Title: The Only One
German Title: Liebe auf Umwegen 2
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: Connor / Lindsay
Rating: 12
Summaries: Connor and Lindsay are finally getting married.
Comments: I can´t believe that I wrote a part of this story (secretly) in my office at work! It was so boring last Monday and I had nothing to do. Every time when someone came in, I had to open another program and act like very busy. But actually it was very funny...
By the way: Happy new year!

The Only One

On a sunny Saturday morning, Lindsay waited impatiently for the arrival of her mother. She couldn´t even believe that finally the weekend came, when she and Connor wanted to get married. They now had two charming children and nothing could complete their happiness more than a wedding in this beautiful place.
Her mother had promised to appear, but Lindsay was waiting now for half an hour. After all, her mother´s car appeared. Margret got out and hugged her daughter. "Lindsay! How are you?... You look so great! It fits you to be a mother."
"Thanks Mom"
"And now tell me, where are the children? I have not seen Evan and Erica since their birth", Margret was eager to see her grandchildren again. Hard to believe, the two were already half a year old. Because Margret and Lindsay lived nearly 1,000 miles apart from each other, they didn´t meet often.
"They´re sleeping at the moment, but I might need a little help", with that Lindsay suggested to look after the children. On the way to the nursery room they met Connor and Margret hugged him, too.
"For what was that?", asked Connor.
"For making my daughter so happy. She´s out of all recognition. Thank you."
"You're welcome. It´s a mutual feeling", he kissed Lindsay in passing and apologized to her his father just needed help.
Then Lindsay and Margret went up the broad staircase to the twin´s room. "I bought a very sweet dress for Erica. She could wear it on your wedding", Margret said enthused.
"She is only six months old."
"So what?... Have you recovered from birth?"
"Don´t remind me", Lindsay smiled. This was terrible pain and once, during a contraction, she yelled at Connor, she wouldn´t allow him to touch her ever again. When she then held Erica in her arms and after three more hours Evan, she forgave him with a kiss and said she would do it again at any time.
Margret noticed Lindsay was still wearing a special ring on her finger. "You can´t drop the ring, right?", she asked and Lindsay stopped in front of the door to the nursery room and nodded.
"Yes," she looked down at the ring with a light blue diamond, "I haven´t known Connor's mother for a long time, but without her I maybe wouldn´t be here."
The ring she wore on her finger, was the engagement ring of his mother and Lindsay remembered exactly the day when he had asked her if she wanted to become his wife: It was a cold Sunday morning in early December and on that day it was so snowy that even the traffic in the city stood still. They slept late, almost until noon. Connor got up to make a late breakfast. They were just moved in together and because they couldn´t agree, if Lindsay´s or Connors apartment was larger for a family, they decided to find a brand new home. It was nice, it was on the third floor of a house, had a great kitchen and more than enough rooms. They were almost set up. Only the rooms of their unborn children weren´t ready yet. Only the painting of the yellow walls was done and the carpet was laid. But the furniture had already been ordered.
They ate breakfast in bed and she smiled. "You spoil me too much," she said.
"Because you deserve it," he replied, "Both of us will soon have no time to enjoy our togetherness."
"It takes almost two months until the children will be born."
"Exactly. This is the reason why you should take a look at this package."
Lindsay had not realized the small gift on the breakfast tray. Nevertheless she opened it and looked at him in amazement. "Oh god, this is...", she couldn´t speak.
"An engagement ring, I know... That means, if you still want me after everything what had happened."
Her answer was a rousing kiss. Of course she wanted to marry him and they should not lose any time. So they got married before the children´s birth. The ceremony at the civil registry office was very nice but secretly Lindsay had always wished to marry the man of her dreams in a beautiful garden, in a beautiful dress and with a great party. So Connor's father suggested they should marry again in July and they had invited the whole family and their best friends to the horse breeding farm. It was the perfect place to get married.

Peter and Claire arrived at the house. Claire was astonished when she saw the stud farm for the first time. "My goodness, this is not a house that is a castle... Hi, Connor," she said when she and Peter saw him and she could not stop staring at the large building. They all were looking forward to the wedding. Anton would arrive today evening.
"Hey, Connor! Well, where is the bride?", asked Peter.
"She is with Evan and Erica."
