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Chapter 16: Tears and Blood

Axel fumbled through the kitchen cabinets as he searched for something to munch on before he continued his college assignments in his bedroom. His part-time job boss was strangely nice to him today and let him go 2 hours earlier. Now, he was alone in the house, waiting for his little sister to come home so he can ask her how the competition went and what had she won.

The tall spiky redhead pulled out a packet of cheese crackers when he heard the front door opened and shut closed. Axel turned to the front porch curiously. Who could it be? Xion should still be having the competition, dad is at work, and mom is having a lesson on embroidery until later 6pm. Who could be home this early? Hearing neither footsteps nor any sounds, Axel placed the crackers down and went to investigate. If this is a thief, he sure is bold enough to enter via the front door.

He walked out of the kitchen and saw a figure standing quietly at the front porch, head hung low and hands by its side. Axel raised an eyebrow as he looked at the person before him. "Xion?"

The raven-haired girl flinched slightly from her dear brother's voice before looking up to meet his eyes. Axel swore his heart cracked when he saw her face. Her cheeks were wet with tears, eyes still watering and puffy, nose slightly red. She looked like a kicked puppy. When Axel noticed his sister let out a small sob and a fresh tear rolled down her face, his brother instinct kicked in as he knelt down and hugged her gently before she broke down into another fit of crying.

Axel continued hugging his sister, patting the back of her head, mumbling comforting words softly as he let her cry. After a few minutes, the crying subdued and Xion had relaxed. Still hugging his sister, Axel asked, "You want to talk about it, Xion?"

Xion sniffed twice before shaking her head, which was buried into Axel's collarbone, soaking his red shirt with her tears.

Axel let out a small sigh as he continued patting the back of Xion's head softly, "Okay. Do you need anything then? Some milk and crackers like back when you're young?"

Xion would have giggled at what Axel said as it had brought back good childhood memories. But… She was too heartbroken to do it… Cause a certain blonde boy still nested in her head. However, the ravenette was able to give her brother a slight nod.

"Let's go back to your room first. I'll bring the food up later. Can you walk?" Axel asked as he slowly unwrapped his arms from Xion; fearing that she would crumble down by another emotion breakdown if he breaks the hug too quickly.

The silent girl nodded her head again and started walking towards the stairs to her room after her brother laid a hand securely on her shoulder, guiding and balancing her at the same time.

After entering Xion's room, Axel watched her plopped down onto her bed before telling her he is going to get the food she requested. With the nod he got from her, Axel silently close the door, went down to the kitchen, and opened the packet of crackers he had found earlier. After arranged the crackers nicely onto a plate and poured a glass of cold milk, Axel was about to head upstairs when a deafening crash of shattering glasses followed by a loud terrified chirp from Chobi pierced into his ears. His blood ran cold.

'W-What? What happened? !' Abandoned the food on the counter, Axel ran out of the kitchen and up the stair two steps at a time, towards the source of the sounds: Xion's bedroom. "Xion! Xion! You alright? ! Xion!"

The tall redhead called out as he ran towards the door and pulled it wide open. He wasn't expecting to see the sight before him: Her room was a complete mess.

The pillow was thrown to a far corner, the bed sheets were all tangled together. The chair had fallen and landed onto its side. All the items on the desk have been toppled over and handful of them even ended up on the floor. The calendar also has been shredded into million pieces that now littered the floor. How could he not heard all of these commotion downstairs? !

Finally, he noticed the source of the broken glasses. Lies in shards, was a photo frame of Xion and Roxas, both at a carnival that held a few months back. Another thing he noticed was the fact that that is the only destroyed photo frame out of the 5 photo frames she kept on her bookshelf. Something was seriously going on…

Glance around the room once more, he saw Xion huddling up against a wall opposite of where the photo frame was flung to, weeping into her knees. Be cautious of the small glass shards, Axel advanced towards his sister and hugged her, feeling her uncurled and cried into his collarbone again.

