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Sing Me A Song

Chapter 1: Amber

The early sun ray of spring broke through the night shade, slowly coloured a little town into a tint of pure amber. Birds of all kind woke up by the day's first light and left their 'nesty' home in search of their breakfast. They flew in small groups of their own kind and chirped out a sweet melody in unison; a smooth melody that relaxed every ears that could hear. The birds made a few somersaults in the air and flew in a wide zigzag path, flew past every soundless house in the town.

In a certain house, a small yellow chocobo chirped softly as it watched the group of chirping small birds flew past the window and over the houses, back to the woods. The chocobo flapped its wings and flew to the head of the bed, landed next to a big bulge under the blue blanket. It chirped again and pecked a peach coloured skin that slid out of the blanket softly. The bulge groaned and shifted. A hand appeared from the top side of the blanket and pulled it down, revealed a teenage girl's face and her body that's up from her hips. The girl made a little kick and the blanket fell onto the wooden floor.

Her short jet black hair was messy and tangled at some places, her lids were still closed and her pinkish lips were slightly apart, blowing in and out a few air. She wore a white spaghetti-strapped shirt and a beige shorts as pyjamas. She was lying on her side, and one of the straps fell off from her shoulder and slid onto her arm due to the toss and turn she had last night.

The chocobo pecked her hand a few more times and finally, the girl opened her eyes. Ocean blue orbs met a familiar chocobo who cocked its head to the side and back up. It walked towards its owner and greeted her by chirping sweetly. The girl smiled and stroked its little head lightly.

"Good morning, Chobi. What made you woke up this early, dear?" The teen said while she brushed a strand of hair away from her face. The chocobo chirped and opened its wings before flew to the window frame, staring out to the outside world before turned its head back to its owner. The girl pushed herself up by the elbows and looked at her pet.

"What is it, Cho?" The ravenette asked the chocobo.

"Kweh… Kweh…" The chocobo used its beak and tapped the window glass thrice. "Kweh… Kweh…"

The girl slid her legs to the side of her bed and walked towards the window. She pushed the crank's handle sideway up and pushed the casement window opened. Cold gentle spring wind greeted her face, blowing her hair backward. She took a deep breath and leaned herself out all the way she can.

Her house was the highest in the area. She didn't lived in the town because her mother prefer to live at a quiet place, so they built their own house on a cliff which is only about a 5 minutes' walk to the town. Her house has two floors, unlike the riches that have floors up to three or even four. At the ground floor has the living room, a kitchen-and-dining-room, stairs to the second floor and an office. Her room was on the second floor, which also has the master bedroom, her elder brother's bedroom and a bathroom which her whole family shared. Her bedroom's window got the best view of the town, woods and the mountain surrounded the whole town. If she has a balcony, she will be able to overlook the town even better.

"Ah~ It's beautiful," The girl said in awe.

The whole town was covered in amber, in many different layers of shades. She spotted a group of birds flying into the woods, but she couldn't make out their species because they were only appeared to be a few black dots for her. There were still a few mists here and there above the woods and the mountains, but they'll clear away in another minute or two.

The girl pulled herself in and turned to look at her pet chocobo, who's still standing on the window frame.

"You woke me up this early just want me to see the scenery, do you?"

"Kweh." replied Chobi.

The teen smiled and stroked the chocobo's head again. "Thank you so much. It's so hard to see such a gorgeous sunrise every day. But, I still prefer the sunset."

She retreated from the window and towards her study table which is only a few footsteps to her left. She pulled open a drawer and retrieved out a pen and a notebook with the picture of a seaside on the cover. She flipped through a few pages and stopped at a blank page. Pushed the butt of the pen to get the tip out, she wrote down a few words:

As the sun paints the town in amber,

A bird flew by with a piece of apple,

And when you think that you've seen it all,

You don't realize you're very small.

As the wind blew onto your face,

You don't know that the tree leaves sang,

'Cause you always think you've seen it all,

But now it'll prove you're wrong.

"That should do it for awhile. I might change them in the future," She closed the notebook and placed it back into the drawer before placing other papers and notepad above it. Making sure the notebook was well hidden from sight; the teen skipped happily to her wardrobe and pulled out her school uniform. It consists of a white button-down shirt with a yellowish white emblem on the breast pocket, a short dark blue tie, and a short dark blue skirt that ended an inch above her knees. Its normal length was until mid thigh, but she made it longer because she scared of showing off too much skin.

She stripped and slid the garments on before examined herself in the full length mirror that hung on the wall which is next to her wardrobe. She took her hair brush and combed her hair tidy and also untangled some knots at the end of her hair. After that, she slipped on her socks.

Snatched her light shoulder school bag off the floor and dropped her hand phone into it, the teen exited her room and descended down to the kitchen/dining room.

