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Daisuki Papa Chapter 30

The Most Terrifying Show on Earth! Beware of Black, White, and Red!

Both shadows stood up and clutched their strings, then they started to move. After a few swings, the girls jumped from the trapeze, the lights still covered them. After a few flips, the two shadows landed right next to the spotlights on Joker, allowing them to be colored for the first time.

Both dressed just like the girl that guided Alice to the circus; however, a mask, with small red studs at the edges, covered both of their eyes. The girl with curls wore an ivory mask while the shorthaired girl wore an ebony mask.

Alice pondered, "Could one of those girls be th one who helped me earlier? I can't tell with those masks…one's hair is too thin, if she had turned her hair into curls, they would definitely be bigger. Yet the other girl's hair is just too short."

As the foreigner continued to wonder, the girls started to shiver, some started to cling onto the chests of the men they sat on. If they were questioned, the answer would either be that it was nothing or they were just cold and their little hands would continue to shiver.

Sitting alone a chair, the prince squeezed the arm of the chair. His violet irises scowled at the performers in the spotlight.

The queen noticed the children's change especially her son's expression, "Masahiko, what's wrong?"

The prince faced his mother, a solemn look on his face. He began to whisper, his voice slightly pleading, "Mother, please listen to me, no matter what happens, we have to keep the girls safe and in our sights at all times."

The queen, a bit shocked at the boy's expression, "Why, what's wrong?"

Glaring eyes focused on the stage, he stated, "Let's just say that there is a lot of bad blood between our girls and the girls on stage." His eyes returned to the queen, "I also have a favor to ask you."

Not too far from the eerie dark mood of the audience, the spotlight continued to beam happily.

The white masked girl spoke first, "My name is Miaka. I hope to enchant you with magic today."

"The name's Tori, prepare to be bewitched!" her look alike in black smirked.

With snaps from both girls, the lights turned off. They came back on when there was another snap, only the girl in the white mask remained. Above her head, two decks of cards, the right displayed a black swirly design while its twin showed a red one. She set both of them on the ground and gave them a slight push. With that, the piles left a piece of themselves, slowing shrinking until they lay out in lines on the ground. After kneeling down, Miaka flicked the first cards causing them to turn over. This motion caused a domino effect, every card would flip over due to its neighbor's motion, continuing until all the cards revealed either hearts, spades, clovers, or diamonds, with some faces in the crowd. After quickly dashing to the other side of the lines, the performer gently pushed the cards. The soft action caused the lines to become a deck once more. After meeting the decks, the girl then tossed them into the air. After Out of thin air, a red piece of fabric appeared in her hands, with a corner in each fist. The cloth then flew into the air, floating a bit higher than the cards. Miaka snatched the cloth and brought it close to her, the cards still inside. Unfurling the cloth, she revealed that the cards had escaped their prison without anyone noticing.

This was met with a thunderous applause.

Miaka clutch all the cloth and made several quick bows. She set down the flannel and walked away from the piece, a spotlight following her. After stopping and turning, the young performer clenched her right hand and then started to move her thumb. Following the finger, red-backed cards appeared, their edges overlapping; when she was finished she held a fan of cards. She did the same motion with her left fist until her hand held an ebony cousin to the crimson. Miaka rubbed the tips of her new fans and then let them fly, landing is two separate piles. With a snapping motion void of sound, individual cards, matching colors to the families before, started to appear and be tossed at the piles.

Suddenly Miaka's nose started to twitch, "Please excuse me, I have to blow my nose."

The girl reached into her grey sleeve and pulled out three fabric pieces, red, white, and black, tied together.

"My dad always ties me a bunch of handkerchiefs together so that way I don't lose them."

Some chuckles emerged in the crowd.

She continued to pull, more cloths appeared until a long snake of them coiled around her feet.

"I really don't know what would happen if I ever lost them all, but since he's a magician, I guess he might cut me in half and wouldn't put me back together again."

The laughter got louder now.

When it looked like she was about to pull out the last piece, the rest of her rope seemed stuck. The girl started to pull at the fabric, finally freeing a bouquet of red roses tied to the colored braid. She shrugged her shoulders and simply tossed the flowers into the crowd. The child took the last piece of the rope, white, and blew her nose nosily.

Afterwards the girl sighed, "Ahh! That's better! Now where was I? Oh Yes!"

After strolling over the right side of cards, Miaka straighten them out until they were perfectly rectangles. The performer bent herself that the tips of her curls nearly touched the ground. When she was up right, she snapped her gloved fingers, causing the light over her to turn out. The next second the light focused on Tori in her dark mask, standing on the other side of the cards.

Taking the black deck in her hands, the girl with short cropped hair started to shuffle it, occasionally setting a card aside without looking at the other side. When seven cards lay outside of the rest in a row, on the red flannel left behind from her partner, she started the process on the red deck and finished when a row of red sat beneath a black partner.

Gripping the corners of the fabric, the performer pulled it causing the family to flip over, revealing their value, most were faces with a few symbols in the crowd. The girl set the fabric back on the cards. With two small claps, something popped up where the cards stood causing mountains tops in the cloth completely covering the objects completely.

When the cover was off, fourteen ghost white doves stood, some looking around while others pecking under their wings. One half of the birds had feathers with tips as red as roses, while the other had tips as black as ink.