After a few minutes, Xion's crying came to a soft sob and sniffs. Without any other words, Axel lifted her up and placed her onto her bed. Untangled the sheets and covered the blanket onto the slightly trembling girl. Grabbing the pillow and the fallen chair, he went back to the bedside and put the pillow under Xion's head. After making sure she was in a comfortable position, Axel sat down onto the chair beside her bed.

Xion was the first to break the 5 minutes silence between them. "S-Sorry A-Axel… *sniff*"

Axel gave her a small warm smile. "It's okay, sis. You're just… sad. That's all."

Xion pulled the blanket closer to her as she nodded. "Ya… Just… Sad…"

"Xion… Do you want to tell me what is wrong? What I can do to help?"

The ravenette shook her head. "It's nothing, Axel… Nothing…"

As much as he wanted to get the answer, Axel didn't pry. "Okay Xi. Go to sleep. You must be tired."

Xion nodded as she curled up like a shrimp. Before she shut her eyes, she said, "Axel…"


"Don't let Roxas come in. Don't ever. Promise?"

Axel nodded his head slightly; he had expected that request as he can felt some complication between the two teens when he saw the broken photo frame. Well, it doesn't need a genius to figure that out actually. "I will not let him in, Xi. I promise. Now, get some shut eyes, okay?"

The ravenette nodded her head before snuggling into her pillow and closed her eyes. Not long later, Xion had drifted off to her slumber land and not once Axel moved his gaze off her before she fell asleep. He was afraid she might do something… unthinkable.

Getting off the chair, Axel looked around the trashed room again. He need to clean up the glass shards and maybe take the photo as well, tidied up the desk and find a new calendar for his sister before she wakes up. He was sure he has many things to do in his hands.

~*~*~Sing Me A Song~*~*~

Roxas stirred in his sleep, only to felt a sharp pain emitted from his right hand, shoot down his spine and soon his whole body ached along. Gasping in short sharp breaths, his blue eyes snapped wide open; his conscious was roughly pulled out from his dreamless nap as the painful reality kicked in.

After the pain slowly lessened, Roxas was able to breathe in a normal rate and calmed himself down. Where was he? Argh… His head hurt… So were his arm, body and ankle... Everywhere! Why…?

Soon, the memories of what happened earlier recollected back in his mind. 'Oh ya… It's because of that bastard of a Devil…' Roxas cursed softly then tried to prop himself up by using his left hand. His injured right hand protested painfully at every movement, but Roxas bit it back until he was sitting upright. His body ached as he continued gasping hungrily for air, hoping the cold air would lessen the burning heat in his body. Roxas wondered: his body is still wearied out, despite the short nap he took, how could he go back to town without fainting halfway?

"God… I have to get back… I have to get back. To Xion…" Oddly for him, that thought was managed to give him enough strength to stand up to his good foot. However, right after he stood up, he lost his balance and found himself hopping and wobbling to a random direction. Panicking, Roxas grabbed onto a low tree branch quickly once he was closed to the trees that surrounds the clearing he was in.

Calming his fast beating heart, Roxas looked at his major injuries. A twisted left ankle and a broken right arm (which he didn't dare to bend as the breakage could be at the elbow and any harsh movement might risk the broken bone penetrate his flesh and skin; thus causing more damage).

"Sh*t…" Roxas wasn't one to swear, he always tried to hold them back and faced his difficulties as mature as he can. However, in this situation, he just wanted to let it out. He had two serious injuries, both at a different side of his body. He would find difficulties on walking without falling and wobbling like what he did only a moment earlier.

He couldn't support himself and walked using two makeshift crutches as one arm itself is injured. He didn't have a choice but to use a crutch or a cane with his left arm only. However, since his left ankle was injured, walking with his right leg with a support that came from his left side would surely be troublesome. However, like what he thought, he didn't have any other choices. He was alone here; only he can help himself now.

Roxas scanned the woods ground for any suitable branches and soon found one. With many difficulties later, he was able to pick it up and examined the height: it was a bit taller than his shoulder, but the branch was thick and sturdy enough to support his weight.

