I haven't written in a long time. But this drabble couldn't contain itself when I was watching episode 10 of season one of Warehouse 13 and saw the relief on Artie's face when Claudia obviously wasn't in too much trouble. (Too much being a relative term in the warehouse.) I really love the Artie/Claudia dynamic and it was enough to get me out of my writing funk. Enjoy!

My god. He'd never be able to express the feeling that washed through his body when he looked up and saw Claudia stuck to one of the large metal struts supporting the roof and saw that she was very much alive and uninjured. Hearing that S.O.S. had shaved years off his life, his mind had jumped to the many number of artifacts that could hurt her and picturing her in a thousand different horrific accidents. The relief that he felt when he heard her sarcasm filtering from above made him realize that this young girl had wormed her way into his heart.