside her gym bag.

Andy's eyes went wide. "Wait, why are you mad?"

"Mad? Why would I be? No you're right, it makes perfect sense. You're willing to sacrifice your happiness because Sam doesn't fit your Prince Charming fantasies? It seems, I don't know… unfair."


"Yes, and it's unfair to both of them, lady. Listen, you're sleeping around, that means that you didn't choose anything."

"It was a one time thing!"

"How can you lie to yourself? What do you want? Get him out of your system, I get it, you had sex…"

"Great sex."

"… you don't have to marry the guy. Of course you had a good time but what about Luke? In my opinion, you're simply going with the flow."

Andy simply shrugged. "So what? He'll never know!"

"Really? Isn't he a detective or something? If that's your notion of a relationship… Wait, you're going to push Sam away, aren't you?"

"Trace, I have no idea."

"I think that you know exactly what you're doing with your Jules and Jim routine. Andy, you're not 15, you know that you can't do that, having your detective for show and a lover on the side, you've got to choose!"

"I know." Andy bit her lip and hang her head. "I didn't tell you everything…"

"Luke found out?"

"It's complicated."

"Well it's not parade yet, humour me."

"Okay." She hesitated for one second, took a deep breath. "Sam, he took me back to my place. That was weird. I couldn't get my eyes of him and he wouldn't look at me."

"Go figure!"

"You want to hear the rest or what? When he pulled over, I tried to say something but…"

There was nothing she could say right this moment. Her throat was dry and her thoughts in overdrive.

"Don't think this is going any further, because it's not. Good night." The words she blurted sounded alien to her ears, like she was having an out-of-body experience.

She left the truck without looking back and jogged to her apartment building. The door slowly clicked behind her. Fighting unwanted tears of anger that stung her eyes, she kept on running upstairs. She was so tensed that it took her forever to finally unlock her own door. She flipped the lights on as she went, discarding her bag and coat on the way. Once in the bathroom, she bent over the sink, avoiding her reflection.

She didn't have to think twice to know that she had a thing for Sam. A thing? She had a bitter laugh. She was head over heels in love with the guy. She knew it, he probably knew it. What was she doing, stealing those moments… in a car? She was moving in with Luke because she was not in love with him, how stupid was that?

She stared in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth full. She ran her thumbs under her eyes to clean the smeared make up and only succeeded in making a mess. How could she be that thick really? Sam was not playing hard to get. He made it pretty clear that he wanted her and more. Something else was obvious; she had to have "the" talk with Luke. She couldn't move in with him, not now and probably not ever. She'll end up being miserable and he'll end up being rude, and he'll have every reason to be. She closed her eyes and immediately felt Sam's hands roaming on her body, his lips pressed on hers, his tongue inside her mouth. She could almost feel his breath on her face. She moaned and opened her eyes, realizing she was about to come. You're so screwed, she thought, leaving the bathroom.

She had to eat something. Maybe, it'll make tonight bearable. Or it was the first step of losing it? Eventually, she'll turn into an oversized bitter spinster and she'll have to work behind a desk for the rest of her life. She'll get a cat or two, she'll knit a cover for her couch and for the remote, she'll…

The pounding on the door made her stop ranting momentarily. Not the clingy neighbour again, not tonight! In two strides, she was at the door. She opened it without even bothering to ask and stepped back. Sam barged in. He tackled her in a hug, pulling her body against his. His mouth immediately reached for her neck and trailed to her lips. She could feel his hands everywhere at the same time, running down her back, feeling her breasts, flushing her body against his. He lifted her leg and she willingly wrapped it around his waist, her fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him to her. She dry humped him, moving her hips slowly. His moans echoed hers. Their eyes locked and he swept her off her feet to the bedroom.

"Hey! Stop right there! I don't want to hear the details!"

"Sorry, I got carried away."

Traci chuckled. "Ya think?"

"You want to know the rest?"

"No nookie, right?"



"When, you know, after we…"

Traci nodded.

"You can't just treat me like a sexual object, you know," he smiled, nuzzling her nose, "I'm beginning to wonder about your intentions." His hand cupped her breast and he leaned in to nibbling her nipple before his tongue trailed south.

"Andy?" Traci protested.

"Oops, sorry, my bad. Well, you can see the picture. Anyway. Trace that was…" she looked around and lowered her voice, "… the best sex I've ever had. And he's…"

"Shhsshhh… don't put any more graphic images inside my head, I've got to work today!"

"I don't know if I can, I'm so totally sore, like everywhere," she grinned. "I had no idea I could have a dozen orgasms a night."

"What did I just say? No sex talk. Enough. You're not in college any more. You're a grown up woman, and a very lucky one," she grinned back, nudging her outside to the bullpen. "So he spent the night? Where was Luke?"

"How would I know?"

"Obviously… We're going to be so late, come on, and make up your mind Andy, like today, okay?" she added.

Dove and Chris hurriedly moved away from the locker room door.

"What are you doing?" Traci asked. "You weren't spying on us, right? Whatever you heard, you're not saying a word, is that clear?"

"Crystal, whatever we didn't hear, it's in the vault!" Dov said, raising his hand. He turned to Chris. "You owe me 50 bucks," he said matter-of-factly.

"You bet on my…" Andy yelped, before lowering her voice to a mere whisper, "… my love life?"

Dov beamed. "Oh, you didn't, you miserable…"

Gail stopped before their group. "I take it that you put an end to that little personal drama you had got going on, -finally?" she told Andy. "About time." She turned around, walking away. "Care to join me for parade?"