Hey! Me again! I'm must be CRAZY for doing this, knowing I have three other stories to do write; one almost finished, the other two just starting but I seriously couldn't take it off my mind since last night.

SUMMARY: Bonnie Bennett was much very in love with Stefan Salvatore. She is a witch, he's a vampire. They lived a happy life in Mystic Falls, constantly annoyed by Stefan's evil vampire brother, Damon. Then Katherine Pierce arrived, and killed Stefan before getting murdered by Damon. Before dying, Stefan made Damon swear to protect Bonnie and the town. Now, have a year later, Bonnie finds out Stefan left a surprising present for her and Damon is the only one who can help her open it.

I know, kind of lame but I saw the picture in my mind and it was sort of sweet so yeah. PLEASE READ! I really don't want to abandon this like I did with my other two stories.


I still missed Stefan. I missed his beautiful oak green eyes dazzling my green ones. How his wavy dark brown hair nestled in my brown hair. I missed every little thing about him. And yet, I couldn't understand why I had to let go, as Damon said. My heart didn't want to let go of the great times we had.

Sighing, I stood up from the couch. The Salvatore house, to me, was getting smaller. To my friends, it was freaking big but to me, it was just normal. Maybe it's because I lived here too long, I thought.

Damon walked down the stairs, wearing black all over again. He never wore colorful colors, or even blue or grey, just black, black, and black.

"Hey, Bon Bon. Whatcha doing?" he asked, already sitting on the couch. I hated him when he used his vampire speed. Using my witch powers, I send him a migraine. He clutched his head, giving out slow gasps. Then I stopped; Damon glared at me, looking like he wanted to attack me but didn't, and instead just got up and walked through the door. I smiled; finally glad I got rid of him, for now.

Something in my stomach moved, like literally just nudged me. My hand flew to my stomach, whispering, "What the hell?"

Then it growled. I rolled my eyes; my stomach just needed some food. I walked to the kitchen, grabbing the steak I cooked last night for myself and Damon. After the microwave beeped, I grabbed the steak, a fork and knife. Not caring if the steak burned my tongue, I ate, feeling hungry. After the third bite, there was a tingling sensation. I tried it again, then whispered, "Nope." Before I rushed to the sink and threw it out.

I threw the steak out. Maybe it was rancid. Feeling exhausted all of a sudden, my legs took me to the couch and I laid there, sighing. Then ran to the bathroom where I threw up. After I brushed my teeth/used mouthwash, I walked back to the living room to find a worried Damon.

"You ok?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yeah. Don't know what happened but I'm fine, Damon. You don't have to worry about me. I'm a witch, remember?"

He came closer to me. "But I did promise Stefan I would protect you."

"I'm not in danger, Damon. Just drop it." I said. My hand then flew to my stomach as something nudged me on my hips. Damon saw this, growing more concerned.

"What?" I asked, acting dumb.

He gave me his look. "Really? You're really asking that question, Bonnie?"

I nodded. "Yes."

He looked down. "Why are you clutching you stomach?"

That's when I felt everything come back up. I ran to the bathroom, throwing up again. Damon held my hair in the process, rubbing my back. What was wrong with me? Why was I acting like some sick person all of a sudden? And after eating the steak? I hope I didn't get poisoned or anything; that would make Damon super mad.

After, again, washing my mouth and changed clothes; they started to smell, I sat on the couch, kind of squished as Damon took over most of the spot by laying, arms over his head.

"Maybe we should take you to the doctor,"

I gasped. "No! No way. Doctors mean needles."

"You're living in a house with a vampire yet you're afraid of little pointy stick? Wow, Bonnie."

Something inside me moved again. I gasped and Damon sat up immediately, his hand in my stomach. I was about to swat his hand away from me but I was nudged again, and Damon looked shocked and surprised.

"Whoa," he said slowly, taking his hand from my stomach. "Maybe you're preggo, Bonnie Bennett." He smirked, going to the door.

My jaw fell from my mouth. My breathing stopped for a second, my heart not wanting to beat. He was not serious! I couldn't possibly, in the slightest little way, be pregnant. That just could not happen. The only person, well vampire, I ever did it was with Stefan, and he was gone. But vampires couldn't father children. But that's just it. I'm human, able to change my body. So that means I can have babies.

"Where're you going?" I demanded.

"To get those look like markers to see if you are. Be right back, Mommy Bonnie."

I rolled my eyes; super mad at him. Checking the time, it wasn't that late to call Elena. I grabbed my cell phone, dialing her number.

"Hey, Bon."

"Elena, I need to come here now."

"What's wrong? Did Damon do something?"

"No. I think Stefan might have left something very important."

"What is it?"

"A… child, now Elena, hurry!" I said, getting impatient.

She was silent before answering, "I'm coming."

I hung up, sighing my best friend was coming. She could help during the test; I didn't want Damon to be there; it'd be totally awkward.

I don't have a title right now for this. It was formally named "Bonnie's Baby Blues" but it sounds way too cheesy. If you have ANY titles for this story, I'm begging, please tell me! I really hoped you liked this. REVIEW!

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