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I dream of a Monster

"There are dangers out there that you cannot even begin to imagine, dangers out there that you don't even know exist. There are evils that can never be contained, evils that attack you from the very depths of your soul. There are creatures that defy all human knowledge ,creatures that cannot possibly exist. And then there is Kullervo..."

"Who is Kullervo?" I foolishly asked.

"Ah, if only I could say," replied grandpa. "If only I could say."

"Oh," I replied my mind racing through all the possibilities.

"Now off to bed...or Kullervo will get you," he threatened teasingly.

"You haven't been telling her that story again Dad, have you?" asked my mum appearing in the doorway.

She was beautiful, the kind of woman I wanted to be when I got older; eyes like the sea and lips of rose. She wasn't tall and she wasn't fat; it was as though somehow she had managed to strike a perfect balance in life. When people said that I looked like my mum, I always felt a deep sense of pride deep down.

"No harm done," grinned grandpa.

"She'll be having nightmares if you're not careful," mum warned playfully, but there was a chilling edge to her words that made me think.

Was there anything really so terrible about a fairy story? Everyone knows good always wins and bad always loses. There's nothing else that can possibly happen.

"Into bed now," grandpa's voice intruded into my mind.

He picked me up, light as I am and let me down on the bed. I could feel the tickling sensation of his woollen jumper, but he was so warm and so kind that I decided that I would again try to go to sleep immediately. I was always a very good girl, for grandpa, for mum, for dad and for aunty Jane. We were all very happy in the house, all living together as a big happy family.

In case you're wondering, I am five years old with brown hair and hazel eyes. I am pale of skin with freckles and a rounded nose, I like how I look and the teacher's say I'm a very good student. Grandpa says I'll go far.

Mum came over to kiss me goodnight, then the next thing I knew I was falling out of the sky. The clouds parted like trapdoors and I plunged down, down, down. Then suddenly I was no longer falling, I was sitting in the front seat of a car. It was dark outside and a calm tune was playing on the radio. Looking around I recognised where I was and then I saw dad sitting at the wheel humming to himself, he obviously couldn't see me. He was somewhat older than I remembered, his hair was even beginning to go grey.

I gave up trying to get his attention and focused on the road outside. I couldn't see much, but there were a few yellowish streetlamps and more cars of various colours, but the scenery was boring. We were coming up to the traffic lights when it happened.

A huge shape swooped out of the sky, blue and black, all teeth and claws. It dive bombed the bonnet sending the car swerving towards a building. Dad was desperately trying to regain control, I was crying louder then I ever had before. My tears were blurring my vision and all I could do was wail.

That was when I heard the noise, an almighty smash. Bricks came tumbling down and the car roof dented beyond repair. I was almost crushed.

I screamed and somehow I was sitting in my bed back home, safe from huge blue and black creatures who squawked like harpies.

Mum ran in and sat down next to me. She pulled me into a big tight word and muttered soothing words in her soft melodious voice. I calmed down.

It was only a dream, wasn't it?

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