"Good… Now, I just need something to strap my arm…" Scanning and kicking the leafy ground for another few minutes, the blonde found 4 tree sticks which are about the same length with each other as well as some crawling plants that have a thick stem.

Gathering all the materials and his little knowledge on first aid, he slowly set himself to sit onto the ground beside his dumped school bag before he set to work.

With the advantage of being a dual-wielder, Roxas was able to create simple straps around his injured right arm with the sticks and leafless stem to act as bar and ropes respectively.

After tightening the knot, Roxas examined at his handiwork and let a smile grew on his face. At least with the straps on, he didn't have to worry much for his arm. "Okay… I wonder if I can call anyone for help from here." Roxas searched his pocket and soon took out his cell phone. It wasn't damaged, and Roxas silently thanked god for that. However, when he tried to use it, his cell phone didn't response. The screen remained black no matter how many times Roxas pressed the buttons, hoping it would light up. The blonde was left confused.

'Did it break during the fight? Or maybe the battery's finished?' Just then, he remembered. Back during lunch, one of the History class students borrowed his cell phone, and he didn't check it when he got it back. 'He used up my battery? Or did he…?'

Roxas flipped his phone over and used his left hand to open up the back cover. Just as he guessed: His phone battery was gone. "Damn it!" The blonde swore then assembled the back cover back onto his phone. This all must be part of Flippe's plan as well, so he couldn't call for help and no one would be able to reach him too. Roxas let out a frustrated sigh then slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"Chill, Roxas… Have to get out of here first. Okay. If I just keep my ankle up, it should be fine." Sliding his school bag onto his good shoulder, Roxas grabbed hold of the makeshift walking stick, and pulled himself off the ground.

"I guess I'm good to go." With that, the blonde set off, back to Twilight Town.

~*~*~Sing Me A Song~*~*~

"Seriously, are we even on the right trail? We have been in these mountains for almost an hour." A blue-haired woman asked her companion as they drove on the dusty road, rocks kicking up by the wheels and low branches slightly scratched the car's windows. There was no other car or people other than them on the road. And the woman is getting worried.

"We are fine, Aqua. I trust my guts, and my guts say we're on the right trail." A brown-haired man replied to the woman who sat nervously beside him on the passenger seat.

"Are you sure? It's getting late, and if your guts are wrong about the direction, we'll miss a day visiting Ven." The woman -Aqua- said as she stared out of the window, hoping to spot anyone who can give them answer of their current location and maybe even some directions.

"Ven would be fine. He's a strong kid." The man turned slightly to look at his girlfriend. "And I promise, we'll be at the hospital before the visiting hour is finished. Twilight Hospital's visiting hour is until 11pm, if my memory served me correctly. So, no need to worry too much."

Aqua turned and smiled at the man. "I hope you are right, Terra. And do watch the road. We don't want to end up in the hospital ourselves."

Terra let out a hearty laugh. "Okay, madam." He turned his attention back onto the road and Aqua did the same to the view outside.

Aqua Kastella, a beautiful woman in her late-20s, a Master on Sword Fighting and also hold the reputation of being one of the top trainers on Sword Fighting around the world. Currently, she is a trainer in a school called Radiant Left, which located in Hallow Bastion. In a week's time, 10 of her top students would have a competition with the students of Twilight Starz in Twilight Town. She is very excited for the competition, but for now, she was more worried of one of her longtime friends' health condition.

The man on the driver's seat is her 1 and a half yearlong boyfriend as well as one of her longtime friends. His name is Terra Monde, just started his 30s year and is currently working as an apprentice to both of their sword master: Master Eraque.

Since today is Friday, the both of them decided to visit their friend Ventus, who was currently staying in Twilight Town's hospital, fighting a yearlong coma. Now, they're on the mountain trail, heading towards the town of orange bricks.

Aqua looked out to the trees, admiring their lustrous green and how the lights shone through them. Just then, she saw a back view of a person at a far distance. The person could be around Ventus's height, or shorter if Ven had grown in his sleep. He has a strangely familiar hair color and hairstyle, which suddenly caused Aqua to be uncomfortable. He was wearing something like a school uniform, but was mottled with brown dirt and red stains that was also too disturbingly familiar to her.

