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Chapter One- Calm before the Storm

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo had been right! Michael Rivkin was manipulating Ziva; and now all he could think about was warning her. He had to save her, from herself and from her highly unstable boyfriend. He knew she was blinded to what was actually happening, and he also knew he could help her if he could just talk to her. Not only that but he also had to question her about all of the evidence they were finding that pointed to her.

He made it to her apartment in record time and even double parked but he didn't care; he desperately hoped he could get her to believe him, to trust him enough to see that things were not at all what they appeared. She knew exactly what they wanted her to know.

As soon as Tony reached Ziva's door he stood there for a moment. He wasn't sure how he was going to do this so she would believe him. He hoped that the bond they shared would be enough; that their friendship could help her see that he was only trying to help, to save her, and he wasn't just jealous which he sometimes feared she only believed. Sometimes he actually believed it himself.

Tony took a deep breath and then knocked on the white door in front of him.

"Ziva," Tony called, "its Tony." He only had to wait a second before the door started to open. Here it goes, Tony thought to himself. As soon as the door was open enough for Tony to get a good look at who had answered he was shocked to not find Ziva looking back at him, but Rivkin. They glared at each other for a moment before Tony finally broke the silence.

"You're here." Tony said flatly.

"Ziva's not." Rivkin answered. Something wasn't right; Tony could feel it in his gut.

"She'll be back soon." He added. "You're welcome to come in and wait for her." He said motioning with his hand that held a glass of amber liquid for him to enter Ziva's apartment and wait for her. He didn't trust this man in front of him but he now knew he had to arrest this man. He followed Rivkin into the apartment.

"You really expect me to leave her because you threatened me?" Rivkin asked as Tony shut the door behind him.

"I had my hopes."

"They include you coming here late at night, maybe finding Ziva in an emotional state. You help her pick up the pieces." Rivkin asked with a smirk before taking another drink.

"I'm here about a case." Tony answered. "An American agent was killed last night. All of the evidence leads to a terrorist named Abin Tabal. I think you're familiar with him." Rivkin turned around and glared at Tony.

"Of course," Tony continued, "He killed himself before we could catch up to him."

"Jealous?" Rivkin asked seemingly amused.

"That's the theory." Tony said with a short laugh. "It's a little too clean for me."

"It doesn't seem clean at all. It seems the more you dig the messier it gets."

"Well, what can I say?" Tony said as he started walking towards Rivkin. "The events of the past year have made me a little suspicious."

"Even of the people closest to you? Rivkin asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, especially them. We pulled information from Tabal's computer. It said at some point the internet was connected, here, Ziva's account."

"She is tied to this dead man. Who is obviously duplicitous, practiced in the art of misinformation."

"That appears to be the shape of things." Tony said, continuing to get closer to Rivkin so when he went to arrest him it would be easier and wouldn't give the Israeli enough time to react and fight back.

"You came here to question Ziva," Rivkin asked. "All because a series of numbers on a terrorist's computer?"

"I was," Tony told the other man, "Until you answered the door. As soon as you're done with your drink Michael, you're under arrest for the murders of Abin Tabal and Federal Agent Tom Sherman." Tony said as he took out his gun and handcuffs.

"Good luck with that." Rivkin said with a smirk.

Oh shit, Tony thought to himself, this wasn't going to end well.

To Be Continued.

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