"Can we visit them later?", Claire asked excitedly, "I haven´t seen the twins since their birth."
Connor agreed, they would visit the twins later, but first they discovered a black Rolls Royce, which slowed down in front of the house. A butler opened the car door for a woman.
"Who is that?", asked Peter.
"This is my grandmother Kathryn. She´s already over 90 years old", said Connor and together they walked toward the black car which was parked in front of the house. "Mom!", said Connor's father and he hugged his mother, "Nice you came... Did you had a good journey?"
"Yes, I had," Kathryn was in very good mood today and now she turned around to Connor, "I can´t believe you´re getting married! Where is your wife? It must be very hard for her to marry in this terrible heat and also heavily pregnant!"
"Connor, help James to take the luggage of your grandmother into the house!", his father suggested and then turned back to his mother, "Connor and Lindsay are having two six months old babies. We sent photos, remember?", he had actually told her this on the phone for several times but unfortunately his mother forgot a lot of things again, "Although they are already married, we are celebrating a big wedding. "
Now Allie came to them and she stopped next to her great-grandmother.
"My God! You are already so large", said Kathryn to Allie, "How you and your brother should fit in the stretch-suits, which I bought?"
"Grandma, this is Allie," Melanie said to her grandmother and put her arms around Allie's shoulders, "Allie is my daughter."
"No one tells me something!", Kathryn sounded horrified.
"But Grandma, you know Allie!"
"Melanie," her father said quietly to her, "Calm down. In half an hour she has forgotten everything." Then he turned to his mother. "What do you think, do you want to meet Lindsay?", he asked and Kathryn was thrilled by this idea. So they set off together into the house, where Lindsay just took care about Erica and Evan. She was glad finally get to know a part of Connor's family. Her own grandparents already died and her mother was the only person she had expected for the wedding.
With an "Excuse me for a moment" Melanie left, while her grandmother had baby Evan in her arms. They didn´t stay long with the babies, cause soon Evan began to cry.
"What´s wrong with him?", Kathryn asked worried and Lindsay took the baby.
"He is tired. He had a light sleep last night." She put Evan back in the cradle and everybody left the nursery room quietly. With an empty bottle in her hand, Lindsay made her way to the kitchen. She wanted to give away the bottle so the kitchen help could sterilize it, then she wanted to see how far the gardener had been with the decoration.
She passed Melanie's room.
"Lindsay, would you please come in," Melanie sounded so serious. But Lindsay entered the room in which Connors sister lived. On the bed lay a great box. "I've brought you something from New York. As you know, it´s Fashion Week in September", said Melanie. She worked as a fashion designer and she knew a few quite important people.
"The package is for you," Melanie pointed to the gift, "Would you like to open it?"
Lindsay pulled on a bow and opened the package. "My God," she whispered as she opened the box and grabbed for a dress. She was speechless.
"I hope you still need a wedding dress. My friend Vera would be disappointed if you don´t wear it."
"My goodness," she really couldn´t say more. The dress was made for a princess: it consisted of a beautiful strapless satin corset and a floor-length skirt made of glittering tulle. The dress had a train and Melanie's friend Vera had even designed a matching veil.
"I can´t accept this," Lindsay said finally.
"Of course you can!"
"I mean, I've actually chosen a dress, but that's not as nice."
"As your wedding planner, I advise you to wear it!", Melanie grinned. It was decided that Lindsay would wear this dress. She already liked it.
"Now come on, we have a lot to do today!"

"Sorry, we don´t know anyone with that name," Thomas said to a strange man who appeared at the door. They discussed if the man was allowed to come in or not. Now also Connor pasted the door and Thomas stopped him.
"Hey, Connor. Do you know who that is?", asked Thomas.
"No, unfortunately not," Connor discovered his wife on the stairs and came to her to meet her, "What? You´re shining suddenly", he noted.
"I have just received a very nice wedding present," she told him and kissed him.
"She knows me!," said the man suddenly. He had seen Lindsay on the stairs. The stranger pushed Thomas away and entered the house.
"No, I don´t know who you are," Lindsay said, confused.
"Lindsay, come on! It´s me... Dad!"

"What occurs to him?", Margret Donner was close to madness. She hadn´t seen her ex-husband since 28 years when he left her for his secretary. And now he had the nerve to show up here unannounced.
"More importantly, how he even knew about it?", asked Melanie.
