DISCLAIMER – The world of Twilight and all its characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. However, Edward and Bella are still messing with my head and make me write things sometimes...

This is dedicated to all the Edwards in our heads – RPattz does a good job, but I think we all have our own!

Time Stops...

She is rushing about her business, things to do, places to be. He is heading home at the end of a long, hot day in his office; suit jacket over one shoulder, briefcase in hand. He feels sticky in his pinstripe trousers and shiny shoes. It is just another summer's day.

He remembers something he saw on the TV last night and, smiling, pushes his glasses back up his nose.

And time stops.

Dark brown eyes look into grey ones. Her stomach turns over. She is trapped in that moment, not knowing, not thinking, just feeling.

Feeling what? Instant attraction, like a magnet to metal. Her hand starts to move of its own accord, but she stops herself – to touch would be to break this dream. Better to dwell on the feeling - that lurch deep inside, those grey eyes framed so perfectly - than to spoil it by finding less than perfection underneath.

Grey eyes look into brown ones. He sees the surprise in hers, as it gives way to fire. And in that moment he wants her. To feel her soft skin beneath his fingertips.

He starts to reach towards her, but stops himself. This is madness, this just doesn't happen with some stranger in the street.

And so they pass by on their way, each walking on, without thinking, to where they were going. Small smile in place, heart on fire with the passion felt in a single, chance moment. Dreaming of what could have been. Dreaming of what could be.