Too late for the boss

Author's notes

Me – This chapter features a battle with Lucemon CM.

Daemon – Also a lot of things have happened since chapter 3.

Beelzemon – For example agumon is now a mega.

Lilithmon – You could at least say what the mega is!

Beelzemon – Oh well the mega is Shinegreymon.

Daemon – Also Gaomon is now MirageGaogamon.

Me – On with the fic

Lucemon CM – You cannot defeat me!

Gaomon/MirageGaogamon – Then why is most of your health gone.

Lucemon CM – Uuuh I will still win.

Agumon/Shinegreymon – Burn!

Lucemon CM – Shut up I am still the best!

Gaomon/ MirageGaogamon – Cough not cough.

Lucemon CM – What did you say!

Gaomon/MirageGaogamon – Nothing (loser)

Marcus – VB enhchant wore off but you will still lose.

Agumon attacks and defeats Lucemon CM

Lucemon CM – But I cannot lose!

Yoshino – If VB enchant wore off a turn earlier we might have lost.

Thomas – yeah too bad for him.

Author's notes

Me – I mainly wrote this one from memory so I think that I misspelled VB enchant.

Daemon – Once doglover1290 starts playing again and finds more funny adventures then more chapters will be added.

Beelzemon – Also doglover1290 will mainly add boss battles.

Lilithmon – Seeing as that's seems to have some of the funniest adventures.

Belphemon – Zzzzzzzz.

Barbamon – I'll wake him up groans.

Leviamon – Fun fact doglover1290 hates Barbamon so don't expect to see him often.