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Summary: Sasuke and Hinata were best friends ever since they were in their mother's womb. They practically grew up together. But Hinata's family had to go the states for buissiness purposes. 7 years later, Hinata finally came back to Japan as a thin beautiful girl rather than a chubby fat girl she was before. However, she finds out that Sasuke doesn't remember her. How will Hinata make Sasuke remember all the memories that they made?

Chapter 1:Prologue


"WAHHHH!" A 5 year old girl with long dark blue hair, really chubby for her age was surrounded by a group of kids who was teasing and making fun of her.
"Ha ha you're so fat!" one boy said.
"No one wants to play with you cause you're so fat!"
"Nya nya. You're so ugly, even your hair is ugly, that's why you have no friends.!"
"Why are you so mean to me, and this is my natural hair!" the chubby girl cried back.
"Why you! Don't talk to us like that, we're not as FAT as YOU!" a girl shouted back.
"HEY!" A black-haired boy stands in front of the chubby girl, shouting at the bullies,"YOU WANT TO DIE!" He raises both of his fist and glares at them.
The bullies took a step back, scared at the boy's threats and ran away. The chubby girl still crying.
"Hinata, Hinata, you don't have to cry anymore, I'm here." the boy tells to the chubby girl.
Hinata sniffles as she lifts up her head to look at the boy.
"I'm sorry Sasuke, for having you to protect me again." Hinata said.
"It's ok Hinata" Sasuke replied back and hugs Hinata,"I'll always protect you."

Time Skip::5 Years

10 year old chubby Hinata and Sasuke are at the airport. Both were standing there in silence.
"Have fun in America Hinata." Sasuke said breaking the silence.
Hinata looks up to Sasuke as tears starts to form around her eyes. "You'll be okay?" she asked.
"Of course, who do think I am." Sasuke said as he saw tears rolling down Hinata 's cheeks. He sighs, walks over to Hinata and gives her a bear hug. Hinata gasps, but hugs back and blushes slightly.
"I'll miss you" Sasuke whispered.
"Me won't forget me right?" Hinata asks.
"Of course I'll never forget you, we're best friends right?" Sasuke asks Hinata as he released her.
Hinata smiles "Yes". Hinata hears her mother calling her to board the plane. "I'll come back. I promise" Hinata said as she curled her pinky with Sasuke's pinky.
With his free hand, he reaches to his pocket and takes out a necklace marking 'S&H' and places it on Hinata 's palm.
Hinata smiled got bigger as she pecks a kiss on Sasuke's cheek and ran off to board the plane not noticing the blush on Sasuke's cheeks. Waving goodbye. Sasuke smiles as he waved back and watched Hinata leave.


A 17 year old thin slender girl just boarded off the plane and headed towards the airport. She stops, and takes a deep inhale, releasing it with a big smile on her face. " I'M BACK HOME!"
"Hey, don't shout in the airport, do you not know that you have such a loud voice."
" Yes mom i know."
"Ok then let's go, our driver is waiting and I want to check out the new house I just bought."
"Ok ok mom, geez, I'm not the only one who's happy T.T"
"Oh be quiet, anyway, you start school on Monday."
"….fine mom, sorry"
The girl and her mother headed toward the driver. He has the passenger door opened for them. The mother goes in first and before the girl goes in she gives the driver a bright smile and asks "Hey Eddie-nii, how ya doin'?"
"Long time no see Hinata-sama." The driver smiled back.

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