Hello, loyal readers! This is the first story I've ever collaborated with someone to write. The original concept for this idea was from inuyasha838688. I merely wrote it, and tweaked a few of the ideas. So, I hope you enjoy it, and I warn you now, this story has the first two lemons I've ever wrote, so watch for the warnings if you don't want to read them.

So, let the reading commence!

Naruto was in his apartment, sitting on his bed. It had been a typical day for him. He spent most of it in the academy, pranked Iruka, and went to Ichiraku's. They fed him for free this time, and he had spent the rest of the day running from the villagers. They followed him everywhere, until he finally managed to lose them in the woods. Once he was sure it was safe, he ran back to his apartment. When he finally got to it, it was, as usual, ransacked. Lucky for him, he was able to keep all of his important possessions hidden, so they were never able to steal anything. Not that he had anything important for them TO steal. This was always the part of the day that he hated. Coming home to an empty apartment, no one in his life. He was so lonely.

"Why can't I have a family?" he wondered aloud.

"You do." he heard a voice say. Naruto turned to face the doorway into his room, and saw a dark void in the doorway. Suddenly, a rather tall man with silver hair that was swept back, a monocle, and a purple jacket appeared in his doorway.

"W-Who are you?" Naruto asked hesitantly.

"I am Sparda, the Dark Knight. I am also your grandfather." Naruto's eyes widened.

"My grandfather? How?" Naruto asked, thoroughly confused.

"Your father was one of my sons." Sparda replied.

"You know who my father was?" Naruto practically shouted.

"Yes. I believe the people around here know him as Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage." Sparda said.

"The Yondaime was my father?" Naruto said, shocked.

"Yes. He was my youngest son."

"So I have uncles?" Naruto asked.

"All will be revealed in time, child. Come" Sparda said, walking into Naruto's living room. Sparda sat in a chair, whereas Naruto sat on the sofa.

"So who's the rest of my family?" Naruto asked, excited.

"Well, first I suppose you'll want to know who your mother is." Sparda said. Naruto nodded.

"Your mother was a former whirlpool Kunoichi named Kushina Uzumaki. She was also the former Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, which is now sealed within you."Naruto's eyes widened.

"So that's why everyone calls me a demon." he said.

"Yes, but they are wrong in calling you a demon. They are vastly underestimating your power." Sparda replied, confusing Naruto further.

"what do you mean by that, Ojii-san?" Naruto asked, causing Sparda's left eye to twitch.

"Well, you see, your father is not human, and neither are you, you see we are devils. Devils are far stronger than demons. Even high class demons, like the Biju, cannot match our power. A high class demon is about the same as a low-class devil." Sparda explained. Naruto was wide-eyed.

"Wow! I'm so badass!" He shouted, making Sparda chuckle.

"You remind me of Dante, my second oldest son." Sparda said, still chuckling.

"What do you mean, Oji-san?" Naruto asked, looking up at the Dark Knight.

"He was ever the hothead. Always making comments like the one you just said."

"Cool. So, who's your eldest son?" Naruto asked.

"His name was Vergil. He and Dante were twins. Vergil was born first." Sparda looked at the ground.

"What happened to him?" Naruto asked, seeing Sparda look sad for a moment.

"He is currently trapped in hell. He is in a form of stasis, as punishment for attempting to take my power, and repeatedly trying to kill Dante. He shall remain there until I believe he has learned his lesson." Sparda explained. Naruto grinned.

"So, you basically grounded him?" Sparda chuckled.

"I guess you could call it that. What else do you wish to know, Naruto?"

"What were my parents like?"

"I, unfortunately, can't tell you much about your mother, as I never met her in person. I will tell you this, though. From what I heard, she acted much like you do now when she was young."


"Yes. I heard she calmed down as she got older, though. As for your father, I know more about him. He was very smart as a child, always asking questions. He was ruthless in battle, true to his devil heritage, but kind to those he cared about. You remind me a great deal of both of them." that made Naruto smile.