When the car was getting closer, she noticed the school shirt was shredded in some area and the teen's spiky hair was matted with leaves, dirt and the same red substance. Then, she took notice of a long stick that was used to act like a support, the boy's raised left ankle and finally, the makeshift straps on his right arm. Another point that had her worried was the fact that the teenage boy was limping and wobbling slightly; as if he could faint and fall down any seconds.

As the car got closer and closer to him, Aqua saw him stopped in his trail and turned back towards them. She gasped when she saw his face. That face feature… And those…. Those blue eyes…

'V-Ven? Ventus? !' Aqua almost screamed when they gotten closer and she got an even closer look at that boy's battered face. As they drove by the teen, Aqua noticed that the boy had tried to call out to them, but he failed halfway -and just like what Aqua feared-, lost his balance and fell onto the dusty ground. The long stick he used as a support broke into half by the impact and the pained scream emitted from the boy sent chills down Aqua's spine. He even sounds like Ven…

"S-Stop. Stop the car, Terra! Stop the car!" Aqua commanded to Terra, but her gaze didn't left the injured boy on the ground.

Terra gave his girlfriend a sideway curious look. "Why? What's wrong?"

"I saw Ven! Stop the car!" Aqua demanded again, giving the man a distressed look before she turned to look at the boy again.

"W-What? Qua, Ven is in the hospital. He can't b-" Terra's sentence was cut short by the enraged and very worried bluenette.

"Just stop the car! Now!"

Too scared to fight back and didn't want to anger his girlfriend furthermore, Terra quickly pulled the car into a stop at the side of the road. Aqua hurriedly exited the car and ran back to where they came from, towards the teenager who is still on the ground, whimpering in pain.

"Oh my god, oh my god. Are you alright, Ven?" Aqua knelt down beside him, removing the sharp edges of the broken stick away from the boy to prevent any new wounds before helping him up gently. Now she knew why those red stains on his clothes and hair looked so familiar. Been a trainer on sword fighting for almost a decade, both sight and sharp scent of the red liquid is unmistakable. Blood...

Once the teen was back standing on his good foot, he thanked the woman who was by his side, supporting him with her arms. "Thank you, miss… But… I'm not Ven…"

Aqua softly scolded herself for such a silly mistake. 'Of course he isn't Ven. He just looks like him. A lot. God, Aqua… What have your mind played with you?'

Suddenly, Terra showed up near by them. "Aqua, why did you say you saw Ve-" When the man's eyes laid upon the teenager's face, his mouth hang opened in shock. "V-Ven?"

The Ven-look-alike looked at the man for a while before he replied, "Um… No. I'm not Ven. My name is Roxas. Roxas Hikari."

'Roxas Hikari? This name is so familiar…' Aqua thought to herself, trying to remember where she had read or heard that name before.

"O-Of course. Sorry, Roxas. You just looked awfully identical to one of our friends." Terra apologized before he noticed the condition the boy was in. "Are you alright, Roxas? You are in a very bad shape. What happened?"

The teenage boy –Roxas– hesitated (or was he just catching back his breaths?) before he answered, "I-I… My school's bullies attacked me. They tricked me and brought me out here before they beat me up." Roxas let out a shaky breath before he continued, "I-I… I really shouldn't say this…"

"It's going to be okay. We'll figure something out. However, we need to bring you to the hospital first." Aqua quickly scanned his injuries again before telling her companion, "Reverse the car quickly. He needs medical attention before anything could get worst."

Terra nodded his head and quickly ran back to the car without another word. Aqua turned to the panting teen beside her and asked, "How long have these injuries been? And where do you live?"

Roxas gave his dry and cracked lips a lick before answering, "30 minutes? An hour? I'm not quite sure. I kinda fainted after being beaten, and I think I have been walking for almost 20 minutes. And, I lived in Twilight Town. It's not far from here. By car, that is."