"The newspaper advertisement," said Connor's father. He had placed a small ad in the newspaper and he could have no idea that Lindsay's father had ended just in his area after Margret was still living on the other side of the country after the divorcement from her husband.
Worried Connor grabbed his wife´s hand. "Will you cope with this?", he asked and she nodded.
"I think so. I mean he´s my father... I haven´t seen him for a very long time."
"I don´t think he has changed a lot", Margret fulminated, "You're probably not missing much."
Melanie leaned against the door and looked at the corridor, where William Donner looked out the window, which offered a great view to the large garden. The uninvited guest worried her because Lindsay's father had invited himself. Melanie insisted that he went to the hotel and she would tell him this as soon as the meeting was over. She didn´t want to have this strange person in her father´s house.
"Do you want to know him?", Connor suddenly asked and Lindsay was surprised by this question.
"I don´t know...", she admitted.
"I think it can´t hurt to talk to him." He smiled at her and she nodded.
Margret was less enthusiastic about this idea. She rolled her eyes and walked out. Melanie followed her. When Lindsay's father wanted to join at the wedding, he should at least take his bag and stay at the Hotel...!

Because Connor was the opinion she should talk with her father, Lindsay and he took a walk through the garden behind the house in the afternoon. The sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm.
"Are you still together with...?", She didn´t had the heart to ask him that because she believed it would hurt her mother when she learned about it.
"Her name is Natasha and yes, we are still together. I've even got married... You have a younger half-sister and half brother by the way."
Lindsay noticed it with a nod.
William Donner suddenly asked: "He treats you well?"
"Very well. He is very honest, sensitive, responsible and loving. He is a family man. He's a great father and he anticipates all my wishes." Her eyes sparkled when she spoke about him.
"Sounds like he´s terribly boring."
"He is not! He is not like ...", she hesitated.
"Like me, right? This is what you wanted to say."
Lindsay stopped now on the narrow gravel road and looked at him. "What shall I think about you, in your opinion?", she asked, "I don´t even know you! You are gone out of my life when I was eight years old! And no, Connor is not a bit like you! If he were like you, I would never marry him! "
She walked away angrily.
"I'm sorry," William said resilient, "I shouldn´t have said this. It was very tactless... Lindsay, I won´t spoil you this weekend. Finally I came to walk down the aisle with my oldest daughter."
"You think I'm here for nothing?", he asked, "I want to take part of your life and I know I missed a lot. Maybe I can make it up so and see my grandchildren growing up."
Inwardly Lindsay made three signs of the cross that she and Connor lived far away from here and so they hadn´t to meet William Donner often.
"That's nice, but ...", she was looking for the right words, "That's a little bit too fast. You can´t just show up after so many years and require that you are immediately re-integrated into my life. I don´t even know you!", she repeated.
"Then ask me whatever you want," they went a little further and saw how the family gathered on the terrace for a cup of coffee. Grandmother Kathryn was a in a good mood.
"What´s your regular occupation?", she asked.
"I have my own company."
"And what kind of company?"
"I'll tell you another time. Your family is waiting for us." In fact, the family already sat at the table and talked about the wedding. Peter and Claire were set off to see the area.
Lindsay took place next to Connor and took Evan on her arm, her father sat next to Margret, which didn´t deign to look at him. "Have I already told you I walk down the aisle with Lindsay tomorrow?", William asked his ex-wife.
"No, you don't!", said Margret shocked and looked at Lindsay.
"Mom, don´t believe him!"
Connor's Dad saved the day, because he realized that Margret and William started a fight. "Lindsay, would you like to have a coach tomorrow?", he asked.
"But it's not worth it. The wedding will take place in the garden."
"If you change your mind, we can harness our two white Arabian mares."
"Thanks, that's nice."
"It´s unfortunately too late for the fortune teller," Melanie poured herself a cup of coffee, "And Madame Fortune is really good..."
"Yes, if Mom would have meet her a bit earlier and she had told her earlier she suffered on cancer, Mom might be still alive now," said Connor and Lindsay looked at him anxiously.
Melanie apologized for that remark, she turned to her grandmother. "Grandma, can you still remember how we went to the sea every summer when Connor and I were kids?"
While Melanie and her grandmother talked about the sea, Lindsay picked up warm milk from the kitchen for her babies.
