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The youngest Uchiha woke up to the sound of his front door slowly unlocking.

Breathing in a little deeply as he slowly opened his eyes and left the land of dreams, he found the right side of his face was plastered to the keyboard on his laptop. With a slight grimace, he lifted his head, rubbing the back of his neck as he did so.

He had to stop falling asleep in these kinds of positions. His body would kill him for it later in old age. Or just sooner in life than intended and if he got old before Itachi, the older Uchiha would never let him live it down.

He reached out to the cell by his laptop and pressed it to see the time. Two-fifteen in the morning.

What the hell? He thought maybe Kakashi came or even Itachi, but the former didn't have a death wish and the latter doesn't have a key to his house.

Not that I know of… Sasuke quietly stood up and walked to the closed door of his room and tried to hear anything else. Maybe it was just a dream?

What if it's my—

Giggling. He heard giggling.

Definitely not Itachi.

Shit. It's a fangirl.

He heard two distinctly female voices whispering downstairs as they walked across his living room.

There's two of them. Fuck.

As quietly as he could, he grabbed his cell phone, yanked the flashdrive out of his laptop (that he thankfully transferred everything to last week in case something happened to his laptop), took a pair of shoes out of his closet and dashed into the bathroom connected to his room.

He silently closed the door and unlocked his phone. Eighty percent battery would be enough to last him a while should he need to make a quick getaway. Just in case, he better get his shoes on now.

I'm running away from my own house. How wrong is this? Why would anyone even want to break into my house?

Scrolling through his contacts, he paused at one in particular, his thumb hovering over it. It was a number he didn't ever like to call. Resigned, he pressed it and placed the phone by his ear.

"… Sasuke?" He heard after the fifth ring, stopping him from disconnecting the call.

"Kakashi," Sasuke whispered, going to the opposite side of the door. The older man sounded incredibly sleepy, but Sasuke didn't give a damn, his life could potentially be in danger! There was no telling how close the girls were and he would try to buy himself as much time as he could in case things turned ugly. He frowned and hissed, "It's the fangirls, they finally broke in!"

There was silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds before Kakashi burst out in laughter. Oh the writer was going to skin him alive the next time he saw him.

Sasuke immediately lowered all the volume on the call—he'd be damned if he let Kakashi give him away—and glared pain and death into his phone. "Kakashi, this is serious. Quit laughing or I will skin you through this phone call."

He heard some snickering before Kakashi cleared his throat and spoke. "Ok ok, where are you right now?"

"I'm hiding in the bathroom. Laugh and die."

Kakashi bit his lip to keep from laughing. "Yes yes, why don't you just climb out a window and go to someone's house?"

"Neji and Gaara live on the other side of town. My car keys are downstairs, wherever I go, I have to go on foot."


"He lives next door to Karin. I think she'd be worse than the fangirls."


"He's in Europe for the week—won't be back till Tuesday and by then, the police probably won't even be able to find my remains."

"If you get out, I could pick you up from somewhere."

"You'll never get here in time." Sasuke heard whispering and giggling coming up the stairs. "Shit. They're closing in!"

Kakashi snapped his fingers. "I got it. Naruto. He lives about ten minutes from you by car, that's maybe twenty minutes of walking, if you walk fast. Maybe fifteen if you run."

Yes, that was a good idea, go to the home of the guy who accidentally stole his first kiss. But did he have any other options?

The whispering got closer to his door.

"Alright, fine," Sasuke lowered his voice even more as he walked across the large bathroom and went straight for the window. He opened it carefully so as not to give him away just yet. "Do me a favor and call him for me. Tell him I'll be there soon."

"Good luck Sasuke."

The Uchiha hung up, slipped his phone into his pocket and grabbed the sides of the window, before swinging a leg over.

This is completely ridiculous. People are insane, chasing me out of my own house.

… Why didn't he just call the police?

The doorknob started turning.

No time to question his actions. It was time to jump.