"Thanks, Oji-san." Naruto said. Sparda smiled back.

"What happens now?" Naruto asked.

"A few things. First, I am going to awaken your devil blood."

"What'll that do?" Naruto asked.

"Well, it will adapt your body to be able to handle the power. As a result, you will look older than you currently do, about 13, I believe. It will also enable you to wield my blades." he explains, gesturing to the weapons.

"Okay. Do it." Naruto says. Sparda walked over to Naruto and slammed his hand into Naruto's stomach. Naruto felt his body growing. He could feel bones snapping, then healing. He could feel his muscles expanding. After a few minutes, the pain ceased. Naruto opened his eyes, not even realizing he shut them, and saw Sparda standing over him.

"Looks like it worked." he remarked. Naruto stood up, taking a second to get used to his longer legs, and went to a mirror. He gaped at what he saw. He now had bright silver hair, though it was still spiked in the same manner as before. His eyes were still blue, though they looked more intimidating. He was also taller, around 5'2", he guessed.

"Wow…" was all he could say. He walked back in the room to see Sparda sitting back down.

"Like the new look?" he questioned. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah." he paused, noticing his voice was deeper. "What else do you have planned for me?"

"I have a few gifts, actually. For starters, here are my blades." Sparda said, presenting two swords to Naruto. One was a broadsword with a skull on the pommel and the hand guard looked like horns. The other was an o-katana with a white handle and a round hand guard.

"You're giving me your swords?" he asked.

"Yes. Besides, the Force Edge," he said, holding up the broadsword, "was supposed to be given to your father, thus belonging to you. The Yamato," He held up the o-katana this time, "was the sword of Vergil. Seeing as he is currently in hell, I think that you could make good use of it." he said, handing the blades to Naruto.

"Thank you, Oji-san." Naruto said. When he took the blades in hand, they began to glow, and then, suddenly, they disappeared. Naruto felt a slight burning in his arms, he pulled up his sleeves and saw he now had two tattoos on his forearms. On his right arm was a tattoo that resembled a demon's head. It had horns on either side of it's face, making it somewhat resemble an M in appearance. The very tips of the horns were red in color, which faded to black the closer they got to the face. In the very center of the head was a red crest on the forehead. The eyes were glowing red, and the mouth, which was a bluish purple color, was open in a snarl. On his left arm was the face of a very beautiful woman. She had long black hair, black eyes, and, from what Naruto could tell, pale skin. She was also smiling.

"Who are these two?" Naruto asked, gesturing to the tattoos.

"Well, the tattoo on your right arm is my devil form. That's what I really look like. As for the woman, I believe her name is Mikoto Uchiha. As for why she is the storage tattoo for Yamato, I think I can answer that. Yamato is a sword used to protect the ones you care about. It's the reason I took it from Vergil. He used it to attack his brother, not protect him. So, Mikoto must be the one most humans call your "Soul Mate"" he explained. Naruto gaped.

"Your saying Mikoto Uchiha is my soul mate?" Naruto asked. Sparda nodded. "First off, She's married. Second, she's like, 30!"

"Love knows no age. I am much older than your grandmother, but we loved each other very much. As for the married part, don't you worry about that. Certain circumstances are about to unfold that will bring the two of you together."

"But what do you-" Naruto was stopped from continuing by Sparda placing his hand on Naruto's head.

"Quiet, Naruto. All will be explained in time. For now, rest. When you awaken, you will have someone who will love you." Naruto promptly passed out, Sparda catching him before he fell. He carried Naruto back into his bedroom, laid him on his bed, and turned towards the window.

"Sleep well, Naruto. Always remember, you must protect your loved ones with the strength of the devil within." he said, and vanished in the same void he appeared in.

Uchiha Clan Compound

"I am sorry, Kaa-san." Itachi said, walking over his father's corpse, blade in hand.

"Why, Sochi?" Mikoto asked, scared.