Aqua gave Roxas a warm smile. "It's alright. You seem to have done a little first-aid work on your broken arm, so it isn't in a critical condition. And we're heading to Twilight Town as well; in fact, we're going to the hospital, so we can help you out."

Just when she finished, Terra stopped the car right in front of them, got out then opened the backseat door for Roxas to get in. Aqua joined Roxas the back so she could treat his swelling ankle with the small first aid box she stored in the car to lessened the pain.

With the direction confirmed by Roxas, Terra drove towards the town faster than the speed he was driving earlier. Aqua was glad the ride wasn't bumpy so she was able to patch Roxas up with ease.

Aqua had picked off all the leaves in Roxas's hair and strapped his broken arm firmer with bandages. Then, she sprayed his twisted ankle with an ice spray before bandaging his leg from the toes to his mid-calf to apply pressure; hoping to lessen the swelling.

"Do you know why your school's bullies beat you?" Aqua asked after the blonde boy had raised his left leg up and rested it on the hand rest of the front passenger seat.

Roxas shook his head. "I don't know. Their intention is a mystery to me. But, I do have a few guesses…"

"You have to tell this to the principle. Those bullies have to be responsible for this."

"N-No. It's fine. I'm… Too scared they might attack again. They had threatened me earlier that if I tell the principle, they will come again… I don't want to risk it. They might hurt my friends too."

"But this is wrong. They have to get pun-"

"I'll think about it. Maybe I will tell the principle, but not now… They would most likely watching my every move. I have to play safe for now…"

"Okay then… So, Roxas. Which school in Twilight Town do you study in?" Aqua changed the subject.

Roxas adjusted to a more comfortable position before answering, "I study at Twilight Starz. I'm 17 years old."

"Ah. I see. Oh. I forgot to properly introduce myself. My name is Aqua Kastella, a sword fighting trainer. And my friend here." She pointed to Terra. "Named Terra Monde, also a sword fighting trainer, but more on the apprentice side."

Terra gave the blonde a simple smile via the rearview mirror and a warm 'hello'. Roxas returned the 'hello' before turning his head to Aqua, his eyes were wider in surprise. "Y-You're… You're Aqua Kastella? As in the Aqua Kastella? The sword fighting master?"

Aqua smiled. "Yes, yes I am. I'm happy to know someone like you know me."

Roxas grinned in such happiness; Aqua thought he looks like a 7 years old who got his wanted gift on the first day of Christmas. "O-Of course! You're one of my inspirations! I have always admired how you can fight so gracefully yet deadly! Oh my God… No wonder I thought you were familiar when I saw you just now."

"Ah~ A sword fighting fan, I presume?"

The blonde nodded. "Yup! In fact, I'm learning sword fighting as well!"

Aqua's eyes glistered in interest. "Oh. You learn it in your school?"

Another nod. Suddenly, the sparks in the boy's eyes disappeared and he slumped in his seat.

"What's with the sudden change? Something unpleasant came to mind?" Aqua asked.

Roxas gave her a small before continuing, "Ya, I guess. I just remembered that my school would be having a sword fighting competition in a week… I can't participate in it anymore. *sigh* I was looking forward to it as well. I have always wanted to have a duel with the students from Radiant Leaf, but it seems like all of those just went downhill."

The Sword Fighting Master felt pitiful by the news, and the defeated look on the already battered face of the blonde before her only making the small pain in her chest worst. He looked like Ventus in so many places… It's like he is Ventus himself. And Aqua doesn't like it when someone who is closest being her brother is sad. "You know, I'm the trainer from Radiant Leaf."

A small sparks rekindled in the blonde's eyes once more. "R-Really?"

Aqua nodded then offered, "Yes. And I can bring you to the school and meet my students once you recovered. I believe they would be interested to have a friendly duel with the best dual-wielder of Twilight Starz."

Roxas grinned wilder at the fascinating offer. "Really? Oh sweet Kingdom Hearts! That would be great! Can I really? OMG. You even know me?"

