Ch.1 funny digisoul charge.

Author's note

These events will be actual events that happened to me on Digimon world data squad also the notes will have commentary from the mao digimon and the dats members, this one happens during the battle with Lilithmon. So now let's start the event.

Marcus – Digisoul charge!

Lilithmon – Grrr you'll pay for punching me.

Agumon – Growlmon digivolve to candlemon.

Marcus – how do we beat Lilithmon with a rookie level digimon.

Agumon – Hey boss I can digivolve again.

Marcus – Digisoul charge!

Lilithmon – Grrrr

Agumon – Candlemon digivolve to Meramon.

Marcus – Another digisoul charge?

Marcus – Digisoul charge!

Lilithmon – Quit punching me!

Agumon – Meramon digivolve to rizegreymon.

Marcus – Yeah an ultimate!

The three digimon then beat Lilithmon.

Author's note

Beelzemon – hahahaha he kept punching you.

Lilithmon – Shut up Beelzemon!

Marcus – I got to admit I was a little scared when candlemon popped up.