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Irritated onyx eyes found themselves staring at a laptop screen, scanning through all the words written there with a scrutinizing gaze.

Pursing his lips, the young raven deleted everything before him, running a hand through his black locks soon after.

"Damn it…" He muttered, pushing himself away from the desk in front of him. His chair screeched as its legs scraped the wood floor. Slumping back in his chair, he reminded himself to buy a more comfortable seat. He brought a pale hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose.

It had been nearly three weeks. Three weeks of this slump, this… this damn writer's block. And for the life of him, he couldn't come up with anything to write.

His cell phone began vibrating on his desk next to the laptop. He watched as it danced madly along the table, nearly falling off. He wondered about keeping his cell permanently on silent.

Few people knew his number anyway. Less of a bother for him too. He knew who it was and made no movements to pick up. Letting his eyes roll up to the ceiling, he ignored the call.

The sounds of the vibrations were enhanced by the wooden desk, but he just calmly waited it out. After a minute or so, the vibrating stopped, once again bringing silence to the whole house.

But that peace was short lived since soon after, his land line began ringing on the other side of his studio with a personal vendetta against him. Or the person calling wanted to give him a headache from hell.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten a house phone.

The phone ceased its ringing and switched to the answering machine.

"If you've bothered to stay this long on the phone, you're going to annoy me. Leave a message and I definitely won't get back to you."


A voice chuckled before it spoke. "I see you've changed your answering machine again, Sasuke. Though I have to admit, it's better than the 'Hn' you had before. Anyway, I know you're sitting there, listening to this, so I'm going to continue talking knowing fully well the glare you're sporting right now can't reach me."

At this Sasuke eased up on the annoyed glare. But he didn't get rid of it completely. It's not like he had to know he was still glaring.

"I called to warn you again. Your deadline is in a week from today. I hope you've at least written something down by now. If you want, I can send someone over there to help—"

Sasuke by now had walked over there and picked up the phone. "Kakashi, I'm in a writer's block. I'm not sick or dying."

A sigh. "Sasuke, you've never been in this much of a slump. You might as well be dying. Either you come up with something and soon or miss the deadline and get visited by her."

Sasuke held back a sneer of distaste. "You'll have something by then. There isn't a chance in hell I'm letting that walking nightmare set one foot in my home."

"Ah, so that's the reason why you never come to the office." Kakashi pointed out with amusement.

Black eyes rolled. "No. I don't go to the office because only annoying people reside there. Including you."

"Uh-huh. Well, have you at least got something? An idea, a thought, a direction?" Kakashi stopped himself from sighing again, he didn't want Sasuke to think he was losing faith in him. It wasn't like it was true, he knew Sasuke could pull something off in time, it was just a little stressing for everyone.

"No." Sasuke replied flatly. "Now stop calling me. If I don't have anything, it's on me. Relax."

"Oh I am relaxed, it's you I'm worried about. You're awfully calm for a writer in a slump." A little too calm, but Kakashi kept his mouth shut.

"I'm nothing but calm." Cool, assured and no room for argument. Even if he knew that was a half-lie.

"Alright. Good luck."

"Hn." And both men hung up.

The silver haired editor wearing a mask covering half his face interlaced his fingers in front of his grin, though the latter couldn't be seen. If anything, this was bound to be an interesting week. Especially if he was going to be constantly bugging Sasuke. He reached out to a manila folder lying on his desk, before opening it and raising a brow.


Breathing out a sigh, the novelist replaced his phone and walked back to his laptop. The document page in front of him was completely blank, nothing but a blinking cursor there on the first line, mocking him endlessly.

"Damn it." He stopped himself from sitting down and walked out of his studio office.

He had heard about other writers getting writer's block often, but he never expected it to happen to him.

A portrait of him and his family sat on a wall he passed, greeting him with a smile. His mother and father were standing behind him and his brother, all four of them wearing a happy grin all those years ago. Well, his father looked more like he had on a simple straight face, but Mikoto always said that that was Fugaku trying to learn to smile. Giving the picture a smirk, Sasuke walked down the stairs, remembering how he and Itachi used to be.

Before he could laugh at how different things were between them now, he calmly entered the kitchen, walking around the island and to the refrigerator. He got himself a glass of water and noticed the half a dozen bottles of tequila just sitting on his kitchen counter innocently, gathering dust.

Which reminded him, he needed to clean those bottles.

Or at least get rid of them.

He nearly snorted but stopped when he remembered he was still drinking water. He was calm, cool and collected, no need for him to accidentally spill his water all over himself or choke on the water.

Because Uchihas didn't do that.

And Sasuke was an Uchiha, so he didn't do that.

His onyx orbs eyed the bottles with disinterest. He wasn't into alcohol but they were a gift from Itachi. Every birthday and Christmas for the last three years, the only thing Sasuke had received from his jackass of a brother was bottle after bottle of tequila.

Itachi had never told him why he got him those, but Sasuke was willing to bet the alcohol wouldn't stop heading his way until he finally got down and took out a bottle.

Though as to why his brother would want him completely wasted when they couldn't even stand to be in the same room together was beyond him. He didn't even get his present in person. Itachi always sent one of his lackies—er, friends, to give it to him the day after his birthdays or Christmas.

What an ass.

Sasuke briefly wondered if he had any shot glasses but quickly pushed that thought out of his head. He had writer's block. Nothing more and nothing less. He hadn't just been dumped by the love of his life (he hadn't even found it yet), he hadn't gone gambling and lost his life's savings (like he'd be stupid enough to do that), and he hadn't suddenly decided he wanted to die drinking (he could think of plenty more things he'd rather be doing when he dies). But he wasn't an idiot. The last thing he needed was to suddenly become an alcoholic.

I could probably hold my alcohol well, he thought. He paused for a moment then shook his head and walked out of the kitchen.

The best way to resist temptation was to get the hell away from it.

He sat down in front of his laptop and stared at the bright screen in front of him, hoping some idea would hit him.

Hours later, after he had taken a shower to try to relax, gone to the park for a change of scenery, eaten his dinner to focus better and even listened to some music and discovered nothing worked, Sasuke found himself filling up a shot glass with an open bottle of tequila.

He decided to go all out and drink it properly. What could he lose anyway?

He put a little bit of salt on his wrist and stared at it.

Well, here goes nothing.

If this didn't work, he didn't know what would.

He licked the salt then downed the shot, finally sucking at a slice of lime last. The tequila burned his throat a bit, but he knew it could've gone down much worse. Closing his eyes, he put the chaser down and breathed out slowly.

That… wasn't so bad actually.

Figuring there was nothing to stop him, he filled up another shot and repeated the process.

But before he could drink it, Sasuke felt an odd presence near him. Still holding the shot glass, he slowly turned around.

And was greeted with the sight of a blonde with blue eyes.

"Hi!" The blonde exclaimed with a huge grin, waving at him. He stood only a few feet away from the raven.


"I'm your muse!"

"…" Sasuke nearly dropped the glass.

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