Grandmother Kathryn raised her head. "I´ve never spend a holiday at the sea."
"But Grandma, we have used to life in your and Grandpas summer house! Don´t tell me you can´t remember!"
"I would know about it! I'm not senile!", then Lindsay passed Kathryn and the old grandma asked: "Miss, would you please bring me another piece of cake?"
"Grandma, that's not a waitress! This is Lindsay, Connors wife!"
They brought the tea behind them and Melanie was relieved when Grandmother Kathryn had gone to her room. On the way home they met Anton. Finally, the last guest had arrived now...!

By late afternoon everybody they met for a dancing lesson in the empty dining room of the house. The furniture was already outside in the garden because it was needed for the wedding. Connor's Dad had specially hired a dancing teacher who should teach them a few dancing steps. Finally, his son shouldn´t be embarrassed when he was dancing with his wife.
While Connor and Lindsay were dancing and flirting with each other, Claire watched them and she said to Peter: "I envy Lindsay."
Peter did not understand what she meant.
"She has found someone who loves her unconditionally. They started a family..."
"Sounds like your biological clock is ticking?"
Claire was horrified by so much tactlessness. She looked at him in disgust and then went out of the hall. "What have you told her?", asked Melanie, who danced over to Peter and she did not even wait for an answer, "If Claire doesn´t want to be maid of honor now, I'll kill YOU!"
The dancing teacher said goodbye to them, wished them a nice ceremony and the dancing lesson was over. "Shall we go out for dinner yet?", Melanie wanted to know, grabbed Thomas' arm.
"Why?", Lindsay was a little skeptical.
"Because of the 24 hour- rule. You aren´t allowed to see each other 24 hours before the wedding", Melanie said this very enthusiastically, but had forgotten that she hadn´t considered it. And Lindsay already hated this stupid 24 hour- rule.

In the evening they met for a kind of sleepover party in Lindsay's room. "Lindsay, why don´t we have a big, loud bachelorette party?", Claire asked grouching and Melanie replied, laughing: "Because our dear grandmother Kathryn has a light sleep and we have to be quiet therefore!", while she was getting a new glass of champagne she danced. "What are Connor, Peter and Thomas doing?", asked Claire.
"No idea! I have them told them to go to town, drink a few beers and stay away from the strippers!", Melanie drank already the third glass of champagne, "But Anton is certainly paying attention."
Lindsay couldn´t imagine Connor would do such a thing.
"No, No, No! We don´t speak about the men!", called Claire and she drank a glass, "What about the honeymoon?" When Connors and Lindsay's civil wedding took place, she was eight months pregnant and they had no time for honeymoon. Finally the nursery rooms had to be done.
"We're traveling to Acapulco in Mexico. Evan and Erica stay with Melanie in this time and my mom helps her. She stays here for another week... I already know I will miss my two honeys incredibly, but it's only for one week and I am pleased to spend some time with Connor alone."
"What is Melanie's gift?"
"Melanie gave me a beautiful wedding dress by Vera Wang!"
"You lucky one! I know a lot of women who would kill someone for such a dress." Claire now thought her gift looked really puny.
Melanie looked down at her mobile phone. As a wedding planner she had got her hands full and it was normal she still received a text message.
"See you, I have something to do", Melanie got up. She didn´t want to worry Lindsay, by telling her that she had to start driving so late to pick up the wedding cake. Unfortunately, the baker couldn´t finish the cake until this morning.
Claire and Lindsay were now alone and because Erica was crying a bit in her crib, Lindsay took her daughter in her arms.
"Would you help me, please?" Lindsay handed Erica to Claire and told her to sit with the baby on the bed. Lindsay then took her son in her arms and sat down next to Claire. "What's wrong with you?", asked Lindsay. She had noticed long before that something was wrong.
"I've been thinking... When you came back from your mother after two months and you were pregnant, that was for me like...", Claire was looking for the right words.
"I know how hard it is, if your best friend is pregnant," said Lindsay and Claire was surprised, "Before I started the OSIR my best friend told me that she is expecting a baby and for me it was like a slap in the face. Suddenly I realized I would like to have a family, too." She paused briefly and looked into the face of her sleeping baby. "But waiting for Connor was worth it. I´ve never regretted that decision." When Lindsay said this, she sounded very happy.
