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Bella Swan(17) Edward Cullen(20) Alice Brandon(19) Jasper Whitlock(20) Emmett McCarthy(21) Rosalie Hale(20) Charlie Swan(40) Melissa Swa(32)Lance Rogerson(18) Justin Warren(18)

Chapter One


"Isabella Marie Swan!" My dad yells up at me. Ever since he married my new stepmother, Melissa, he's been really... mean? I think that's the word.

"What?" I ask annoyed when I reach them in the family room.

"Are you ready yet? You have to get to your driving lessons." He reminds me.

"I've been waiting for you." I remind him rolling my eyes, they were at the doctors for an appointment because Malissa is pregnant.

"Young lady don't roll your eyes at your father." Malissa snaps at me. "I don't want my baby to grow up like you." She hates me, everyone knows that, even my dad but he still married her. Probably wondering about my real mom? She walked out on us when I was one, haven't heard about her since. As you can tell my life isn't a fairy tell.

"Lets go." Charlie says standing up. On the way there we don't bother talking, I turn up the rock music knowing it'll annoy him. Iron Man by Black Sabbath is on so I start singing along.

"Bella please just be quiet!" He says turning it to some old peoples music. He turns into the drivers ed parking lot and I jump out of the car before he stops.

Charlie used to be an awesome dad, but about a year ago he met Melissa, he was still nice to me then but then she moved in and said she was pregnant then he started treating me like dirt.

"I have a driving lesson today." I tell the middle aged red head lady standing at the desk with papers on it.

"Have you tooken the tests?" She asks smiling up at me sweetly.

"Yes ma'am." I say nodding.

"Name please?"

"Isabella Swan."

"Okay, just sit over there on those chairs and when your instructer comes I'll call you up."

"Thanks." I take a seat and look around the room. It's as big as a class room which is normal for the small town we live in. Forks, Washington one of the rainest places in the US, where everyone knows everyone. I just turned 17 but I didn't get but lisence when I turned 16 because my grades were bad.

"Isabella." The lady calls. I stand up and walk over to the desk where there's a guy waiting, one word to descirbe the guy: hot. He had wild bronze hair, green green eyes, I mean I've never scene such colored eyes, anyway his shirt hugs his body so you can see his six pack, his face just amazes me, it's a face of an angel.

"Yes?" I say reliezing that I reached them.

"This is Edward Cullen, he'll be your instructor." She says pointing to the guy. Score!

I do a little dance inside. He smiles at me lopsidly, like he knows what I'm thinking.

"Nice to meet you Isabella." He says sticking his hand out for me to shake.

"Bella, nice to meet you too Edward." I smile at him shaking his hand, when our hands touch there's a shock.

"Sorry." He says ovisously feeling it too. "We better get going." I follow him out of the door to a little red car with Forks Driving School on the side.

"Have you been practicing driving?" He asks once we're in the car.

"No, not that much, my dad's been busy." I say checking all the mirrors, I pull out of the spot carefully, I kinda lied when I said I wasn't, I've known how to drive since I was 13 and my best friends sister taught us. I've tooken my dads car for a couple of joy rides with out him knowing.

"Turn right here." He says when we pull up to a stop, I turn my right blanker on and turn.

"How long have you been working here?" I ask keeping my eyes glued on the road.

"I started two weeks ago, I moved here a month ago but I used to work for my parent's driving school back in Seattle." His vocie is like silk and bells, if that makes any sense.

"How old are you?" I ask, he looks about 18 maybe 19.

"20." I nod, slightly shocked, I stopping at the stop light. "Make a left up here. How old are you?" I see him glance at me.

"I'm 17." I say turning where he said.

"So you're a senior?"

"Yep, counting the days until I get outta this town." I grin over at him.

"Going to college?"

"Nope, Hollywood, I'm going to be the next number one pop star!" I keep my voice serious.

"Umm okay." He glances over at me again, confused. "I would of thought you would be more of a rocker?" He says noticing my outfit.

"I was just kidding, I think I'm just going to travel after I graduate." That's what me, my best friend Lance and his boyfriend Justin decided to do. Yes my best friend is gay but I wouldn't want him anyother way. He's like a big sister/brother to me.

"That sounds cool. My friends and I moved out here because we were sick of the big city."

"You share a house?"

"No, Emmett and Rosalie share an apartment same with Alice and Jasper, I'm still looking for a room mate, the rent is too much for me to pay myself."

"No girlfriend?" I ask, cheering inside. Like he would go for a high school girl, my logical thoughts think back to my cheering ones.

"Nope, last one was stealing stuff from me so I kicked her out." He says breaking me out of my fighting thoughts.

"That sucks. I hope one day I can find someone who loves me for me." I say then start laughing, "Sorry that was really cheesy of me! Anyway maybe I can find some hot guy while I'm traveling, like in England or somewhere."

"Whats with girls and britsh guys?" He asks shaking his head and smiling. "So no boyfriend at the time?" His lips turn up into that lopsided smile, that has to be the hottest smile I've ever seen.

"Nope, last one was cheating on me with my best friend." Yeah I dated Justin.

"Oh your one best friend...?" He trails off, wondering if I meant my gay bestfriend.

"Yeah, Lance and Justin are as happy as newlyweds."

"Oh I forgot!" Edward says looking down at the clip board in his hands. "Driving lessons."

"Yeah me too." I blush looking over at him.

"Okay you can make a U-turn at the next legal place to and head back."

"Did I pass?"

"I would say you did, your final driving test is next Tuesday, you can drive the car around as long as there's an adult in it until then."

"I dought my dad or stepmom will let me drive their cars." They love their cars more then they love me, shoot they love dirt more then they love me.

"They don't let you pratice?"

"No, they're kinda strick, I guess you can say."

"Hmm, I think you should practice mo-"

"I thought you said I did great!" I argue.

"You did, but I think you should just drive more, there isn't anyone else who will let you drive?"

I think about then shake my head no.

"Okay here's my number, I'll take you out driving."

"Really? That would be so awesome!" I say looking over at him to make sure he meant it, he did.

"You just passed the drive way." He says.

"Opps." I make a U-turn- where it's legeal- and drive back smiling.

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