"You don't need to know." Itachi brought the blade down upon his mother, tears streaming from his eyes. He never felt the blade sink into flesh, however, as a man wearing a purple jacket had grabbed the blade, stopping it completely.

"Who are you?" Itachi asked.

"I am Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight. I have come to make a deal with you, Itachi Uchiha."

"What kind of deal?" Itachi asked.

"One in which your mother would be spared." Sparda replied, making Itachi's eyes widen.

"What are you talking about?" Mikoto asked the man standing in front of her.

"I will take your mother to her Soul Mate. He will protect her, love her, keep her safe."

"And what would you have me do? You said 'deal'. What price would I have to pay?" Itachi asked.

"You both have a price to pay. You, Itachi, will have to make your brother believe that Mikoto is dead. And you, Mikoto, must not interact with Sasuke at least until he graduates the academy. Understand?" he asked, getting a nod from Itachi. Sparda turned towards Mikoto.

"What about you? This all depends on you. If you'd rather die than be with your Soul Mate, I can always let Itachi kill you." he said, looking at her. To Mikoto, it felt as if he was looking through her.

"W-What's he like?" she asked, after some hesitation.

"He is kind. He will keep you safe and never harm you. You have no reason to fear him, as he has no reason to fear you. In time, you will come to love each other." he said. She nodded.

"All right. Take me to him." she said. Sparda held his left hand out to her, and held his right to Itachi. They both grasped them.

"Deal." he said, and there was a bright flash of light, and Sparda and Mikoto disappeared. Itachi looked around. He heard Sasuke approaching.

'Time to fulfill my end of the bargain' he said, his eyes becoming the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sparda stepped out of the void he created in Naruto's apartment, carrying an unconscious Mikoto bridal style. He carried her into Naruto's bedroom, careful not to wake either of them up. He laid her next to Naruto, and she immediately snuggled up to him. Naruto put his arms around her in response. Sparda smirked upon seeing their necks glow dully.

'The marks have been activated. Looks like I was right' he thought.

"See you in the morning, kids." he whispered before disappearing back into the void.

Naruto's Bedroom (Next morning)

Naruto woke up with his face hitting something very soft and warm. Still half asleep, he snuggled further into the soft pillows.

Mikoto woke to two sensations. One was something snuggling into her breasts, and the other was something poking her nether regions. She looked down to see a silver haired boy snuggling into her breasts. She actually shocked herself in that she didn't want to push him off. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his head, pushing him further in between her fabulous mounds.


Naruto felt a pair of arms wrap around his head. Still half asleep, his baser demonic instincts took over. He used his teeth to rip apart the shirt that she was wearing, and began to kiss the flesh that was now revealed. He kissed, nipped, and licked at the flesh between her breasts, earning him moans from the woman beneath him. He started to move towards her neck, never stopping his ministrations. Mikoto moaned even louder when he skidded his canines across the mate mark on her neck. Naruto, spurred on by Mikoto's moans, moved down to her breasts, pulling them free from the black bra she wore. He latched his mouth on her right breast, licking and sucking her nipple, while gently kneading the other one.

Mikoto was not sitting idle through this. Far from it. She moved her hand down to Naruto's boxers and slipped her hand inside. She then proceeded to slowly stroke him off, earning her a light groan from the sliver haired boy. This continued for about five minutes, Naruto switching breasts every so often, and Mikoto's hand slowly speeding up, before Naruto's hand that wasn't fondling Mikoto's breasts began to head south. He slipped one of his fingers inside her, making her moan even louder. Naruto slipped another finger into Mikoto, and she sped up her ministrations in kind. Eventually, Naruto felt Mikoto's walls contract, and Mikoto moaned louder than ever before. Naruto pulled his fingers out when she relaxed, then ceased his attention to her breasts, earning him a mewl of disappointment.

Not wanting the pleasure to stop, Mikoto pulled gently on Naruto's member, making him comply with her wishes. She aligned his dick with her pussy. Naruto, understanding what she wanted, moved forward, easing himself inside her.

