The day started out so normally for Narumi, little did he know that just by walking down a deserted hallway at school, his whole world would be turned upside down...

He hummed to himself, enjoying the fact that he didn't have screaming fangirls all over him, and that he was actually in a good mood for once.

That all changed when he rounded the corner and saw the body. Someone was lying in the middle of the hallway.

How absurd.

He walked closer, then saw the straight brown hair splayed out on the floor.


Kiri didn't move; she must have fallen asleep while walking again, tripped and didn't feel the impact when she hit the ground.

"Mussy, wake up" Narumi gently shook her shoulder. No answer. He felt for a pulse, his brain going into overdrive when he felt Kiri's soft heatbeat going much, much too fast.

"Shit!" He yelled, picking her up bridal style and running in the direction of the nurse's office. They had an SP event this afternoon, and he could not afford to lose her.

Once at the nurse's, he paced frantically around the little waiting room. What would they do if they lost their best (grumble grumble) hairstylist?

Unbeknownst to him, Ochiai and Kei had been standing in the doorway for quite some time now watching him pace and pull his hair out in between mutterings.

"Think he cares about her?" Kei whispered to Ochiai as he licked his usual purple lollipop.

"Hard to say" The older student replied, watching intently as Narumi pulled out another handful of hair.

Many trips around the room and several handfuls of hair later, Kiri came out, followed closely by the Nurse.

"I don't really know what the problem is, she's perfectly healthy. Just keep an eye on her"

Kiri started to the door in her usual zombie-like manner. Narumi follwed her, waving his arms around in agitation.

Suddenly, Kiri's knees gave out and she fell forwards, grabbing the door to keep herself up. She harrumphed in annoyance and turned around to look at the others.

Narumi's worried face was right behind her, followed by- wait... Narumi? Worried?

He certainly was. Whether he knew it or not, Kiri could easily see that concern had wiped his face clean of any earlier anger.

"You...okay?" Kiri ventured, somehwat concerned that he had hit his head rather hard earlier. I mean, come on! Naru-Naru doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Narumi shook himself. "You go to the SP room and rest, we need you in top form for this afternoon"

"Cool" Kiri replied. Any excuse to go sleep instead of listen to people talk.

As she walked away, Narumi fumed. How could she be so stupid as to start fainting on their big day?

Enjoying the fact that Narumi was totally oblivious to anything they did, Ochiai and Kei were sniggering and mimicking him behind his back.