Broadening Horizons

LbN: Written for Trumparrot Forever's "What Would You Do?" Challenge. Prompts were:

"Snape has been glued to the ceiling in the Potions classroom somehow, his wand on his desk. Dumbledore will only help him if..." and "Tacos"

This can't be right, Snape thought, brow furrowed. He threw a few more ingredients into the cauldron and stirred it again. It did change to the correct color, but the consistency was still off. He worked with it some more, adding an ingredient here, stirring there, lowering or raising the heat where needed. Finally, he was satisfied. Using a small spoon, he took a sip.

"!" he screamed as he flew into the air and stuck to the ceiling. "What in hell…? Who's been switching my ingredients around?" he bellowed at no one in particular.

"I daresay some industrious students got to your stores, Severus," said an amused voice by the door way.

Snape's eyes swiveled in their sockets until they landed on Albus Dumbledore. "Dumbledore! Help me down. My nose is starting to run again!"

"I assume you were assisting Madame Pomfrey in the annual making of allergy remedies?"

"Yes! Now help me down, please!"

"On one condition."


"Yes. I think it's extremely unsporting of you to refuse to come to our World Wizards Fest. Really, Severus, it's high time you broadened your horizons. We only have one event like this per year…."

"I don't want to go eat international food and pretend to care what the Ministry is doing about diplomacy!"

"Well then, I'm afraid you'll be stuck up there until I finish dinner…."

"Fine!" Snape yelped. "I'll go…just get me down from here."

Dumbledore smiled, and waved his wand.

Landing on his feet, Snape muttered something under his breath.

"A little coercion never hurt anyone," Dumbledore answered as the Potions master followed him out of the dungeon.

"What are these things, Dumbledore," Snape asked.

"Tacos, Severus," Dumbledore said brightly. "And, may I add, they are extremely delicious."

Snape snorted, but nibbled the end of one. Not half bad. He continued to eat as he listened to the Minister and Ambassadors drone on. At least the food was good this time….

"I'm glad you're developing a taste for international cuisine," Dumbledore said after an hour was up. "However, you may want to slow down on the tacos. I do believe that six is quite enough, or you're asking for a worried stomach."

Snape looked down at his plate. Sure enough, the remnants of six tacos stared back up at him. Blushing a bit, he pushed his plate away and picked at a small cake for dessert. He'd have to ask the house elves to make tacos for his dinner another time.

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