"I wish I could have such a special person..."
"Sounds like you had already found one."
Uncomfortable silence. "Do I know him?" ,asked Lindsay and Claire didn´t answer. Suddenly, it fell like scales from Lindsay´s eyes: "Peter? Is it Peter?", She almost screamed but had to calm down because Evan was sleeping in her arms.
"Don´t tell him!" warned Claire, "It's bad enough he´s thinking I´m an old grandma who hears the ticking of her biological clock."
"Did he say that?"
"Yes." Claire sounded almost a little sad and when she had said this, Lindsay's mother entered the room. She asked if they have had a good time tonight. "As best as we can, if Grandmother Kathryn wants to sleep", Lindsay rolled her eyes.
"If you don´t mind, I take Evan and Erica with me now. So you can get sleep for tomorrow," said Margret. She was also convinced that Connor and Lindsay wanted to spend their wedding night alone. Therefore, Evan and Erica stayed in her room today and tomorrow night. Margret first took Erica and then Evan in her arms.
"Say Good night to your Mommy," she whispered to the twins and went out with them. Then also Claire said goodbye.
Lindsay asked what she should do now to pass the time. It was too early to go to sleep. She sat down on her bed when she heard how a small stone flew against her window. And then another. She went to the window, opened it and looked out. Lindsay saw Connor sitting on a black thoroughbred horse and he looked up to her. "Good evening, pretty princess," he said, "Let your hair down to me."
She laughed. "Where did you get the horse from?", She asked, shaking her head. He was really a prince charming...
Connor dismounted and then climbed on ladder to the tree that stood next to the house. Lindsay actually had thought he would go out with Peter, Anton and Thomas.
"Honey, what are you doing out there?", she asked, laughing.
"Come out," he whispered as he sat at last on the flat roof of the house.
"Come in," she giggled, grabbed his hands and helped him through the window in her room.
"No one tells me what I can do in the evening one day before my wedding. We also had to go back because the good Thomas was thrown out of a bar because he was already too drunk", said Connor and began to kiss her, "Where are the children?"
"With my mother," she said. Then she pulled her shirt over her head, threw it away carelessly, while they kissed passionately and she stood only in underwear in front of him. "Honey, I've been missing you so much", he murmured and she smiled: "Yes? I already noticed."
Connor took her to bed, put her down when suddenly someone knocked at the door. "Lindsay, you are there?... Come on, I know you're here!", Melanie cried indignantly, "Connor is with you! I know he is here, his car is back at the door... Now open!"
"You better do what she says," suggested Connor and handed her the shirt, "I disappear before my sister beats me down." Connor climbed through the window while Lindsay got dressed and walked to the door.
"Connor isn´t here," she said to Melanie, who put her hands on her hips.
"I don´t believe you. I know he was here. Where else could he be?"
"No idea, but he isn´t here."
"Awesome", muttered Melanie and she left, "Then I'll go, get the cake."

"How are you today, Thomas?", Connor asked his brother-in-law next morning. Thomas held his aching head and said: "Please stop screaming." He had a hangover.
"Do you have the rings?", asked Connor.
"I hope you are fit, if my wife and I are walking down the aisle, later."
"I can´t promise," said Thomas and poured another cup of coffee to himself. He noted that Connor left the kitchen and he asked him where he wanted to go. "Dad wants to see me," Connor told. He knew Thomas had received an order by Melanie to take care that he wouldn´t sidle to Lindsay. As he knew Thomas already failed yesterday miserably.
Connor was on his way to the office of his father and he even came to the room which Melanie used as her office. As a fashion designer she had the fortune to work at home very often. She always said, the house was her inspiration and happily all of her are clothes made somewhere else. But it wasn´t Melanie, who was in office and phoned, it was Lindsay's father.
"...I told you, I'll get the money... No, I haven´t asked my daughter, but I will come up with an idea... Don´t worry, she's a smart kid. If she wants to help her father, she will do that", a short break and William Donner listened to his interlocutor," I also know 150,000 dollars are no small change!"
Connor didn´t liked the look of that. He stayed in the doorway and listened to him, when William continues discusses with a stranger. Then he noticed that Connor was standing in the door and listened to him. "I call back later," said William and hung up, "Hey Connor ... How much did you hear?"
