The panicked butler rushed into his master's bedroom, not bothering to knock but just swing the door open, denting the wall with a massive hole.

"My Lord, what's happened? Are you Okay?" He was bent over panting his head held up so he could stare to the boy who was sitting behind his desk one hand held up and blood dripping from his index finger.

"I've got a paper cut!"

"Pardon?" The butler asked now stood up straight and gazing at the smaller in astonishment.

"I said, I've got a paper cut!" Ciel bit his lip, eyes welling up with tears "It's worse than it looks. I mean it's on my knuckle so every time I bend my finger it really, really hurts!"

Sebastian sighed, striding to the front of his masters desk and taking the trembling hand into his own for a closer look at the…minor cut.

"I thought your arm was hanging off," The demon muttered with a smirk, turning the hand as he inspected further.

"Sorry, I kind of panicked…" the small boy said a blush rising quickly to his cheeks.

Sebastian laughed, pulling the boy to him over the desk and kissing him lightly on the forehead.

"I'll get a plaster" he said and disappeared coming back seconds later with one plaster in his pale hands. He came around the desk turning Ciel's chair to him and kneeling on one knee, taking Ciel's hand lightly again. Turning the hurt finger over after making sure the padded part of the plaster covered the cut; he wrapped it around and stuck it down tightly.

"Is that better?" Sebastian questioned giving the finger a small kiss, and standing up to give him another on the lips.

"I'm not a baby." He pouted, a small blush showing.

"You sure?" The butler said like a mother, pulling at Ciel's cheeks like he was a child.

"Yes!" He said sternly pushing away the hands "Or else, I wouldn't b able to do this."

Bringing down the butler he smashed there lips together.

The butler knelt down slowly, not breaking the connection and pulled the fifteen year old into his lap, the younger wrapping his arms around the butler's neck who wrapped his around his waist.

When they finally broke apart, Ciel's head buried into Sebastian's neck yawning and snuggling in closer. "Promise never to leave me.!

"I promise from the bottom of my heart." He said kissing the soft locks.

"Pinky promise?" Ciel pulled back and held out his little finger.

Sebastian chuckled but connected his little finger with the boys and then hugged him tightly. "Pinky Promise!" He whispered.

"Okay." He grinned, before standing trying to help Sebastian up too but failing from the weight difference. Sebastian smirked and stood himself, as Ciel sat back in his chair moving papers and picking up two in particular.

"Can you send these for me please Seb-kun?"

"Certainly can do Boc-chan." He grinned leaning over and kissing him on the lips before taking the letters and spinning away.

Ciel smiled slightly biting his lip and facing down back to papers.


Ciel jumped, startled at the butlers sudden shout.

"Sebastian? What's happened?" He stood worried, looking over to the butler who was faced away.

Sebastian turned with watering eyes and holding one of his fingers.

"I gave myself a paper cut!"