Mikoto moaned. Even though he hadn't finished growing, Naruto was still fairly large for his age, added with his recent growth spurt, he was roughly six inches in length. He started slow, but progressively sped up. Mikoto's moans got louder and louder. She was bucking her hips, meeting his thrusts. Both were speeding up, losing themselves in the sensations.

Naruto's thrusting soon became erratic. Mikoto wrapped her legs around his waist, preventing him from pulling out, and allowing him to hit deeper within her. Within minutes, Naruto and Mikoto both came, Naruto with a roar, Mikoto with a howl. Naruto collapsed back into Mikoto's wondrous valley. Mikoto wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck, pulling him further into her chest. Naruto in turn wrapped his hands around her waist, his hands grasping her ass. They both sighed in content, before slowly slipping back into unconsciousness.


Naruto's Bedroom (one hour later)

"mmm…" Naruto woke up, hearing a woman moaning. He looked up from his "pillow" to see Mikoto Uchiha opening her eyes. He shifted slightly, only for her to moan again and him to feel slight pleasure. He looks down to see that the two of them are connected still. Memories of their time together begin to flood his head. Seeing Mikoto slowly coming to, Naruto moved up, moving his face to hers. He proceeded to kiss her.

Mikoto was waking up from her pleasurable time with the silver haired boy, when she felt more pleasure. She opened her eyes slightly to reveal said boy looking up at her, his face between her breasts. Said boy then proceeded to kiss her. Mikoto woke up fully at that. She began kissing back, pulling him towards her, putting a hand on the back of his head. She slipped her tongue in his mouth, with him quickly returning the favor. Before they could continue, however, they heard a voice.

"Before you continue, I have to talk to you two." Sparda said. Mikoto blushed, whereas Naruto growled.

"Dammit, Oji-san, you have the WORST timing!" he said, moving himself so that Sparda didn't see anything private of Mikoto's.

"O-Oji-san?" Mikoto said, looking between Naruto and Sparda.

"Yes. He is my grandson, as well as your soul mate." Sparda said. Mikoto looked down at Naruto, who was smiling.

"Yup. My name's Naruto, Mikoto-chan." Naruto said, kissing her lightly.

"Naruto-kun" she said, blushing. She then noticed that Naruto had began to look at her funny. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Your hair is a different color. And you look younger." he said, shocking Mikoto. She stirred, signaling for Naruto to get off of her. He did, but not before glaring at Sparda, making him avert his eyes. Mikoto grabbed the bed sheet and wrapped it around her, heading quickly to the bathroom. When she looked into the mirror, she was shocked.

Naruto was right, she DID look younger. About ten years younger, to be precise. She looked like she did when she was 23. She also noticed that her hair was a dark silver in color, getting darker closer to the tips. She examined her body, to see what else had changed. the first thing she noticed was that she had a strange mark on the lower part of her neck. It looked like a tattoo in the form of a skull, with the Sharingan for it's eyes. She also noted that her bust was larger, she was a C before, now she guessed she was a D. Every part of her body, save her breasts, had turned to what they were when she was 23. Rewrapping the sheet around her, she walked back into the room and saw Naruto sitting on the bed, wearing his boxers, looking at her. She sat down next to him, and looked at Sparda.

"What happened to me?" she questioned, Sharingan blazing.

"Calm yourself, Mikoto-san. I have done nothing to you. That mark did." Sparda said, gesturing towards the mark on her neck.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It is your mate mark. That mark connects you and Naruto. He has one as well." Mikoto turned to see Naruto feeling his neck. Sparda was right; he DID have a mark. His was different, however. His was three swords surrounding a face in a triangular pattern. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the face in the center was her face.

"Huh." Naruto said, rubbing the mark.

"Who put this mark on me?"

"No one. It automatically appeared when you got near Naruto. That proves that the two of you are mates. As for the change, it happened when you consummated the mating an hour ago. You are now a devil, like Naruto, like myself." Sparda said, making Mikoto's eyes widen.

"A d-devil?" She said. This time Naruto answered.

