When Rachel was like twelve, she knew that she wanted to date a nice Jewish boy. They were always telling her at Jewish afterschool at the JCC that good Jewish girls married good Jewish boys. And even though one of her dads is all, no Rachel, marry whomever you love, she thinks that if she's going to be a good Jew she needs a good Jewish boy.

The thing is there aren't a lot of them in Lima, Ohio. Her best choice is Noah Puckerman (because Jacob Ben Israel is weird) and Noah Puckerman is Noah Puckerman. As in, she has a crush on him and he likes to ignore that she's alive, except when his sister is being a pain. This doesn't stop her from scowling at him after he steals her slice of flourless chocolate cake and saying she'd rather be with anyone else in the whole wide world before him.

Then they go to high school, and things change.