"Good morning, Xion." A gentle voice greeted her as she walked into the dining room.

The girl, Xion, smiled and greeted back, "Good morning, mom."

"Fancy a pancake or two?" Xion's mom asked as she flipped a pancake into the air and caught it.

"Just the usual, mom," Xion said and sat down on her usual spot, the first chair at the right side of the table. She poured herself a glass of fresh milk when her mom placed a plate of two buttermilk pancake and poured maple syrup on them.

Xion thanked her mom and ate her breakfast.

"Where's Axel?" Xion asked and gulped down the remaining milk into her stomach.

"Sleeping, like the usual. School won't start till 7.30 am, right? Just let him sleep, he must be tired from the part time job he had last night." Her mom replied as she poured buttermilk onto the round pan and sprinkled a few raisins onto it.

"Ya. But he should make sure he won't be late for school again. I'm done," Xion said and placed her empty glass and plate into the water sink. She exited the kitchen and decided to go brush her teeth then go to school. Why do so many people brushed their teeth before eating? Won't that make their teeth dirty again? Weird…

Xion almost reached the second floor when her 4 years older brother walked down the stair, shirtless, again.

"Wear some shirt, will you bro!" Xion told him.

"Why? It's not like you never seen it before. Just go use the bathroom and make it quick, slowpoke." Axel teased and scratched the back of his head, messing up his long and porcupine- spine like red hair a bit.

"I'm not a slowpoke!"

Axel chuckled and said, "Ya right." He walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen. Xion's face went red and she shouted, "Well… Well… Don't say that ever again, girlfriendless guy!" She heard Axel chuckled and he replied, "I'm not girlfriendless, it's just there's so many girls that love me I don't know who to pick."

Xion pouted angrily and defeated. She slammed the bathroom door shut loudly behind her. Axel smiled victoriously when he heard the slam.

His mother placed his breakfast in front of him and said, "You really should stop teasing Xion. She is your little sister after all."

"Come on, mom. It's only a small tease. It won't hurt her much." Axel said and started his meal. His mom sighed softly and turned to pack up her children's lunch.

Just then, the door bell rang. "I'll get it," Axel volunteered and opened the front door. Outside on the front porch stood a blonde boy with spiky hair. He looked around the same age as Xion but a bit taller than her.

The boy smiled and greeted the tall redhead in front of him, "Hey Axel. Is Xion ready?"

"Let me check," Axel turned to the staircase and shouted, "Hey Slowpoke! Kiddo is here!" His shout was so loud; it could shake the whole town.

"I'm not a slowpoke! How many times do you want me to tell you that!" Xion shouted a reply and ran down the stairs, luckily she didn't trip then fall.

Axel smirked, "Just take your bag and go to school." Xion pouted again and took her bag and lunch from the kitchen, wore her black sneaker before exited her house.

"Axel just won't stop be such a jerk," Xion said as she straighten her clothes and flung the shoulder strap of her bag around her shoulder.

Her blonde friend chuckled and said, "He just never change."

"Oh, he will change. When pigs fly." Xion said and the boy laughed along with her.

Both of them walked side by side and followed the rocky path in the woods that led to town. Xion turned her head to her friend and said, "You know, Roxas. You don't have to come to my house every day. We live so far away from each other."

The boy, Roxas, shrugged and replied, "It's okay. A morning walk is nice."

"Oh. Okay then," Xion said and looked back to the path.

Roxas Hikari has been her friends ever since kindergarten and never been apart from each other since. They spent all of their time with each other and the only time they were apart is when they are going home.

Xion turned her head slightly and looked at her best friend. His blonde hair was very spiky and shone lightly under the light. He has a pair of blue eyes like her and a smile that always appeared on his face. He wore a white button-down shirt with the same emblem on the breast pocket, a loose dark blue tie, a dark blue pants and a pair of black sneaker. One of his hands was in his pocket while the other one held his school bag over his shoulder.

They talked about their previous classes they had for the rest of the journey to school and reached there with 30 minutes to spare. Their footsteps echoed in the empty hallway as they walked to their lockers.

"What's your first class?" Roxas asked as he opened his locker, which is just right next to Xion's.

"Literature. If the teacher isn't that boring, it would be a very interesting subject," Xion said and shut her locker close after she took out her textbook and a storybook.

"You're lucky. Mr. Zexion isn't that bad. I have History and those girls just won't stop looking at me. I can hardly concentrate!" Roxas took out his super thick history textbook and closed his locker too.

Xion giggled and said, "That because you just won't stop be adorable."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?" Roxas teased.

Xion smiled. "That's up to you." Was her answer.

Slowly, the hallway started to get crowded with students. Talking, shoes squeaking and shutting lockers filled the whole hallway. The school bell rang, indicated the school starts for the day. Roxas and Xion bid each other farewell and went to their individual classes.

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