"Yeah, a devil. But it doesn't make you a monster or anything. It refers to a species, like calling someone human. No difference, really." Naruto said, making her look at him.

"So, you're a devil? What exactly does being a devil mean?" she asked.

"Well, for one, it makes you basically immortal. You won't age, but you can be killed, it's just insanely hard to do so."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you can get stabbed through the heart, and it won't kill you. Basically, the only way to kill a devil is to decapitate them."


"Yep. Your senses are also enhanced and you have super strength. Anything to add, Oji-san?" Naruto asked, looking towards Sparda.

"Actually, yes. These are also things I never told you about, Naruto, so pay attention. Those of my bloodline have the unique ability known as Devil Trigger. As we have human forms, and very strong devil blood, we can transform into our demon forms without any sort of side effect. Mikoto, you have this as well, as Naruto is the one who turned you." Sparda explained.

"Cool." Naruto remarked, wondering how strong he'd be in Devil Trigger form. Mikoto didn't say anything, merely listening.

"There is also a way to obtain power from defeating particularly strong demons or devils. On occasion, upon defeating a very strong demon or devil, their soul will stay, reforming as a weapon. These weapons are called Devil Arms. Technically, Force Edge could be considered a Devil Arm, as it is the physical manifestation of my power."

"Cool." Naruto remarked again, looking at Force Edge. "So, does this mean that I'll be able to use your power when I use Force Edge?" Naruto asked.

"Not right away. I sealed my power in that blade. It can only be awakened under special circumstances." Sparda replied.

"Okay. You're probably not even gonna tell me what those circumstances are, so I won't ask. So, what happens now?" Naruto asked.

"I shall return in one years time, and I will give you your own blade, Mikoto-san. I'd like to see a great-grandchild by then." Sparda said, getting a blush from the two of them.

"Ero- Oji." Naruto said. Sparda merely chuckles in response.

"Earlier you said that I couldn't interact with Sasuke. You said he had to think I was dead, so wouldn't it be strange for people to be talking about seeing me? Am I supposed to stay here forever?" Mikoto asked.

"Not really. You could, but you'd miss out on quite a bit, so, like Naruto, I've given you the ability to shape shift. You, unlike Naruto, will have more than one form. You will be able to change the color of your eyes and hair, as well as skin tone. You will also be able to change your facial structure. No one will be able to recognize you." Sparda explained, getting a nod from Mikoto.

"Thank you, Oji-san." Mikoto said, making Sparda smile.

"Hey, Oji-san, how do I use the Devil Trigger?" Naruto asked.

"You'll have to figure that one out on your own, Naruto. I must be going, now. I will return in precisely one year. I want to see a great-grandchild by then. Farewell." Sparda said, disappearing into the dark void even as Naruto throws a pillow at his head, shouting "Ero-Oji!". When the void dissipated, Naruto and Mikoto looked at each other.

"Um…" Mikoto started, not really sure what to say. How do you start a conversation with an 8 year old boy you just found out is your soul mate?

"Mikoto-chan." Naruto said, turning her to face him.

"Y-Yes?" she said, blushing.

"I think we need to go shopping." he said, "You need more clothes, and I need new clothes too, seeing as I've hit a recent growth spurt." he said, smirking at the last part.

"Okay, but I'm gonna have to find a shirt before we leave, seeing as you ripped my old one off." she said. Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"What can I say, I was horny, and it was in my way." he said, making her blush, but giggle. She kissed him lightly. "You could borrow one of my shirts, but it might be a little tight." he said. She stood up, dropping the bed sheet, showing her naked body to Naruto, and headed to the closet, giggling at the wolf whistle Naruto let out. She pulled a shirt out of the closet and tried it on. It hugged her body, but it wasn't tight. She walked out to get the rest of her clothes.

"Hot damn." Naruto said, making Mikoto blush. She gathered the rest of her clothes and removed the shirt, making Naruto say, "Yes!" she turned to Naruto.