When he was younger, he sometimes liked to get out of his room without having to see Itachi (because let's face it, just seeing him ticked him off, and usually they would wrestle around with each other whenever they met up in the large house as long as their parents weren't around) by opening the window in his room and jumping out. It always worked until Itachi caught on one day, jumped out the window of his room next to Sasuke's and prevented Sasuke from leaving the house without seeing him. Sasuke counted it as a victory however, when he jumped out and landed on Itachi who unfortunately for him, broke the younger Uchiha's fall.

Their parents had found out and weren't too happy with either of them, forbidding them from jumping out windows, even if it was only from the second story.

Hopefully now, he could still do it.

Sasuke mentally prepared himself, swung the other leg over and jumped from the bathroom window on the second floor.

And not a moment too soon because as soon as he landed, he heard a girl shriek, "Oh my gosh! We're in his room!"

"How can you tell?"

"Can't you smell that delicious scent? It smells like Sasuke!"

Sasuke didn't stick around; he had landed safely and took off running away from the house. As soon as he was out of sight from any window in his room, he would slow down, head to Naruto's and call the police.

Or maybe he should just call the police now?

I don't even have my keys. Or any money. Damn fangirls.

It wasn't until he was a few minutes away from his house walking at a calm pace that he noticed it was rather chilly out. And dark. Really, really dark. And more than just chilly, it was downright cold.

Though that could be attributed to his state of dress, what with him just wearing just a white tank and dark blue sweatpants. At least he managed to grab a pair of shoes. Why oh why did he not go to sleep in a hoodie like always? Sneezing, he hoped he wouldn't end up with another cold. Since Sai was currently out of the country, Sasuke had to work on his own novel in the meantime and if he got sick now, he wouldn't have much progress in it before Sai returned.

Sasuke fished his phone out of his pocket and checked the time. Great, it was still way too early for anyone to be awake.

Why couldn't his fans stalk him in the daylight hours like every other normal stalker fan he had?

Why couldn't Sai be in the country the one time he needed him?

Since they started working together, Sasuke had to admit, they were friends now. It hadn't been too hard, they found that they were alike in many ways. Including when it came to harassing Suigetsu and Kiba, who had lately been near the both of them a lot more often now. Sasuke and Naruto still couldn't look each other in the eyes though.

As Sasuke walked, he recalled Sai asking about what happened.

"Nothing," Sasuke replied, opening a new document on his laptop at Sai's place in order to write down some ideas for their upcoming story. He tried to stay focused on the screen in front of him but he just stared blankly at it, his hands unmoving over the keyboard.

"Lies." Sai scrapped one of his drawings for one of their characters and started again, using a black pen. "He's been to your house before, right?" Sai watched Sasuke's reaction, and instead of sketching out their main character, he started drawing Sasuke's profile.

Sasuke tensed but nodded as he started typing again. "Of course. He's my editor."

Sai nodded. "Stays late."

"Yeah." Sasuke replied absentmindedly as an idea came to him and he typed away. Until he finished, then he thought about what Sai said. "Wait, what?"

Before Sai could reply, they heard someone ring the doorbell.

Sai put away his sketch so the Uchiha wouldn't see it before it's finished and went to answer the door. "Naruto."

"Sai." Big blue eyes stared at him before blinking and snapping out of his reverie. "Is Sasuke around? I need to talk to him about a future project and he turned his cell phone off." He grinned sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head while Sai looked at him curiously.

"He's in the living room." Sai stepped to the side so Naruto could get through, but before the blonde could pass him completely, the raven took a hold of his wrist and whispered something to him. Something Sasuke wasn't able to hear from where he was. He did hear Naruto trip a bit and stutter out some answer, but couldn't hear what exactly it was.

"Sasuke," Naruto greeted as he walked into the living room. Sasuke turned to look at him, but stared at his hair instead of looking at him in the eye. He felt awkward still around him. Apparently the blonde thought the same as he looked up at the ceiling while he spoke to him. "Kakashi was talking to me about expanding your range of genres in the field, and I think I know which direction would be the easiest to take you."

Sasuke tapped a couple keys on the keyboard and saved his program before closing his laptop. He stood up and looked at the ground where Naruto was. "I was going to get some coffee from Sai's kitchen." Without asking of course. He was starting to get far too comfortable in there. "Want to join me?"

Naruto nodded as he hummed an affirmative. Sai stayed in the living room to finish his drawings, now with a little extra something thrown in there.