"Enough to know why you´re here... Are you in trouble?... Or your company?"
"No," said William, "It´s all right."
Connor would like to believe him, but he didn´t thought it was a coincidence Lindsay's dad reappeared now. She had told him, William left her mother for his secretary when Lindsay was eight years old and since then she had not seen him. Connors Dad first had to put an ad in the newspaper that Connor and Lindsay would marry, so he showed up here without an invitation and he saw the stud farm... Connor found all fit together and he suddenly knew what William Donner actually was up to do.
"If everything is OK, it won´t bother you when I tell my wife about this little conversation."
Connor wanted to leave, when William Donner suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder, gave him an uppercut and then he threw his paralyzed victim in the pantry and locked the door behind him.

Melanie on the upper floor of the house knew nothing of the incident. She was already dressed and she was looking for Lindsay. She knocked on her door and entered. Lindsay was already wearing her dress was trying to finish her hair. In her dress she looked like an ice princess and Melanie knew the dress was the right decision.
"Do you cope?", Melanie wanted to know and watched as Lindsay went to Evans cradle. Her mother was already here to pick up the twins. "Get ready," Margret said to her.
"Come, I'll help," offered Melanie. They went into the bathroom while Margret left with Erica and Evan on her arm. Erica was actually wearing the cute gray dress with black dots, which her grandmother had bought for her.
Lindsay sat in front of the mirror.
"Connor will be swift of his feet when he sees you... You look really great. Do you have everything you need?", asked Melanie and Lindsay was thinking.
"I have something new, the dress what you gave me. I have the engagement ring, the diamond is blue... It is out there on the bedside table. I shouldn´t forget the ring, later."
"I think it also counts that it´s old," laughed Melanie and finished Lindsay´s hairdo.
"Well, then I have three things... But I need something borrowed..."
Melanie took a bracelet from her wrist and handed it to Lindsay. "What about this? Give it to me again after the wedding." The bracelet was beautiful. It was silver and had many small stars as pendants.
"Thank you very much."
"Never mind. You belong to the family." Melanie fastened the veil, said goodbye and Lindsay was left alone in the bathroom. She thought about how much she was looking forward to this day and there had been moments in which she hadn´t believed it would ever happen. But when Connor then showed up at her mother´s house and told her how much he loved her and that he needed her and the baby, from who he had known nothing until then, she was so thrilled and she knew everything would be fine. Now they are officially getting married...
She took a deep breath, got up and left the bathroom. She saw her father standing in front of the nightstand. He held the engagement ring in his hand, examined it and then put it in his jacket pocket. He said it should be sufficient to pay his existing debt.
"What are you doing?", Lindsay asked, "Did you stole my engagement ring?" She came up to her father, "Come on, I want my ring back."
"It´s not what it looks like," said William.
"What does it look like?", said Lindsay, her father suddenly grabbed her wrist and dragged her in her wedding dress through the whole house to the storage chamber in which he had locked Connor an hour earlier.
"Go in there!", said William, opened the door to the pantry and shoved her into the room.
He slammed the door and heard how Lindsay rattled at the door knob. But the door did not open.
"Linds?", she suddenly heard a voice and turned around.
"Connor? What are you doing here?", she said and hugged him.
"The same, I guess. Your father was talking on the phone with someone, I have listened to it and when he noticed it, he knocked me almost unconscious and trapped me here."
"Are you hurt?"
"No," he replied, "If I'm lucky, it´s not even a black eye... What do we do now? The door can´t be opened from inside."
When he spoke, she remembered she wore her wedding dress and he wasn´t allowed to see her. "Fortunately we are already married," she tried to smile, "Then it´s no big deal if we miss this wedding."
"I don´t believe you."
She was a little bit embarrassed that he had caught her. "What about Betty?", she said, "She could hear us if she´s working in the kitchen."
"No, she's already out there at the buffet ... We can only wait until someone finds us."

Half an hour later Claire decided to visit Lindsay once again in her room and wish her all the best. But Lindsay's room was empty and she began to look for her in the whole house. She didn´t answer the phone.
"We have a problem," said Claire horrified to Melanie, "Lindsay left, She isn´t in her room."
"What?" Melanie in the garden was very busy with refer the guests to their seats. She had no time for a missing bride.