Aqua continued to smile. "Yes. I'll do the planning. And of course I know you, you're one of the popular talks among my female students you know. Apart from the other guy by the name 'Riku'." Aqua giggled softly when she imagined how her students would react when she announce that Roxas Hikari would be coming over to their school. "So, get well soon and inform me once you are capable of fighting again, okay?"

"Definitely! Thank you so much, Master Aqua!" Roxas said happily and Aqua could felt warmth fill her chest.

"Oh please, save the formality and just call me Aqua." The bluenette said just before Terra cut in, "We're nearing the town's entrance now."

"Oh. That was quick. We'll get you a doctor very soon, Ro-"

"Wait! Stop the car! Please!" The sudden shout from the boy next to her shocked the two adults in the car.

Aqua looked at him oddly, "Why Roxas? You don't want to see a doctor? You can hardly walk."

Roxas shook his head. "N-No. It's not that. I just have to do something first. Please stop the car, quick."

"We're still by the woods, Roxas. What could you possibly do here?" Terra asked, but did slow down the car speed in case the boy suddenly decides to open the door and jump out.

"I'll explain later. Just stop, please." Terra did what he was requested.

As the two adults watched, the boy got out of the car and up a small trail and into the woods, all just by hopping on his good leg. Aqua felt worried for him once more. "I should go with him. In case anything happened, I can help him. Stay with the car, would you dear? I'll call you if I need anything."

Terra gave her a nod. "Sure thing. Go, before you lose sight of him.

The bluenette nodded and exited the car. Catching up to a hopping teenager wouldn't be hard, right?

~*~*~Sing Me A Song~*~*~

"Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Ding Dong." The doorbell rang loudly and franticly as if someone is demanding to get the household's attention as fast as they can. Axel looked up from his thick textbook and wondered who could be in such a hurry. Glancing over the bed near where he sat, he found his sister still sleeping soundly from the loud rackets downstairs. Placed his book down onto Xion's study table, Axel stood up and stretched before exited the room.

"Coming~! Please stop ringing the bell." Axel cried out as he descended the stairs, not liking the fact the extra 3 door rings might wake his sister up.

After unlocking the front door, Axel swung it open. Once again, he saw a sight he never thought he would see in his life. In front of him stood one of his best friends, covering in dirt, blood and sweat. His uniform was shredded, his face was beat up badly and numerous cuts covered his arms and body. Roxas was panting loudly and deeply, his left hand held onto the doorframe for support. Axel then noticed the bandaged right arm and left ankle.

Why the hell is Roxas in such a bad condition? !

"Roxas! What the hell happened to you? !" Axel asked worriedly and placed a hand on his right arm, wanting to help his friend to balance correctly. However, a hiss of pain from the blonde made him withdrew back. He knew at that point, that arm is broken.

"A-Axel. *pant pant* Where's Xion?" Roxas asked as he leaned onto the doorframe, his body was clearly exhausted from whatever event that got him into such a bad shape.

"She's in her room. Hey hey hey! Wait. What are you doing?" Axel exclaimed as he blocked the doorway before Roxas could get into the foyer.

"I have to *pant* see her. I need to tell her something, Axel. *pant*" Roxas tried to get passed the tall redhead again, but failed.

Axel gently guided the blonde out to the porch then told him, "Sorry Roxas. But I can't let you in. Xion's request."

"Xion's request? ! Oh no no no…. No… He really screwed this up… Please, Axel. Let me in, I have to clear things up." Roxas pleaded him, but what he had promised, he had to keep it.

"I'm sorry, Roxas. But Xion is really really depress. She needs some space, and so I suggest you don't get near to her so fast yet. Give her some time." Axel explained. He hoped he can help Roxas, but his sister was his first priority now. Family comes first in his book, even though the sight of Roxas –who he also considered like a younger brother- in front of him was another heartbreaking sight; just like his sister's.

Roxas shook his head then banged on the doorframe with his hand in anger. Axel could hear him mumbling, but couldn't quite catch what he said except for 'Devil' and 'ruined'. What could those two related to anything that happened between him and Xion?