Sasuke helped himself to the pot of coffee Sai had made and served Naruto some as well. "Well?"

Naruto tried it before making a face. It was black. Naruto didn't do black. Sasuke reached out a hand towards him, asking for the coffee. The blonde gave it back to him and Sasuke looked around for some sugar. He found some and put in a couple spoonfuls, then briefly tried it, surprising Naruto. "Uh, Sasuke?"

The raven ignored him and added another spoonful of sugar, sipped at it again then handed it back to his editor. Naruto curiously drank a bit and was surprised to find it was exactly how he liked it. He raised a brow at his writer and before he could ask, Sasuke answered.

"One time you were at my house and while you were looking over the chapter I'd just finished, I went into the kitchen and couldn't tell which coffee was mine. I tried yours by accident and I remembered it was incredibly sweet to the point where I felt I might have gotten diabetes. So I made this one taste about the same."

Naruto stared at him for a bit before blushing slightly and looking into the coffee he held. "Before we talk about your next project, I think we should clear some things up."

Sasuke drank half his coffee, ignoring how it kind of burned his throat. When did Sai make this? "It's fine. It was an accident. Nothing to worry about."

Naruto looked up at him and opened his mouth to say something, but closed it and nodded. "Uh, right. Great." He swirled the drink around a bit. "So, I see you've gotten pretty familiar with Sai."

Sasuke downed the last of his coffee before rinsing out the cup in the sink and washing it. "I guess. We're both cynics. Basically it. We get along for some reason."

"He's made you pretty talkative."

Sasuke smirked. "That wasn't his doing."

Naruto didn't understand who he was talking about but didn't ask any further.

When Naruto finished his coffee, Sasuke took the cup from him and washed it as well. "Naruto, you realize we can't be awkward around each other. Otherwise we can't work together." He dried his hands on his black sweats and stared into Naruto's sapphire eyes. "I've had a few editors before Kakashi, and he himself can tell you I'm his hardest writer to deal with." He stepped closer to him, and with every step he took, Naruto took a step back until he backed up into the counter. "You seemed to be doing a good job." Sasuke stopped directly in front of the blonde and looked down at him. "Unless you want to quit now?"

"No," Naruto quickly replied, looking up into black eyes. "Well, I don't mind. Like you said, it was an accident. Unless you want another editor?"

This was more like the Naruto he knew, sort of. Unafraid to challenge him.

Sasuke nodded. "Then let's just forget anything happened and just work."

Naruto smiled and started talking to him normally again.

After he left, Sai walked into the kitchen where the two had stayed for an hour talking about Sasuke's next big project after the one with Sai and his own solo works.

"Did you guys fix things?" Sai leaned against the entryway of the kitchen with his sketchpad in his hands and stared at the Uchiha who started looking for food.

"Things are fine." He opened up the fridge and found a salad in there. He pulled it out and raised a brow at Sai who nodded. The salad had cherry tomatoes in it; he was very happy. It was like Sai made it and was begging him to steal it. As Sasuke looked for a fork, Sai walked into the kitchen for some coffee, setting the sketchpad face down beside it.

He filled up a small cup with the remaining coffee and started walking out of the kitchen before he paused under the entryway. "You know it seemed like there was some awkward sexual tension going on between you two. At least you guys solved that."

Sai happily drank his coffee back out in the living room as he heard Sasuke's fork fall and clank around the ground, followed by the Uchiha cursing. Sai chuckled quietly and found another sketchpad to start working on their main character again.

Sasuke glared death at the entryway of the kitchen then picked up the fork before rinsing it out a bit so he could use it. "Idiot." He mumbled, setting the plate of salad down by the sketchpad so he could pick it up and look at it.

It was a sketch of himself with an amazing eye to detail and behind him in the shadows, was the silhouette that reminded him of someone but because it lacked any noticeable features, he couldn't quite tell who.

"You're supposed to be drawing our characters, not me," Sasuke called out as he searched for some dressing.

"The both of you are more interesting." Sai replied nonchalantly. But by then, Sasuke was too engrossed in eating the salad with the cherry tomatoes to really pay attention to what he said.