Now Peter showed up. "I can´t find Connor. Do you know where he is?", asked Peter and Melanie said: "I don´t know!" Then she gave Peter her cell phone. "Here, try to reach him."
Peter rolled his eyes. He already had the same idea, to call Connor on the phone. If he didn´t answer the phone when Peter tried to reach Connor, why should he answer when his sister tried to call him?
"Damn, I can´t believe the two run away together," Claire murmured in the background. Of course, Melanie noted Peter´s hesitation. "Now do it! Call him! ", Melanie sounded very impatient. Peter was trying to reach Connor. He did not know that Connor's cell phone was in his room on the bed and rang ignored to itself...

Disappointed, Lindsay sat next to Connor on the floor of the pantry and leaned her head on his shoulder. "What do you think, how long we have to stay here?", she asked.
"Depends on when they find us... But if you want something to eat, I found some last year´s Christmas cookies on the shelf... You could also eat onions and peppers."
She laughed when he said this. Then she began to sob.
"Honey?", Connor put his arm around her, "Are you disappointed because..."
"That's not... I was in my room and when I came out of the bathroom, I actually needed only your mother´s ring and I saw how my father was standing in my room, examined the ring and said something how the value of the ring should suffice to pay his debts. Then he put the ring in his pocket and when I wanted my ring back, he locked up here. He still has the ring. I'm sorry, honey. I know how much it meant to you."
"Honey, it doesn´t matter," he reassured her, gave her a kiss on the forehead and swayed her gently back and forth. Suddenly he heard a muffled voice outside the door. Connor asked her if she had heard that, too, and she nodded. He got up and knocked on the door.
Peter was a bit confused when he heard the pounding and he tried to open the door, but it did not work. "The door is locked!", said Peter. Melanie noticed him and came to him.
"There is a spare key... On the door frame!"
Peter reached out for the key and opened the door. Connor was the first who left the pantry. Lindsay held his hand and wiped a tear from her face.
"How did this happen?" asked Melanie horrified.
"Lindsay's Dad!"
"He has you locked in the pantry? Why?"
"Because he´s probably broke," said Connor, "He has Lindsay's ring."
"That's why he probably didn´t want to tell me what company he owns," Lindsay suggested, "We would have found out earlier he´s broke."
"Wait a minute!" with these words, Peter left and began to search for Thomas because he desperately needed his help. He found Thomas with the pastor and with him he set off to the parking lot.
There, William Donner was just getting in his car.
"Mr. Donner, wait!", said Peter after him, but William said he had no time.
"I don´t think so," Peter grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled out. Then Thomas went through his pockets and he found the ring.
"Get lost, old man!" Peter said and pushed him against his car, "We can do without you." With Thomas, he went on his way back into the house.

"I have suspected something like that", Margret tried to comfort her daughter, "But it could be much worse... And now, wipe your tears off your face and go outside to marry the man of your dreams. You look so pretty, Linds."
Now, Lindsay had to cry again. She breathed deeply and removed the mascara traces from her face and nodded in agreement. "Mom? Would you walk down the aisle with me?"
Margret nodded and at that moment Thomas and Peter came in. "We have the ring! Here you have!", Thomas gave her the ring and Lindsay let out a happy breath. She thanked him and then it was time to go outside. Finally, she wanted to marry today.
"Connor is already out there?", asked Peter. He and Thomas had to hurry if they still wanted to be best men.
"She´s ready!", Peter tried to cheer Connor when he was waiting for his wife at the aisle.
Connor stopped breathing when he saw her and she did the same. Although he had already seen her in her dress, she looked even more beautiful when she was happy.
Lindsay was accompanied to Connor by her mother.
"Who leads the bride to her future husband?", asked the pastor.
"I do," replied Margret, embraced her daughter and then sat down next to Connor's father, Melanie, Thomas, Allie and Grandmother Kathryn in the front row.
Lindsay took Connors hand a little excited, handed the bridal bouquet to Claire and they went together to the aisle. After the pastor explained why they had gathered here today, the actual part of the ceremony began: "...And now I ask you, Connor Milhouse Doyle: Do you take Lindsay Marie Donner to your wife? Do you want to love and honor her, in good or bad days, till death parts you?"
"I do," said Connor.
"Do you, Lindsay Marie Donner, take Connor Milhouse Doyle to your husband and do you promise to love and honor him in good and in bad days, till death parts you?"