Cheers and whistles rang in the audience.

With a small whistle from Tori's lips, the doves faced her ready for her orders. The clap of her grey covered hands sent the birds into the air, circling around the girl several feet above the air.

The spectators followed the flight, focusing all their attention on the flying performer. A whistle from Tori snapped them out their trances. The blood tipped doves suddenly shot up, startling all even causing a few to jump. As they continued to climb, the birds formed a line. Once they were high above their trainer, where everyone in the crowd could see they began to curve up, bend down for a second to rise up then curved back down to a point where they started their path. Soon, a red heart floated above the crowd.

The ink black dyed feathers birds didn't sit still; they started to form their own shape as well. It appeared to be an upside down heart at first but the after one curve they made three sides of a rectangle and then made another curve meeting at the tip. A black spade formed so those who only saw a line of red doves could see a shape.

After a few minutes, the figures turned so that all in the crowd could see the other shape. With another whistle from the girl, the curves of the heart started to straighten and the curves and point of the spade started to round out. A red diamond and black clover hovered and revolved much like the other card suits.

One clap shattered the shapes, scattering the birds into the audience. Each bird gently fluttered, hovering above the seat before a Roleholder, with some exceptions, causing the girl in his lap to squeeze herself closer her future father. When the dove landed on the seat a puff of chalky white smoke seemed to burst from them, causing high pitch screams and practically squeezed stomachs. When the fog cleared, the birds had vanished, but there was a card near their feet. Each picked up their card; the list is as follows

King of Hearts –Himself

Queen of Hearts- Herself

Knight of Hearts- Ace of Hearts

White Rabbit- Jack of Hearts

Mad Hatter- King of Spades

March Hare- Ace of Spades

Bloody Twins-Jack of Spades

Clock Maker- King of Clovers

Caterpillar- Jack of Clovers

Lizard-Ace of Clovers

Duke-King of Diamonds

Cheshire Cat- Ace of Diamonds

Sleepy Dormouse-Jack of Diamonds

When the Roleholders asked the lass in his lap what was wrong, they would get no answer and only got held tighter. The men's attention turn when the rest of the audience applauded wildly. Miaka was back on stage, next to Tori, both of them bowing and waving to the crowd. The house lights went on, brightening all of the inside of the tent, signaling the end of the show. The two red heads dashed away into an entrance covered by two flaps, each holding a half of a white mask.

As the faced audience rose and started to leave, the girls sort of grouped around Alice's legs.

"I see, so you were scared of those girls as well…" the maiden stated.

"Yeah…" Natsuki mumbled. "Can we go home now?"

The foreigner wondered what had happened between the two sets of girls. Yet she decided it was best to get her girls home now and ask questions later.

"Yeah, how about I make you something nice when we get home, okay?" the teen offered.

Some of the girls nodded while others just let out a small smile, starting to follow Alice out of the big top.

As Vivaldi started out, she found her skirt snagged by something. She found Masahiko, with some of his skirt in his hand. Her violet eyes noticed that his other hand held some fabric of a pair of black pants. Her gaze followed the body up until she found the King's face. She turned away, a small light pink blush on her cheeks.

"Looks like you have whatever the girls have. Would you like one of us to carry you back to the Castle?" the king asked.

The boy shook his head. "I'll be fine."

However the royal pair would not notice the chain that linked them missing until Alice would cry out that the girls were gone and she couldn't find them.

"W…where are we?" Midori asked.

"I think we all wish we knew," Utako answered.

"I guess we must have gotten lost in the crowd," Aoi guessed.

"How? I mean we were with Alice-onee-chan and our papas the whole time!" the white rabbit child cried.

"I wish I knew, Suki-chan," Yumeko sighed. "But I'm sure we'll be fine…I think…"

"Well, with my professional experience, I say we ask someone!" Mamoru declared.

Akahana said, "Alrighty then, Miss Explorer, in your professional opinion, who do we ask?"

Indeed the girls definitely were lost. Instead of bright colors, cheers, noises, and people surrounding them, shreds and rags dangled in the soft occasional breeze where proud happy tents once stood with colors faded, patches obviously sown into striped skin and some of the metal bone of the canvases showing. Even though the circus was affected by no season, clouds, ready to cry, huddled close together. No life could be found, only the breeze seemed to speak.



All the girls jumped at the sound, the fluttering of wings caused them to shiver. They found a crow perched on an exposed part of support of a metal beam. It pecked at its wing, stared at the girls, yelled at them a few more times and then took off.

A few moments, the girls let out a collective sigh.

Mamoru then beamed, "Come on girls, no need to be scared! We are only a little lost?"

Tora, glanced around her surroundings and raised an eyebrow, "A little?"

The brunette shrugged, "Okay, maybe a bit more than a little, but all we have to do is to look for someone and ask them how to get to the main road and then we'll be just fine!"

The hare child stuttered, "W...Wh…Who said I was scared!"

Two objects went down the girl's back, causing her brown ears to straighten when she screamed.

"You see, you are scared!" the Tweedles declared.

"Now come on you two," Tama scolded, "We are all scared. Mamo-chan's plans sounds good, except for one problem."

"What's that?" The chestnut haired girl asked.

