The plot, it does be thickening...I know it seems slow now, but I need that build up. The action will kicks off here, though. Also, I've some amazing reviewers, who know who they are. Thank you to all of them, it means a lot.

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Emily stretched, and let her eyes focus on the hotel room around her. It looked like nearly every other hotel room, with neutral colours, a large bed, dark furniture and everything that can be strapped down, strapped down. She was sprawled out across the bed, her legs on the right, her torso on the left. She pulled the duvet off her and walked into the small bathroom. Turning on the shower, she waited for a minute, then stepped into the shower. It was just the right temperature, almost hot enough to boil her skin off. Grabbing her shampoo, she put a generous amount into her hand, and lathered her hair up. Letting the hot water run down her body, she felt refreshed. Hot showers had always made her feel that way.

Finishing off scrubbing her body and conditioning her hair, she got out of the shower, and put her hair up in a small towel, and dried her body. She picked out khaki slacks and a red scoop neck t-shirt. Putting them on, she put a pair of trainers on her feet, and sat in front of the mirror to brush and dry her hair. She clipped it up, to keep it out of her way for the day, because she had plans. However, her first thing to do was to go downstairs and get her breakfast.

Arriving downstairs, Emily got a cup of waffle batter, and made a waffle in the waffle iron, and then followed it off with toast and strawberry jelly. Finishing her food, she brought her plate and cutlery to the designated areas, and, picking up her bag, left the hotel for Disneyland.

Emily started off in Adventureland, and made her way all around the park, stopping at all the big rollercoasters, which were her personal favourites. After going on three or four, she decided to break for lunch at one of the many restaurants around the park. Sitting down with a burger, fries and coke, she began to eat. Her mind had been occupied, but now it was empty and she was thinking.

"Excuse me, miss, but can I sit here?" A voice broke through Emily's thoughts, and she gestured to him to sit down opposite her.

"I'm Emily, Emily Prentiss. And you are...?" Emily's senses weren't going off, and she trusted her gut.

"I'm Daniel. Daniel Whittaker. Are you here by yourself too?" He asked, joking.

They were getting along well, and when Daniel asked her if she wanted to go around the park with him, she agreed. They went to the rollercoasters, and Daniel bought a photo of them together on Space Mountain. They had dinner together as well, and Emily was thoroughly enjoying her day. Daniel had a hold of her hand, and she let him hold it. They sat together, and were happy for a while. Daniel grabbed Emily, and pulled her out of the restaurant, and showed her the fireworks that were going on. She leaned into him, and without warning, Daniel kissed her.

Their lips moved together, and his tongue gently massaged hers. It was a sweet kiss, full of passion, at least on Daniels side. Emily could smell his peppermint scented breath, and felt the rough callouses of his fingers on her head, on the back of her neck. He was almost holding onto her for dear life. She concentrated on kissing him, and not pulling away. She could just give him a fake number afterwards, but pulling away now could be dangerous. Her intuition, which had been dormant all day, was roaring back into life, and was concentrating on yelling "STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" to her. But she couldn't pull away.

Finally the kiss ended, and Daniel pulled her closer.

"Oh, Emily, you really shouldn't have done I have to keep you, that kiss was something else." Emily began to pull away, but she felt what she knew to be the barrel of a gun in the small of her back, and walked forward, doing exactly what Daniel told her. When she got to the car he told her to get into, he tied a blindfold around her head and put a gag in her mouth, before being put in the trunk of the car.

The last thing that Emily remembered was being pulled out of a car, and being pushed into a cold damp room, before she hit her head off the concrete floor.

JJ had had a long day, and she was finished at midnight, when someone else would start their twelve hour shift. At this stage, JJ didn't know who it would be, she was counting down the last hour and a half. The phone on the table rang, and she picked it up.

"Hello, Northwest Police Precinct, Public Appeals hotline. How can I help?"

"Hi...I'm after seeing a woman being pulled away by a man in Disneyland, and she looks exactly like those poor girls whose picture you had on the tv. I remember him saying "Come on, Emily. I'll hurt you if you don't."

JJ took all the womans details, before calling the team. If everything was as it seemed, and the woman wasn't a crank - which JJ doubted. She'd given a phone number, name and date of birth, which all matched up - then her best friend was the latest victim, and possibly the first murder victim. The new victim was Emily Prentiss.