"I do."
They exchanged rings and when the pastor announced that Connor was allowed kiss his wife, the guests clapped and Lindsay's Mom wiped a tear of emotion out of her eyes.
Then they celebrated until the evening in the large pavilion, in which Melanie´s wedding had already taken place 15 months ago. Melanie had organized a band and a singer and after dinner it was time to open the dance. "Let me introduce you... Mr. and Mrs. Doyle!", said the singer and asked the newlywed couple for a dance on the floor.
Connor and Lindsay danced to "You Are So Beautiful" and when the rest of the crowd came on the dance floor, Lindsay asked her husband a bit amused: "Your second name is actually Milhouse?"
He even had to laugh a little. This question would have come sooner or later anyway.
"Well, my family has a penchant for strange names. Allie's real name is Alaska."
"Oh God," said Lindsay, when they danced a rotation, "If you compare this with the names of our children, Erica and Evan are boring names... But I guess that's fine." She laughed and kissed him.
After their dance they left the floor and sat back to their table. "It was a wonderful wedding," Claire said with tears in her eyes and Lindsay agreed.
"May I have your attention briefly" asked a voice and Connor and Lindsay looked like the other wedding guests to the stage on which Peter had grabbed a microphone, "Many of you don´t know me, but I'm Peter. On the occasion of the wedding of my friends, I have prepared a song ..."
"Oh my God, he really wants to sing?", Claire took the words out of Lindsay´s mouth. Connor could not decide at the moment, who looked more horrified: Lindsay, Claire or Melanie, who had planned the party with full dedication.
"The problem is," Peter began, "I want to sing a duet and I need some help."
"I'm curious to see the poor woman which he had chosen for it," Claire whispered to Anton, who sat next to her.
On stage, Peter lifted his head, looked through the crowd and said: "Claire, would you please help me?"
Melanie screamed and everybody else applauded. With a queasy feeling in her stomach Claire got up and went to the stage. "I hope you know I can´t sing", she whispered, took a microphone and looked at him angrily, "You could obviously exercise before."
"Come on, Claire. That will be fun", said Peter into the microphone and all the guests could listen. Then he sung the first line in the song "Show me heaven". Melanie and Thomas found that Peter sang very well, Claire wanted the ground to swallow her up. She was so glad when the song finally ended and she could leave the stage.
"This was the most embarrassing moment I've ever experienced so far," said Claire, as she reached the table and drank her champagne glass. She decided she needed more alcohol to forget this embarrassing thing as soon as possible. So she went to the bar where she met Peter.
"Angry?", he asked and raised his eyebrows.
"Angry is not the word," said Claire, "I hate you." Claire walked past him and he grabbed her wrist.
"Would you accept my excuse at least?"
"I'm thinking about it." She tore herself away from him and picked up a glass of champagne from the bar and she almost choked on the drink, when Peter was on stage again, apologized to Claire and asked if he was allowed to take her out for dinner.
"Throw the Bridal bouquet, Lindsay!", Melanie exclaimed suddenly very excited. Lindsay turned around, waved with the bouquet and then threw it into the crowd of female wedding guests who had taken up position at a distance. The bouquet landed right in Claire's arms and she was shocked that she had caught it. Peter grinned at her a little strange when he saw her shocked face.
Meanwhile, Connor grabbed his wife´s hand. "Come," his voice was very loving. They left the huge pavilion, where the ceremony took place, together and went alone hand in hand through the dark garden. The night was still warm. "Where are we going?", asked Lindsay.
She noted they were walking to the small boat house. "What are you doing?"
Lindsay was sure they wouldn´t went without reason to the little wooden house where they had spent a not entirely inconsequential night 15 months ago. But this night was the smartest thing both have ever done, because without their two enchanting children would not be here now.
"You haven´t answered my question," Lindsay realized and smiled when they entered the boathouse. They walked hand in hand until the end of the jetty, where a table, two chairs and a bottle of champagne was waiting for them.
"I just want to be alone a little bit with my wife."
"You can´t wait, right?"
"Right!", at the end of the jetty he pulled her in his arms. The water shimmered in the moonlight.
"Being together forever with you is…"
"What?", she smiled at him.
"It's indescribable."
Again she smiled. "I know ... I love you so much."
"I love you, too. Forever."