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We left off with.

"I was paid to jump on your back by Alice and Edward." What the fuck?

"Thank you" FUCK.

"NO WAIT THAT'S WRONG." Holly shit I'm so fucked.

How the hell do I get my self in these messes?

Chapter 15

September 9th

11:06am Tuesday

Esme's POV

What the fuck was that bull shit? What the hell possessed Mike Newton to jump on Jasper's back? I have been hiding in the tree line behind the school waiting for Jasper and Bella to finally have there talk and figure out the truth. So what happens instead Mike Fucking Newton jumps on his back.

I heard movement to my left. A light breeze blew in and I wiped my head to see Edward and Alice hiding in the low lined bushes by the school snickering. Son of a bitch. I should have known my children were involved because there is no rational reason for the cluster fuck that has taken place in front of my eyes. I swear one of these days I going to take a blow torch and ARG.Okay since my plan B has so miserable failed I'll move on to plan C. Now I just need a plan C.

I leaned back on a tree pissed as all hell and just watched the show that was taking place in front of me and to the left. As Jasper and Bella tried to come up with some reason why Mike was hurt, Edward and Alice tried to keep there laughing under control.

I was truly saddened that Mike was hurt. He truly was a good kid with a big heart. He may be an annoying shit, but he really meant no harm. He was just dumb as rocks. I bet they paid him off. I had heard Mrs. Newton in the grocery store complaining about a ticket that Mike had received and how the car was taken away until he paid the ticket off. I knew they would try to stop them, but I never thought they would go to this length to keep them apart.

I focused my attention back to circus that was forming around Mike and his well being. I listened as Bella and Jasper stuttered out that Mike fell of the roof. Shit they better come up with some thing better then that. Charlie was the first to arrive and it was no surprise that he went to Bella first. I knew what had happened when she was 13 and I'll all ways regret that I could not do more to help her that day. I watched as the student and teachers poured out of the school as the paramedics tended to Mike. I heard Jessica crying some selfish crap about her feeling and that horrible Lauren playing right along. Those two are quite a pair.

Now every one says Bella is a bad actor, but I'll be damned if she's not giving even me a run for my money today. I had to cover my mouth as I listened to her spin a tale about Mike smoking and how she tried to help him. When the tear slipped from her eye I had to leave as I could no longer keep my laughter contained. I took of into the woods and when I was out of listing range I let the laughter flow. I was bent over trying to catch my breath. I always knew she was not some delicate wall flower. She is a strong intelligent young woman with a sharp wit, common sense and snarky sense of humor. I'm sure that Jasper is completely floored with seeing her true personality right now.

It took me twenty minutes to finally calm down from my laughing fit. I headed back to the school to see what was happening with the Bella, Jasper and Mike show. When I arrived it looked like most of the school had headed off, most likely to the hospital. Of the few remaining cars left in the student parking lot, Edward's car was one of them. I reached out my senses and could not find him or Alice in or around the school. I skirted around the school keeping to the tree line. I finally caught there sent heading in to the trees across the street. Checking to make sure no one was around, I darted across the street and followed there sent into the trees.

One of the best things that crossed over with me during my change is my shields. Well, there more like blockades. The one that keeps Edward out from my true thoughts has always just been there. The one that keeps Alice from having any visions of my true agendas is the best one. It may be annoying that it buzzes when it activates, but it's a small price to pay for being able to sneak around and accomplishing my tasks. It's also nice because it is letting me sneak up on them. I had followed them for a good 30 minutes when they finally stopped. I remained hidden in the low brush and started to listen to what my two children were saying.

My phone started to ring in my pocket and all I could do was sprint into the clearing as I answered the phone. I acted surprised to see them there and said hello to what ever fuck face was on the phone. I turns out it was a damn telemarketer asking if I was going to vote this year for some idiot, I just hung up. I faced my two children and asked what they were doing out of school. Alice snapped back asking what I was doing out in the woods. Using my best concerned mother tone I asked her if every thing was all right and repeated my question.

We stood staring at each other until Edward final spoke up and explained that there was an accident at the school and it was let out for the day. I asked if every one was all right and what had happened. Edward explained that Mike had fallen off the roof of the school, but did not seem to tribally hurt. I said my Oh-my and Thank goodness in my best carrying concerned mother voice and thought about contacting his mother sending my support. I pretended to be deep in thought about pour Mrs. Newton and her family. When Edward cleared his throat repeating Alice's words as to what I was doing out in the woods. I told them I was out for a midday run as my dear daughter was planning a party and needed to relax before she came home and had more "OBBP" chores to do. I mad sure to keep my tone teasing as I walked over to Alice and gave her a squeeze. I knew they were forced, but Alice started to giggle and Edward was chuckling. I asked if they would like to join me but Edward said he should retrieve his car and Alice wanted to find Jasper as he was there when it happened. It was not lost on me that neither one spoke of Bella. We said our good-bys and headed off.

I headed home and by the time I entered my studio I was pissed as all fuck. Those two brats are fucking every thing up and making my job way to fucking hard. I continued to rant and rave using every swear word I knew until I heard Emmett and Rose enter the house. Normally I would have greeted them, but I was just so pissed off. I stayed in my studio fuming and pacing the floor trying to come up with a plan C.

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