"Where's your shower?" she said, holding her clothes. Naruto stood up and led her to the bathroom. She laid her clothes down and turned to see Naruto standing in the doorway.


"Care to join me?" she asked, only slightly kidding. Naruto was instantly next to her, his arms around her waist. He kissed her, slipping his tongue in her mouth. She instantly responded, kissing back with just as much passion. The two fumbled their way to the shower, after Mikoto removed Naruto's boxers. Stepping inside, Naruto turned the water on, letting it hit them. The cold water instantly made Mikoto's nipples hard. Naruto immediately took the left one in his mouth, licking and nipping at the sensitive nub. Mikoto moaned and slid her hand down to Naruto's member, stroking it. She sped up her ministrations and began running her fingers through Naruto's hair. Said boy groaned in response, and switched to the other breast, moving his left hand down to Mikoto's waiting pussy. He slipped his finger inside, making her moan even more.

"Naruto-kun…" she breathed out. Naruto added a finger, and began to move them faster, making Mikoto moan louder.

"Naruto-kun, please…" she said. Naruto pulled his fingers out and removed his mouth from her breasts. Mikoto turned around and put her hands up against the shower wall, sticking her ass out. "Please…" she repeated. Naruto nodded and slowly pushed himself inside her, groaning in pleasure. Mikoto moaned loudly, welcoming the intrusion. Naruto thrusted himself inside her, slowly at first, but progressively sped up. Mikoto's breasts jiggled with each thrust, and Naruto wasted not time in grabbing them. He fondled them, while speeding up his thrusts even more. Mikoto was now howling in pleasure. She was bucking her hips, meeting Naruto's thrusts. Both were moving fast, desperate for release. Naruto began to tease Mikoto's nipples, and the woman's moans increased even more. Her walls tightened around Naruto's member, trying to milk him of his seed.


"MIKOTO!" they both shouted, finding their release. Naruto slipped out of her when her walls relaxed.


"Wow…" he said.

"Yeah." Mikoto agreed, panting. Naruto turned Mikoto around and kissed her gently. When they broke apart, Naruto smirked.

"I think we should actually shower now." he said. Mikoto giggled and nodded.

When they finished with their shower, Mikoto began getting dressed (much to Naruto's disappointment), while Naruto headed into his room to get a new set of clothing. Mikoto came out of the bathroom, fully clothed, to see Naruto also fully clothed, though his clothes, like the shirt on her, seemed tight.

"Shall we?" he said, holding his hand out to her. Mikoto smiled, taking Naruto's hand, and the two of them headed out of Naruto's apartment.

Naruto and Mikoto walked through the village, getting confused looks from various villagers, as they were unrecognizable to anyone who knew them before their respective changes. Naruto was wearing a black shirt with a flame in the center of it, and black pants, which were now shorts due to his growth spurt. Mikoto was wearing one of his plain white shirts, which was snug on her breasts, and a pair of his orange pants, which were more like hip hugger shorts on her. They walked into a ninja shop, where they were greeted by a strong looking man, and nine year old girl sitting on the counter.

"How can I help you?" the man asked.

"We need new clothes." Naruto said, gesturing towards their outfits.

"Of course." the man said. He gestured towards one of the many racks amongst the shop, one of which had clothes. "So long as you pay, you can wear what you buy out."

"Thank you." Naruto and Mikoto began to browse the store, looking through the clothes. Naruto found a purple trench coat, much like what Sparda wore. He looked around for shirts, and found a white buttoned shirt. He grabbed a pair of dark purple pants, and a black scarf, and headed to the changing room. When Naruto stepped out, he looked towards Mikoto, who was blushing.

Mikoto was looking through the clothes in the female section when she looked towards the changing rooms and saw Naruto in his new clothes. The scarf was wrapped around his neck so that if he wished, he could hide his face with it. He was also wearing steel-toed combat boots and black gloves. She blushed. He was HOT! She resumed looking for clothes, seeing Naruto headed towards her.

"See anything you like?" he asked.

