One night of the drop of rain

It was one night dark and a cold very. America, of that is sad and he was tired. It had also destroyed a war, this one is with false Canada and very tired. England is increased suddenly. Be you ok that he asked tsundere. I do not know fixedly said that America sadly it turned over to look at the window outside where it rained. I know what will encourage you to better feel! With known as that Great Britain and they embraced.

boku wa roshia

Let take your clothing to me in addition to said England. America displayed. Yes it is the cited America very good and cancelled garments of England_s equally. It inserted its body into the other one. Is mentioned England very good.

But there was suddenly an impact with the window. They have considered outside. It was Canada.

_TRANSLATION ERROR_ said the England in the surprised.

America I always loved you has said Canada. It has obtained within the window. It has begun to face England. Backupquemoi America video England in the pain.

England wound known as.

NO stop of Canada displayed America with breaks in its eyes. But Canada would not stop. Suddenly by the Kumajirou window imported. What are you here making Matthew known as. Canada now I must say to you that something said Kumajirou. I am not a bear of the whole except Alaska. I loved of all these years. Why not did you identifier my love?

And then Kumajirou is woman who the joust for becomes suddenly, of that was Alaska.

I am sad that forgive Canada me please says. I cannot do said to Kumajirou. It bit in the throat. One was in Canada. It took far at night. Through window.

England and America were again correct. You are America. which she admits is as correct. I am very well England, which to be familiar is. They embraced again.

And all the good era.