Her dark blue haired friend admitted, "Even with directions, you are bound to get lost."

Mamoru thought for a second then beamed, "It's okay! If I just stick to Aoi-chan, I won't get lost." She grabbed the arm of her slightly smaller friend.

"Huh?" Aoi let a sound of confusion.

"Okay, let's go, take care of Mamo-chan!" Utako declared.

As the group on started on their quest, Aoi shifted her eyes towards the girl holding her. She let out a sigh, "Some things never change."

Continuing the journey, the girls walked among the corpses of tents, crows sitting on the beams like vultures waiting for their meal to die. With every step, the air seemed to get colder for the girls shivered with every step now.

"Hey, look at that!" Natsuki cried out.

Her finger pointed to what her ruby eyes had found. The only tent had remained intact, not only that it seemed to glow. Black stripes that shined like silky black hair stood next to stripes the color of freshly fallen, untouched snow. A bright red flag shined happily and waved, though no wind touched the girls' cheeks. Zipped up tight, the tent sealed its contents, its opener too high for the girls to reach. A worn wooden sign, standing on two legs, waited nearby.

On the sign, elegant black swirls these words.

Tent of Longings, Find your Heart's Desire Inside

"What's a longing?" the red Tweedle asked.

"What's a desire?" her marine cousin questioned.

"Longing is a feeling you have when you really want something. Desire is something you want, usually what you are longing for," Akahana answered.

A strange gust of cold wind started, trying to take the girls with it, some pieces of clothing and hair (some girl's ears and tails also tried to follow. The children huddled together to keep themselves in place. The crows that stood above them took the skies. Their chants soon filled the ominous air.

Natsuki started to sniffle, holding back her tears. "I think…right now…want…I…desire…is my mama!"

The rest of the girls let small sounds of agreements. For a moments they let their minds wander back to their memories of their mothers. Those warm arms holding them then, provided a warm coat for them now.


Until one jab tore through the fabric.


The white rabbit's friends' heads turned towards their friend.


They discovered a cut on their friend's face, some blood rolling down her cheek.


The birds circled around the air above the girls. The creatures would drive down and use their sharp beaks like knives to attack the girls. Any piece of skin that could be attacked was aimed at. Often succeeding, each attack would lead to another cut letting loose some blood from the girls, as their eyes let loose some tears. The girls tried to hide themselves with their hands and huddling close together, some of the older ones tried to cover the younger ones with their bodies. However these attempts were futile

Utako lifted herself from her two friends from the Amusement Park a bit, to see that the zipper of the tent before them was now opened, the two striped flaps shook wildly in the wind.

"LET'S GO IN THERE!" She yelled over the crows own screams.

Akahana turned her head away from Takara's deep green locks to ask, "YOU THINK THAT WILL PROTECT US FROM THESE BIRDS?"

"IT'S THE ONLY PLACE WE GOT! COME ON!" the red cried and started to take the hands of her smaller friends under her and dashed towards the flaps. The rest of her friends soon followed the girl into her the tent.

As soon as the last piece of skirt entered the tent, the zipper, started to climb its own steps all by itself, until it reached the top. The birds stopped cawing and resumed their posts on the old tents again. They remained quiet, like soldiers ready for orders. Even the clouds seemed to clear out of the sky.

A voice called out, "DINNERTIME!"

Tori, mask less now her sharp looking carmine eyes exposed to the world, dashed through the area, a large red and white striped paper bag full of popcorn over each shoulder. The yellow kernels spilled all over the ground, the birds early swooping down to land near the rows of food.

Miaka casually strolled, her own blood red orbs shining softly, "Thank you for getting the girls in my tent, I wouldn't have been able to get in with my illusions alone."

"Yeah, yeah, I got them all in, so now will you tell me what you are planning?" Tori asked.

"My, don't you remember what that sign I put up said?" Miaka questioned.

"Uh…" her friend glanced over to sign, dashed over and stood before for a few seconds and return to reply, "Now I do."

A palm met the spiral haired girl's face, "I really hope my dad's right… and we really aren't related."

"Hey! If you're so smart, then tell me what's so special about this tent and why did you have my birds herd those girls into it?" the short-haired girl snarled.

Smiling happily, the lass with the longer locks started to explain, "It seems like every day we have to watch and fear that we will lose something precious to us. Inside the tent will help our friendsto step inside our shoes to see what it's like."

"I don't know how shoes fit into all of this, but I think I guess what's going on," her counterpart admitted.

Miaka simply shrugged her shoulders and sighed, "Well, it's a start."

Tori whistled and called out, "Yo Clyde!"

A crow, rather larger from the rest, lifted his head from the popcorn and crowd and dashed over to his tamer's side. She kneeled down and offered her arm to the bird, which he hopped on and was taken for a ride, stopping right at the girl's face.

"Clyde, if anyone else comes around, make sure that you give them hell!" the bird master commanded.

The circus' girl gasped, "Really Tori-chan! Such language!"

The prison's girl twirled her free hand and placed it near her middle as she bowed and started her monologue, "Sorry Prima donna-sama. I have forgotten that you were born in the spotlight of the circus, with all the applause and I was born in the dark cells of the prison with the rattling of chains to welcome me into the world."

Miaka rolled her eyes, "And you call me the dramatic one."

