Chapter 6

As soon as Mitchie was out of the town area, she came to realize that she had no idea where about's Nate's friends Barron lived and she guessed Nate knew that too as next second he was in front of her car making her scream and jump.

"Mitchie, it's me, calm down" Nate said with a smile showing his fangs but she didn't find his scary it was only really Shane's and now Jason's.

"I know, I just, you scared me half to death" Mitchie said gripping at her chest hopping to make her heart rate slow down then she looked up to see a sad look on Nate's face, one she had never even seen before the look of sorrow and reget as if the words that she had just uttered hurt him more than they really should have.

But before she could ask him if he was okay, he was pointing out Barron's house then he was away again in the blink of an eye and Mitchie sighed taking her keys out of the ignonation and getting out of the car with Tess who was looking very wooried though why she had no idea as there was nothing to be scared of.

"Mitchie, I don't like this. Mitchie I don't like this at all" Tess whispered as the leaves began to blow in the wind and they both heard the grunch of gravel as they walked up to Barron's front door.

Once they reached the door, Mitchie reached out and knocked twice before the door swung open right away revealing a young guy with dark skin and brown hair who Mitchie guessed was Barron and this was confrimed when he ussured them both in explaning that Nate had phoned him to say that they would be coming then he introduced himself as Barron.

"Nice to meet you Barron, I'm Mitchie and this is Tess" Mitchie smiled speaking to Barron who had to begun to close all the blinds in as soon as he had introduced himself but it was still early afternoon so why was Barron doing that.

"I don't want any of those vampires coming up to try to attack here again. The last time, I nearly lost my brother. He's one of them now. Undead but he lives here cause he's not as strong" Barron started to explain just as there was a large thud against the door and Barron pushed Mitchie and Tess behind him telling them to head towards the hall just incase of an emengenrcy.

The two headed towards the hall, closing the door to it just so that there was an inch to see and hear out of.

Barron answered the door opening it slightly before sighing to himself and opening it wider to allow Nate to enter.

"Where is she? Did she get here okay?" Were the first words out of Nate's mouth as soon as the door had closed behind him.

Mitchie emergend from behind the door showing Nate that she was in no way hurt at all.

"Mitchie" Nate pulled her into a hug which seemed to make her feel as if she was being crushed as Nate's strength surrounded her then it was over and he was looking straight at her "I will do everything to protect you. Just don't do anything reckless."

"Like get bit by a vampire" Mitchie thundered out wondering still why Nate had missed out telling her about the whole she could turn into a vampire with his help.

"Mitchie please..."

"No I want you to change me. Make me like you" Mitchie begged not caring that Tess and Barron were watching her.

"Mitchie it's not something I like and if I could I would turn back the time and not become a member of the un-dead. I'll see you later."

And with that Nate was gone leaving Mitchie to ponder over what she would have to do to get Nate to believe her.

Not just believe but to turn her into a vampire like him so they could live together for eternity.

However now was not the right to time.