"Yeah. You." she said, looking at him with a loving smile. Naruto kissed her cheek.

"Let's find you something. Can't have you walking around naked, as much as I'd enjoy it." he said. She blushed, then resumed looking through the clothes.

She eventually found three dresses. She also bought some Anbu armor. She came out of the changing room wearing one of the dresses. It was black, came down to just above the knee, and hugged her figure quite nicely. The top was strapless, showing her bust teasingly. A see-through fabric went over that, up to her neck, where it was hooked there by a choker. Naruto smiled

"Beautiful as always, hime." he said. she blushed. Naruto paid for the clothes, and the two of them left the shop. They headed back to Naruto's apartment. Once there, Mikoto put her new clothes in Naruto's closet, removing what she knew would no longer fit him as well.

"Mikoto-chan," Naruto said, getting her attention, "I'm going to take you on a date tonight. I'll be back in a bit, I need to get everything ready." he said. Mikoto nodded, and gave him a quick kiss before he left.

Naruto came back into the apartment an hour later, seeing Mikoto laying on the couch. He walked over to it and kissed her on the lips. She put her arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Naruto darted his tongue out, meeting her in a passionate tongue war. After a few minutes, they broke apart.

"Come on, Mikoto-hime, time for our date." he said. She stood up, straightening her dress, when Naruto put a blindfold on her.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing?" she asked, only to hear Naruto chuckling.

"Now, now, can't have you spoiling the surprise, Miko-chan." he said. He picked her up, carrying her bridal style, and began to head towards the Hokage monument.

Hokage Monument (Yondaime's Head)

Mikoto felt Naruto finally put her down, and removed her blindfold. She saw that they were currently atop the Yondaime's head, and she turned slightly to see a candlelight dinner table atop the head.

"Naruto-kun, it's so beautiful." she said. Naruto smiled, then grabbed her hand and led her to the table. He pulled her chair out, and after she sat down, sat down himself. As they were eating, they got a fabulous view of the sun setting on the village.

"So, you did all this for me?" she asked.

"Of course I did, Mikoto-hime. Anything for you." she smiled lovingly at him, and the two resumed eating.

After the meal, the two sat on the edge of the head, Mikoto in Naruto's lap, watching the sun set.

When it was dark, Naruto cleaned up the table and the two of them headed to their apartment. They quickly headed to bed, after removing each other's clothes. As the bed was small, Naruto lay spooning Mikoto, his head using her breasts for pillows. Mikoto snuggled into her mate, sighing in content, before the two of them fell into blissful slumber.

Naruto's Apartment (next day)

Mikoto woke up groggily, instantly noticing that Naruto wasn't in bed with her. She stood up and, completely ignoring the fact that she was naked, searched through the entire apartment for him. She walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the table. She picked it up and began to read it.


Sorry I couldn't wait for you to wake up, but I had to get to the academy. I'll be home later. Maybe later we can look for a bed big enough for both of us. Not that I mind being so close to you. (Mikoto giggled at that) I've used my shape shifting to return to my old form, so if you're out in the village before I get home, look for a blonde kid wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. So, while I'm stuck in the academy, have fun. I'll see you when I get out.


Your sexy Devil

Mikoto giggled at his sign, and blushed at what was under it. It was a chibi Naruto and a chibi version of her… um… doing things.

"Ero-Naruto-kun…" she said, putting the letter back on the table. She went back into the bedroom and got dressed. She shifted her looks to that of brown hair, hazel eyes, and she shifted her face to make sure no one recognized her. She headed out the door.

'I think I could get used to this…' she thought.

And done! This probably took the longest out of all the stories I've worked on to finish.

And before any of you bash me for the immediate sex scene, think. At that point, Naruto was a Devil. He was acting on instinct. Mikoto's mate mark was making it clear to her that Naruto was her mate, thus why she didn't try to stop him.

This story will probably be updated slower than my other stories, as it takes more work than the others do, but it SHALL be updated. Next up, Shinigami Ninja!

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