Tori chuckled, "I always knew I was ready for the big top."

She looked over at the fowl at the arm, "Now remember give them hell, but if bullets fly, you fly straight back home, okay?"

The bird tilted its head and then took a little of his mistresses dark red hair in its beak and pulled it softly before letting it go.

The girl smiled, "That's my boss, now get some dinner before everyone else eats it."

Clyde flew off his perch and landed near some of his family. After a few pushes and pokes, he managed to make a spot for himself at the dinner floor.

The spiral hair gal grinned, "So you can smile like that off-stage. I thought as soon as you left the spot light, you put on your 'Don't talk to me I'm a grump face' until you got to the prison."

Her look-a-like with bobbed hair huffed, face as red as a tomato. "Shut up."

The circus' child giggled, "Now come on, we can go home and wait for your maytr."

The prison girl mumbled, "Murder, a group of crows is called a murder. And you call me the birdbrain."

As they started to walk, Miaka started to ponder, "You know, I wonder where that prince of theirs is at. You think he would have been here earlier and save them."

"Who cares? It makes it easier for us to put your plan into action."

"Well…he is kinda cute."

"Yeesh, how can you like that goody-two shoes type?"

Her friend shrugged, "I don't know, I just think he's cute. It's been a while since we've talked."

"That's right." Tori cast her eyes on the tent. "It's been a while."

Miaka also glanced at the tent. She continued to smile although the gaze of the girl seemed sad. "Yeah, it's been a while."

"So how was Alice? Same as usual?" the short haired girl asked. "Bet she didn't recognize you without the wig."

The longer haired lass placed her finger on her chin in thought, "She seemed okay, though I have to admit she seemed more absentminded and a bit more…lost than I have seen her."

"We'll, I guess it makes sense, but it's nothing we've got to worry about. It's our dads' job to play with her," the prison girl added a chuckle at the end of her words.

"Yeah, it makes sense, since she's the one that started it all," the circus girl added in a soft voice.

The two stopped at tree with a hole at its bottom.

"Well, it's been fun playing in the past."

"Stinks that we didn't really tell your dad who you were, bet that would made him faint!"

"Oh well, if we get the chance, we can tell him the next time, but we better hurry home before the hole closes."

"Yeah." Tori sighed and turned back to the tent, "See ya later!"

"Have fun girls!" Miaka added in a softer voice and waved at her creation.

The girls slipped into the opening, sending the Joker girls back from whence they came. As soon as they left, a piece of fabric started to slice itself apart from the tent.

As soon as she entered, Natsuki found herself alone surrounded by grey walls with a path, the only light shining on her. She started to follow it to find more paths and walls.

"H…Hey where is everyone?" the little rabbit asked aloud. Her echo seemed to be her own reply.

"Hana-chan? Aoi-chan? Uta-chan? Anyone?" the small albino called out. She continued to stroll around, hoping to find someone, anyone.

"Natsuki? Natsuki?" a voice called out, the last one the girl expected.

"Could it be…?" The child pondered.

Dashing off, the lass listened to the voice, twisting and turning around. As she continued, the voice grew in volume. When she turned around a corner, she saw a lone figure, a pink dress covering its body and long flowing hair. The girl couldn't tell you what the color was, but it definitely looked familiar. So she took a chance, the rabbit cleared her throat and said one word.


The adult female turned to face the girl.

Those familiar eyes, loving and warm, that kind smile, that face in general made the little rabbit gasped.

"Natsuki…" the woman sighed softly, placing her hands in front of her mouth.

Dashing with her arms out wide, Natsuki cried out with tears in her eyes, "Mama!"

"Natsuki!" her mother ran, her own eyes tearing up.

When the two were only a few steps away, the woman kneeled down and the girl jumped into her arms. On contact, the two held each other close.

"Mama! Mama!" the rabbit clung onto the woman. Snuggling in the woman's chest, more water continued to fall from her closed eyes.

"Natsuki, what happened to you? You are all cut up! Don't worry, Mama and Papa will take good care of you."

"I'm sorry Mama! I know you and Papa told me not to leave the castle grounds, but I wanted to win, so I wandered away. If I never left…I'm sorry I didn't listen….I'm sorry!"

A gentle hand began to gently rub the snow white ears, "It's alright Natsuki I forgive you. It's not your fault that we got separated…Wonderland is a wonderful….and mysterious place, even to this day there are somethings that Mama doesn't quite understand. I'm not sure that even if you stayed near us, you might not have ended up here, but that doesn't matter now. You, my little white present, are right here in my arms, and I'll make sure you will never have to be alone again." The woman leaned away so that way her daughter can see her face. A warm smile on her face she added, "Right?"

Happy that her mother was back in her life and rubbing her ears again, the white rabbit's eyes refilled but she smiled and nodded. She knew that she'd probably cry when she got home where the rest of her family was probably waiting for her. Now, she just wanted to enjoy her mother's warmth and cherry blossom perfume, so she hugged her parent relishing in what she missed.

"Now let's go home, my little white present, I bet you'll surprise everyone when they see you," The woman stood up and offered her soft hand.

"Yeah!" the little girl agreed and set her smaller paw inside her mother, who wrapped around her hand easily.

