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Black Mist

"Here she is," said Mac grinning broadly despite his tired features. "The hero."

I smiled back at them, but I felt a little queasy. I was overcome with joy, but I didn't want to let it through because I still felt as though it might all disappear very fast. The families standing there were all smiling now. Their eyes were alive with hope.

Evelyn beckoned for me to come forward.

"Thank you," she said taking my hand. "Thank you for saving me."

"It's okay," I squeezed her still fragile hand. "I did what was right."

I hesitated a moment considering whether or no to pursue the matter further. Evelyn didn't look like she needed any more trouble at the moment, but I had to know. I had to know if she knew anything.

"Do you remember anything?" I asked her.

Maybe it wasn't the dark mist I had seen. Maybe it was something else. It could all just have been a massive coincidence. I mean who's to say I was right. Subconsciously I moved my hand to my pocket. The dark feather was still there. Was it really a coincidence?

"It's blurry," said Evelyn, her features scrunched up in concentration. "I don't remember much."

"That's okay," I said quickly. "Don't strain yourself."

I didn't want her to get worse now. I wanted her to stay okay.

"No it's fine," she said. "I was out on the moors, singing with..." she stopped herself looking at Mac for a moment. "Just singing," she said finally. "It was dark and then, well it got darker and then there was pain. So much pain," her face contorted.

I wanted to tell her it was okay and that she didn't have to say anymore. The others looked like they wanted to say that too.

"Then I don't remember anything," she muttered. "Just blackness."

I looked at her, a sinking feeling weighed in my stomach. I was right. I had to be. There had been an ominous dark creature of the shadows that night, and it had attacked Evelyn on the moors. More than ever I wanted to know what it was.

But how?

Mum and I were the first people to leave the hospital that day. My mind was still a little preoccupied with this creature.

The day had been exhausting, it had gone in a haze and as I got home, I just wanted to slump down on my bed and sleep. Mum looked better than she had for a while. Sure she was tired, but there was a new life to her features that I hadn't seen for a while. She prepared dinner in a good mood and we both sat down at the table.

"Thank God Evelyn's alright," said my Mum.

She smiled at me.

"I know," I smiled back. "I was really worried for a few hours there."

"Sweetheart," she reached out a hand across the table to me. "You were so brave. You did everything that needed to be done. Evelyn is so lucky you found her."

I looked up into her eyes and tried to look okay, but the words had got to me. Had I really done everything that needed to be done? It didn't feel like it. I felt like I could've done more and I had a horrible thought at the back of my head that screamed my guilt at my dad's death.

My mum seemed to realise what I was thinking.

"Nobody blames you for dad's death," she said stroking my hand and squeezing it.

"I know," I said. "But what if I'd realised? I mean what if..."

"Sweety," she said. "If we live our lives in what ifs then we can never really live at all."

She looked at me meaningfully.

"Mum," I said quietly. "I saw the attack on Evelyn," my mum was alert. "I saw it in my dreams."

Mum had a pained expression on her face.

"Don't do this to yourself again," she said quietly. "Evelyn is safe, that's all that matters. And you saved her."

"I know," I said solemnly. "But there's something I don't understand."

"What is it sweety?" Mum asked.

"The darkness," I said. "It attacked her. It was some kind of, of black mist."

"That's not possible," she said as if to herself. "They contacted me a while ago, they said..."

She rambled off muttering indistinctly.

"Finish your food," she told me. "It's been a long day. I think we would both benefit from a good night's sleep."

I finished my food still a little befuddled by what my mum had said. What did she mean by they? What had they said? I climbed into my bed in my state of confusion.

Oh ho, strange events are afoot...