Camp Twilight

Chapter 1

"Mitchie" Mitchie's mom Connie Torres called up to her only daughter that morning.

"Wake up, last day of school."

Mitchie went through the usual rotuine of getting up and deciding what to wear before heading downstairs where the tv was on down low and there was a Camp Rock broucher lying on the table next to the ten others that Mitchie had picked up hoping her mom would get the clue that she wanted to go to Camp Rock this year.

"Mitchie you know, I can't afford this" Connie said as soon as Mitchie sat down and she nodded before the presenter started to talk about Shane Gray and his band who Mitchie aboustley adorded but not in a crazed fan girl sort of way.

"Turn it up please" Mitchie said so she could hear what was being said.

"It seems that Shane and his bandmates have caught quite a bad illness as whenever anyone sees them now, they are out at nightime and are very white so until we get anything else, that is all from pop tunes."

Mitchie was confused right away, what would cause a band as popular as Connect Three to go about at night time and so white as ghost or something.

"Well I'm off to school, last day" Mitchie said before getting up and heading outside to catch the bus for the last time that summer so she would be left indoors all summer as her parents couldn't afford to go anywhere due to her and her dad's jobs going down in the dumps.

Boy summer really sucked.

"Hey Mitchie" Mitchie's best friend said coming up to her that day.

"Hey so how's you summer going to be this year."

"Good what about you, how was the thing with Camp Rock."

"A no go as usual, I can't beleive that they can't afford to send me there for the summer and I work my butt off at school and my job and they just throw it back in my face" Mitchie said getting it all out as her friend would always listen to her.

"Anyway yeah, did you hear about Connect Three?"

"Yeah it was so weird, I mean out at nighttime and looking very white as if they saw a ghost or something" Mitchie said back just as she seen something past the side of her eye but when she turned to look. It was gone.

"Mitch, you alright?"

Mitchie nodded before heading onto her classes knowing it wouldn't be long before work and back to her house where she would be back to hating the fact that she couldn't go anywhere, not even Camp Rock.

However once Mitchie got home she found her parents standing, half happy and half sad.

"Mitchie we have good and bad news, what do you want to hear first?"

"The bad news" Mitchie said back dumping her bag onto one of the chairs knowing it would be about Camp Rock.

"Okay well you know you're neighbour Caitlyn Geller?" Mitchie nodded.

"She diseapeared this morning and no-one knows where she went but also the good news is your going to Camp Rock."

Mitchie started to scream but then remembered about the girl and stopped.

It was weird, first Connect Three started acting different then the figure at school and now this.

Mitchie just hoped she could find out what was going on soon or else.

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