Only a few steps, that's all they took, before Natsuki heard a gasp and…


She felt a push on her back, causing her to fall on her stomach.



These sounds caused Natsuki to lift her upper half by her hands and turn her head. Her red eyes widened with shock.

A shining blade stood in her mama's back surrounded by deep red.


The rabbit lass stood up and dashed up to the woman lying on the ground and knelt right next to her. The woman's long hair covered her face.


Shaking itself, a small hand started to shake a shoulder. Yet the lady only responded by following the motion give to her.

The small hand and its partner started to push on the body until it was on its side.

The girl let out another gasp at the woman's now paling face. The pupils of her eye covered up most of the iris, her mouth slightly ajar. Slowly, he rabbit's small hand graced over a cheek until it reached the middle of older female chest. Nothing moved underneath the child's paw…

At that moment, memories the two woman shared came back to Natsuki…

What story would like me to read to you today?

I'm sorry, Natsuki, I guess I'm just tired.

Thank you so much Natsuki! This branch is lovely! It's just what I wanted.

Now don't you try using your 'wabbit' face on me. It's not going to work this time. …I mean it.

Okay, okay, why do you have to be as cute as your papa?

Natsuki! I've told you not to interrupt while I was working! Look at what you've done!

It's okay. We can fix it together, okay?

Happy birthday, my little white present.

Natsuki, my beloved white present, I love you so much.

All Natsuki could do was just stare at the ground, not bothering with the tears in her eyes, and said only one word over and over.


Searching through the loud crowd, Masahiko continued to dash around, holding something underneath his jacket.

"Come on girls, where are you?"

At each new corner and path, the prince would carefully scan around. Yet it all seemed to be in vain.

After loosening the strangling tie and fanning himself with his hat, the boy plopped himself down on the ground, his body stretched out. He touched the hidden item, making sure it was still there.

"Whoever is up there, if you send me a sign to tell me where they are, I promise I will never ever pick on another girl as long as I live."


"That works!"

The sound and thought sent the lad on his feet at a racing pace, a large beam on his face.

"By the way, I'm not sure if I can keep that promise. It's just too much fun."

He continued to sprint, his ears straining to hear his guide, as he continued to travel the colors seemed to fade. The boy glanced around at his surroundings and slid to stop. After glancing around at all the decomposing fabric corpses, he gulped. The prince reached underneath his jacket, into the side of his pants to pull out a long black and red pistol.

"I borrowed this from Mother…I hope that I don't have to use it."

Slowly, Masahiko started to wander around the grounds, a little shake to his steps.



The prince jumped, the gun nearly fumbling out of his hands. He held it up shakily, swinging it to find the creature that made the noise. When he met a crow, who ignored him to fix its feathers, the lad started to laugh out of relief and wiped his brow with his left hand.

"Nothing to worry to about, just one little black bird," he panted.

However his one little black bird, seemed to have become five, all yelling at him, with their wings ready to take off.

"Whoops. Spoke too soon," the boy let out a nervous chuckle and started to dash away, the birds then sought after him, hovering over his head.

He continued to run until a large gap in one tent let him jump in for shelter. The birds then started to swoop to get inside, but two bullets caused them to scatter into the skies.

The boy peeked out of the hole, sighing when his hunters were out of sight. He climbed out, continuing his quest. It seemed to be a short, nerve shaking trip until he spotted something that made his mechanical clock drop.

It looked like crows everywhere, barely a gap could be seem between the birds. Covering the ground, the tents' remains, even they were even fowl occasionally flying around the air.

"Out of the frying pan, into the fire…" the lad mentally sighed. That's when he spotted the one area that seemed nearly void of birds. A black and white stripped tent, worn but in better condition than its neighbors, with a drooping flag, had only one crow, the largest of the murder, sitting on it. Instead of being able to see through the opening of the pavilion, this one was sealed tight with a shining silver zipper.

"Could that be…?" The boy crawled into another wreck, making sure the feathered guards couldn't see in the canvas. On the ground, he started to ponder. "The girls are probably in there, but do I get there…if I just charge blindly with bullets flying, I'll just waste my shots and turn into bird feed…"

After a few moments of sitting, a light bulb seemed to come on above his head. The prince checked around, making sure that none of the birds noticed him or his target. Peeking out of the fabric, the barrel of the gun aimed and let loose its ammo. Several tents across from him finally fell after standing weakly for so long. The birds on and near them scattered to the skies for safety. From the boy's point of view, all of the guards fled over to the scene and spread out to find the culprit, leaving black feathers everywhere.

"Phew…" the lad sighed, "Now time to get the girls."

Scurrying over to the zipped up tent, Masahiko looked up at the seal way above his head. Setting his weapon, on the ground beside him. He tried one jump, just to try, and failed as he expected to, though he was impressed he got half way past the silver line. He then jumped again, this time clutching to the fabric which barley held his weight without ripping. Slowly the child climbed until it reached the top of the zipper placing his right hand on the slider. When he pulled…


It seemed like the loudest sound he ever heard, not even his mother's yells could compare to the sound. The lad glanced to make sure no bird had heard the sound. When the cost remained clear, he continued to pull, the sound only seemed to increase in volume with every tug.


"Just a little more…"


"Come on…"


"Why does this have to be so loud!?"


