The Battle Begins:

A Warning/Disclaimer

This story, The Battle Begins, requires an additional disclaimer as well as a warning.

First, the Disclaimer.
The Battle Begins introduces a new group of individuals which will become regulars in the Otherverse Universe.
These, individuals, known as Raines Rebels, were created by writer William W. Johnstone and are used here without permission and are not used for profit. I strongly recommend that the reader visit the Authors Page: William W. Johnstone's Ashes Page

I also strongly recommend the reader pickup or order a copy of Out of the Ashes by William W. Johnstone as well as the entire Ashes series, now over 27 books!

And Now the Warning!

From this point on, the dark Earth Saga will be taking what may be considered by many to be a heavy Right-Wing slant. While this slant will, for the most part, conform to the author's own beliefs, it should be noted that the views stated in these stories are not necessarily those of the rest of the Otherverse Staff.