Roxas looked back up at Axel, and pleaded once more. "Please, Axel… Let me see her… *pant*"

Axel bit on his bottom lip then shook his head again. "Roxas… I really can't le-"

"Please! I don't want it to end like this! *cough*" Right after the outburst, Roxas suddenly bent over and started to have a heavy coughing session, a pained expression pasted on his face.

"Roxas! Roxas, you alright?" Axel panicked and bent down to his height, smothering Roxas's back, hoping it would help him to stop.

Roxas had no hand to cover his mouth with as he coughed, since his good hand was supporting him up by the doorframe. So, when Axel saw the deep red splat on his house' front porch, his blood ran cold once more. "R-Roxas. Oh my god."

Roxas gave out one last cough, created another blood splat onto the floor before his legs started to fail him and his body collapsed. "Roxas!"

Right before the fainted blonde dropped onto the hard ground, Axel had managed to grab him by his shoulder and slowly set him down, continuing calling his name. "Roxas! Roxas, can you hear me? Rox!"

The blonde stayed motionless, a small trail of blood kept flowing from the side of his mouth slowly, dying Axel's white shirt a red circle where his head was rested on. Axel quickly checked his breathing and his pulse, which both still exist, but in a horrifying huge gap in between.

What should he do? Roxas needs to see a doctor immediately but he couldn't leave his sleeping sister alone in the house as well. What should he do? !


Axel looked up to the new voice, which was from a blue-haired woman who just exited the woods and now running towards them. "Who are you, lady? And how you know Roxas?" Axel asked when she got closer to them.

The bluenette panted and stopped in front of them before answering. "I'm Aqua Kastella. I found this boy walking alone at the mountain trail in such condition. I was about to bring him to the hospital, but he said he has something to do first. I was trying to catch up to him, but I lose sight of him among the trees. Now, who are you and what happened to Roxas?"

Straight to the point, huh? Good, cause there was no time for chitchat. "The name's Axel Zayas. A good friend of Roxas. We had a little argument before he started coughing out blood. I believe he had overtired his body and fainted. He needs medical attention quickly. His breathing is very shallow."

The woman nodded and offered, "I'll bring him to the hospital; I already have a car waiting for me at the roadside." Aqua knelt down and carried Roxas up bridal style. Man, she is strong for a woman. "Would you be joining us?"

Axel wanted to shout 'Yes!', seeing his best friend in such a dire condition had him worried sick! But… He can't leave his sister here alone. She needed company, plus, who knows what she might do if she is left alone. "Sorry, I can't. I have a sibling in the house and I can't leave her alone. But." Axel quickly pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from the nearby house telephone, he noted down his cell phone number and handed it to the woman. "Call me once he's in good hands. And I would like you to fill me in the details later as well."

The woman took the paper and nodded. "I will. Don't worry, I believe he's strong. He will be fine."

"Yeah. Me too."

"I'll be on my way then." Aqua bowed her head slightly as a sign of goodbye then ran back into the woods, towards the main road to town.

Axel groaned then scratched his head in frustration and fear. Would Roxas be okay? Can he really trust that woman in the first place? If she is the Kastella he heard of, then he is able to trust her. But Roxas. Oh God… What happened to him?

Glancing down, he saw the puddles of Roxas's blood. The sight of it made his stomach churned. He should clean it before anyone else saw it. Grabbing the watering can, Axel filled water to the brim and washed the liquid away quickly, watching the soil absorbed the diluted blood. Without the blood on the porch made everything seems better even just by a tad bit, but it wasn't enough to settle the sick feeling in his stomach.

Axel re-entered the house, walking towards the laundry room while taking his bloodstained white shirt off. Just before he threw it into the hamper, he saw the red shirt he wore earlier that was soaked with Xion's tears. Picking it up, he held the shirt in each of his hand, side by side.

A shirt stained with tears, and another stained with blood.

What can he do to help both of his best friends now?

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