The prince blinked his violet eyes when he realized he was on the ground, the two jaws unclenched, leaving the dark inside open. Relief released from the boy's lips and his curiosity spiked, deciding to glance into the darkness within the canvas, hoping to find his friends.


Masahiko turned away to find the large black crow, the one who rested on the tent before. They beady black stare at the boy, just waiting for him to make a move.

The boy glanced down at the gun, lying next to him. When he started to crouch down, his hand aiming towards the weapon, the bird darted for his hand. Before the lad could react, the fowl's black beak broke through his skin, some blood trickled out. The lad quickly grabbed the gun with his healthy but unsteady hand and tried to aim at the bird before


The leader of the crows had commanded the army to come and attack their enemy.


The soldiers responded to his call and soon all the birds the boy saw before came at him a swarm. Beaks like knives jabbed all around the prince's body, bleeding cuts all over from his face to. The ruler of roost charged himself at the boy again, this time aiming much higher. The bird stabbed at the messy purple locks and the skin beneath. With this blow, not only did he receive the usual red award, but the child also knocked onto the ground, barely conscious.

Everything blurred and lagged in Masahiko's eyes, fuzzy black objects circle the air above him now. He glanced at the gun, still in his left hand. He slowly raised his hands, his right hand now held the trigger, some blood fell onto his face, blending in with the crimson liquid on his face. He pulled it several times, not really aiming, just trying to make a sound. At the blasts, the birds scattered from their tunnel pattern, every bird for his or herself now.

"…but if bullets fly, you fly straight home, okay."

The words of his mistress rang though Clyde's mind. He started to order his troops, cawing loudly. A stream of black birds soon headed towards the woods, the boss following behind. They found the hole the two girls went into and flew right into it. Once Clyde was in, the hole simply filled itself with bark, making it seem like as if it never appeared in the first place.

The violet eyes watch the flock until it had flown away, slowly his vision turned dark, both from the black feathers and his exhaustion…

The group of adults dashed to the sound of the blasts, not caring how grim their atmosphere became, they only stopped when they found a clearing covered in jet black feathers. A figure buried underneath some darker pieces of the fluff with a crimson and onyx gun laying on top of it.

"MASAHIKO!" Vivaldi cried.

The queen quickly dashed to the form, knelt beside it, and gently cradled it, with her foreigner friend beside her. The dark quills fell from the boy, revealing his scratches. A shiver went down the men's' spine, worrying about the girls', especially one in particular for each one of the males.

"MASAHIKO! MASAHIKO! MASAHIKO!" The female monarch cried.

Randolph couldn't believe his mostly closed eyes. He hadn't seen the queen so emotional, besides angry, in several years. The king slowly moved towards the scene and knelt on the other side of the boy. He began to rub a battered cheek.

In calm voice he pleaded, "Masahiko, please…"

At the sound, Masahiko began to peel his eyelids open, the image of three Vivaldis, three kings, and three Alices quickly circling around him, caused the lad to blink a few times. When he saw one king, he let out a small "Father?"

His majesty let out a small gasp, but it was ignored by the prince when he spotted the queen above him, "Mother?"

Vivaldi's red lips curved into a smile, "Yes?"

Before the king could express his bewilderment, the boy let out some small wheezes, "I think…the girls…are…in…that….tent."

"I'll get them," Alice declared.

As she got up and started, something held her arm back, the outsider turned to find the white rabbit holding her back.

"Let me go Peter! I have to get the girls!"

"No my dear, it's too dangerous. Who or whatever did this to them could be in there."

Amazingly, most of the other male Roleholders agreed with him. The two royals were too preoccupied with the child in the queen's arms.

To their surprise, when they entered, the men found the girls scattered across the dark floor, simply sitting on the ground, just staring at it.

Each man slowly approached his smaller female look-a-like. They start to talk to their girl, reassuring her that all was fine, but she turned to face the Roleholder, he would gasp.

The eyes of the girl were clouded and blank, turning the lass into a broken doll, not really seeing was right in front of her. Instead of seeing a man, wracked with worry, some even shaking the child out of their trance, calling out her name, she saw a man, gently smiling and softly saying her name. She saw her…







With each holler, the girl would grab his neck and begin crying into a shoulder, blubbering apologizes.

At the sound of sobs, the foreigner entered the tent, a little surprised by the sight of all perplexed faces on the men. When the teen advanced towards the men, she would gently rub the locks of the child, snapping her back into reality. Each girl would then slowly let go of the man's neck and scurry over to the outsider.

Once all the girls crowded by Alice's feet, everyone left the tent. The moment the last person left from beneath the stripped canvas, it collapsed. Everyone then saw how aged the canvas was. The girls spotted their prince and glommed all over him, until he begged for air. The queen declared that the children would be staying at the castle to rest, and as if some sort of miracle occurred, the rest of the Roleholders agreed with her. As they left for their domains, the men couldn't stop the image of the child calling to them that way, continuing to glance at the child until they would be out of sight. The children felt the same way and would do the same as their parent until their eyes couldn't see them again.

In the queen's private chamber, dressed for bed, the girls crowded around the prince, bandages covering their injuries. The prince especially, with a long wrap around his head.

"Are you sure you are alright, Masahiko?" his cousin asked.

"Yeah, just like you, in a time period or two, I'll just be just fine*," the prince affirmed.

"That's our Masahiko!" Amai grinned. "Always strong, no matter what!"

The hare slapped the back of the boy, the force causing him to fall on his stomach.

"I said in a time period or two, not right now…" the prince groaned.

"Oh sorry," the carrot-topped girl muttered, her ears bent low.

"Mou~! Amai-chan, look at what you did!" Natsuki pouted.

"I'm sorry," the hare child muttered.

"Don't worry, I'm fine just a little sore," the lad admitted, his face still on the floor.

"We will have an ice pack sent for you," the Vivaldi stated, "Maid."

One of her servants, who had brought the dressing for the wounds, left the room

She too dressed for bed, a long violet nightgown flowed to her ankles. The foreigner also wore her usual camisole. Her aquamarine eyes couldn't help but notice something.

"Tori, stop scratching your bandage," she scolded.

As the kitten continued to paw at the compress on her cheek, she complained, "I can't help it, it's itchy."

Utako tilted her head, her marine eyes spaced out for a little bit, and then turned towards Alice "Hey, Onee-san, how come vets put cones around dog's heads?"

"Well," Alice started, "I think it's because dogs tend to lick their injuries or stiches, it could infect it or open it even more, so vet put cones around heads so they can't lick themselves."

"What stitches? Like stiches of clothes?" Tama inquired.

"Kinda," Yumeko replied, "Do you remember when your Okaa-sama accidently dropped her wedding ring in your little sister's stuff toy, so she had to cut it open and when she got the ring, she sewed it back up?"

The deep haired girl started to laugh, "Yeah that definitely rings a bell."

"Well when a doctor does surgery, they has to do the same things, only with skin instead of cloth and the thread and stitching is different," her ash haired friend concluded.

"Wow Yumeko!" Takara stated.

"How did you know all that?" Fumiko asked.

The half-demon rubbed the back of her head, "Well, I since I go to the hospital a lot with my Otou-sama, I tend to pick up bits of information."

"You have to go to the hospital often?" Alice questioned.

"It's actually mostly for my Otou-sama, my siblings and me usually go so Otou-sama is calmer," the girl started to chuckle a bit, "Sometimes Okaa-sama says that us kids have to get a checkup and while we are there Otou-sama should get one as well, but in the end, only he gets one."

"Sounds like getting your father into a hospital is always a struggle," the maiden commented.

"So, back to my question," Utako affirmed herself back into the conversation. "If we put a cone around Tora's head, would that stop her from scratching it?"

Alice replied, "More or less, yeah."

"Hey! Don't put a cone around my head!" the cub growled. Her topaz eyes shifted and glittered with her plan.

Tora seemed to almost pounce on a spot next to the queen. The cat started to rub her covered cheek with the arm of the royal. Her response were two eyes completely enraptured, eyes glistening and deep blush, by the creature next to her.

The small red head scowled a bit, "Tora-chan, please stop using Vivaldi-onee-san, as a scratch post."

"I'm not," the kitten refuted, "I'm just showing some thanks for letting us stay here. Besides, she doesn't seem to mind," the child then looked up, smiley as cutely as possible. "Right?"

The majesty started to tremble, her crimson blush deepening to maroon, and soon enough, the girl found herself in a rose-smelling embrace.

"What a wonderful kitten!" Vivaldi exclaimed as she nuzzled the lass, "We only wish had something on hand for you."

Tora smiled, "its okay, Aneki, I'm not really hungry."

Not too far away, Midori swayed back and forth, constantly rubbing her eyes.

Aoi couldn't help but comment, "Umm… Midori-chan, you seem really sleepy…"

The little mouse pouted, "I'm not sleepy." A yawn larger than her came out of her mouth, so she added, "Maybe a little bit."

The copper haired girl shuffled over to Alice then promptly plopped her head on the foreigner's lap. "Ah…nice and soft…" she sighed before slipping into sleep.

Alice smiled, gently rubbing the hair between the cocoa brown ears. She seemed content as the other girls, set an ease by their happy attitudes.

"Thank goodness, this is much better."

Yet something yearned to break the mood, a question waiting to jump from the tip of the outsider's tongue. Her marine eyes peered at the boy propped up by pillows. She reached for a nearby pink pillow and gently set the mouse's head onto the soft fabric. The female started to scoot over towards the boy, while the small mouse noticed the lack of warmth and saw the pillow she really wanted creep away from her. The girl then started to slowly crawl towards her goal.

Once Alice sat right next to the boy she started to speak softly, "Hey Masahiko?"

Masahiko smiled up, "Yes? If you are offering a get-well kiss, I'm taking all I can take get." He leaned towards the woman, his cheek the closest thing to him.


"I'll give you some!" Natsuki raised her hand.

"I'll give you more!" Akahana declared.

"Since I hurt you before, I'll make up for it…with…kisses…" Amai added quietly.

Soon enough, the prince was trapped in another moving crowd, this time the sound of smooches instead of shouts. Only Midori was out of the mob, her head bobbing up and down, but still tried occasionally ducking her head in to try to a kiss or two.

Occasionally the boy's head would pop out, enough to let out small "Helps".

Vivaldi leaned away, shaking, trying to keep herself from laughing.

Alice chuckled, "You can save bunch of girls, but you need a girl to save you. Some prince you are."

The maiden waited for the violet mop to surface and quickly snatched some fabric she saw beneath it, catching a boy in plum pajamas. The girls stopped swarming the moment he was free.

"Thanks, if they had lipstick on, I'd really be a goner," the lad stated.

The foreigner, "No problem, now would you mind answering a question."

"Ask away."

"Do you know those girls who performed in Joker's circus today?"

All of a sudden, you could swear you could have seen your breath if you let it out.

The boy started, rubbing the back of his head and fumbling around with his fingers, "Well you see…It's kinda…I do know them…but…"

Vivaldi huffed, "Out with it already."

The teen sighed, "Vivaldi…"

"Miaka and Tori …were our friends…"

Everyone turned to the sleepy mouse, who rose again slowly stumbling a bit.

"Midori…." Utako whispered.

"Miaka and Tori…used to play with us…we used to be friends…" A yawn escaped to Midori's lips. When she was right in front of the maiden, she lowered her head on the lap she wanted. As she snuggled, she said, "Then they starting acting meaner…and meaner…and now…they won't play with us…they won't even talk to us anymore…"

The girl seemed to slumber, the boy leaned in to make sure, he found himself with her lips on his forehead. After a second, she said with her eyes closed, "Get well and good night." Then she fell onto to the lap pillow, now completely asleep.

"I'm going to let that go…but only because I'm going to believe she was asleep when she did that," the white rabbit stated.

The pink kitten growled, "I'm not, whether she was asleep or not."

She grabbed a pillow and raised it, ready to slam it at her victim. Yet when quickly lowering it, Alice grabbed it out of her hands and smacked her with it, "That's enough of that."

She then cleared her throat and asked, "So what Midori said, is that true?"

"Yeah," Utako started, "We used to be really good friends.

"We used to play together all the time," Natsuki added.

"They would even let us into the circus sometimes, when there wasn't a show, just to show us around," Akahana stated.

"We got to see the performers practice," Takara continued.

"Sometimes we got to see new tricks being made," Fumiko joined in.

"We even got to see all the animals close up and even feed them," Amai added.

Tora sighed, "Those were some fun times."

"But as time went on, they started being mean to us," Aoi corrected.

"They never let us visit them anymore and they won't visit us," Tama frowned.

Yumeko shrugged, "I guess they didn't want to be our friends anymore…"

After some time in silence, the white rabbit let out a soft "I'm sorry Onee-chan…"

"For what?" the maiden questioned

"Well," the girl lowered her white mop, "remember when you came into the tent when you saw with our papas…well I kinda called my papa, Papa." Her small foot started to make circles.

The other girls realized that they had made the same mistake, they all showed signs of embarrassment and admitted they had done the same.

"I'm really sorry Onee-chan, it's just that in the tent…I saw my Mama…it's been so long…she hugged me just like she used to…she even rubbed my ears the same way….I thought I was going to go home…and then she…she…then I saw Papa…I couldn't help it" Natsuki started to tear up and lowered her head even more to hide it.

When a gentle touch caressed the rabbit's head, her red eyes suddenly snapped open, regardless of tears that spilled out. They looked up to see a gentle smile on Alice's face.

"I guess I should be mad at you for letting the secret out, but I know you wouldn't do on purpose. You were really scared, all of you," The foreigner looked up at all the other girls, besides the one who slumbered on her lap. "I'm really sorry I couldn't protect you from that."

Relieved, all the girls started to smile. "Don't worry Onee-chan, it was probably our fault for getting lost in the first place. We promise to never leave you again. How about we all hold hands, I call dibs on Onee-chan's!"

"Hey!" Akahana yelled, "I want to hold her hand too!"

Aoi grabbed some of the maiden's nightgown. "Can I hold your hand too?"

"Alright," the maiden agreed. "You can all take turns holding by hand."

The prince's eyes gleamed and ask, "Can I hold your hand too?"

"NO!" the girls all declared.

"Besides we feel that your secret is safe," Vivaldi added.

"Really how come?" the outsider asked.

"If those men haven't realized, that those men haven't realized that these adorable girls are their daughters by now, they probably never will," the royal stated.


"Enter," the royal commanded.

The maid from before returned, this time with a bag filled with ice. "The ice bag you requested, your majesty."

"Hand it over to me," the sovereign declared.

When the cold pack was in her hand, the monarch dismissed the maid who bowed silently and quietly left the room.

"Now tell us where it hurts," Vivaldi stated as she sat near her son.

"I can put it on him!" the white rabbit volunteered, a hand waving in the air.

"No, I'll do it Aneue!" Akahana offered, both fist trying to get attention.

The other girls offered their assistance and their free moving hands.

The queen then smiled at the girls, "Thank you so much so your generosity girls, but we can take care of our own son." She turned toward the boy, "Now where do you want this?"

The prince looked at the girls and responded, "Anywhere you see little fingerprints or kiss marks."

The girls let out a collective, "We're sorry…"

As the maid continued down the hall, her mind continued to review all that she had heard. When she heard Natsuki's confession, she couldn't help but stop and continue to listen. The faceless, the servants especially, thrived on gossip about the Roleholders.

She wondered how long would it take for her to reach her coworkers for her next shift.

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