Back in the present, Sasuke sighed as he put his hands in his pockets. It was probably around forty degrees or less out right now and he was slightly shivering as he made his way to Naruto's house. Slightly because his Uchiha pride wouldn't let him shiver any more than that. He didn't even manage to check himself in the mirror before he left, did he even look halfway decent this morning?

Then again, I am an Uchiha. So that's a ridiculous thought because Uchihas always look good, no matter the time.

No one ever said Sasuke wasn't proud of his looks.

He pulled his hands out of his pockets and rubbed them together to get them warm. He decided to wait until he was at Naruto's house to call the police about the fangirls.

Before he knew it, he was at Naruto's doorstep.

Do I just knock now or something?

He raised a hand up and pressed the doorbell instead of knocking.

A minute of silence passed and Sasuke shivered as a breeze kicked in. It was still freaking dark out too.

Well. Now he looked like an idiot.

A cold idiot, at that.

He raised his hand to ring the doorbell again when the door suddenly opened and a sleepy Naruto looked at him as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Sasuke?"

"That bastard didn't call you, did he?" Sasuke muttered darkly as he noticed the blonde's confused face.

Over at Kakashi's house, the man slept soundly, until suddenly he felt that falling sensation and abruptly woke up, confused and feeling like he was forgetting something. He shrugged, figuring it was nothing and fell back to sleep.

Naruto yawned a bit before noticing how chilly it was out and how Sasuke was dressed. He stepped aside to give the Uchiha room to come in. "Sasuke, what are you doing here at, um, some dark hour of the morning?" Naruto looked everywhere for a clock but gave up when he couldn't find one after a few seconds. "Are you sick? Did something happen? Are you ok?"

Sasuke opened his mouth to reply but sneezed instead.

Naruto's eyes widened and he ran up the stairs. "Bless you! Let me get you a sweater or something to wear!"

Sasuke heard the blonde trip on his way up and shook his head, deciding to sit on the couch. Unlike Sai's place, Sasuke felt odd here. Maybe it's because Naruto was his editor and Sasuke never ever ever went to his editor's houses before. Not even Kakashi's. He felt just like he did the last time he was here.

Naruto came down the stairs with a black sweater that looked like it would fit him pretty well and Sasuke took it gratefully.

"I don't mean to bother you so early," Good lord, this was as close to an apology as he would get, "but my house was invaded by some psycho fangirls and I had to get out of there fast." Sasuke felt much warmer with the sweater on. "I… Your house is the closest to mine walking, so I came here. I should go."

Naruto sat down next to him. "No no, it's totally fine." He yawned. "Did you want to sleep still? I have a guest room."

And Sasuke didn't know why, but he felt his cheeks grow a little warm. Just what was he doing there? He really didn't plan all that far ahead. Although, this experience could serve as inspiration for later material in his writing. "That works. Let me call the police first though."

He pulled out his cell phone before Naruto pointed to the phone in his living room. "You can use my landline if you want instead. You could save battery, in case you don't know when you're going back home." He grinned at him. Sasuke nodded, turned off his phone and went to use that phone instead.

It was official, Naruto was always happy all the time. He was even a morning person. At whatever ungodly hour of the morning they were in.

After he finished telling the police about the girls who broke in and where he was, Sasuke went back to the couch. They told him they'd check things out and try to bring the girls in for questioning and call him back in the morning when it was acceptable to be awake. He leaned back and made himself comfortable. "I can sleep here."

"But the guest room has blankets."

"I'm enough of an inconvenience."

"Never. Come on up!" Naruto took a hold of his hand and started pulling him towards and up the stairs.

Sasuke gave their handholding a weary look. Last time Naruto held his hand like that they ended up…

He shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts and found himself in the lit guest room as Naruto pulled out some blankets from the closet. He placed them on the bed and made them look very inviting to Sasuke's still cold body.

The Uchiha dug around in his pocket and pulled out his flashdrive. "I brought my work with me, if you have a computer I can borrow, I can work on my novel instead of sleeping. I'm already up, might as well."

Naruto walked up to him and took the flashdrive. "You should rest. Work later. After breakfast, after lunch. It's not important right now. You fell asleep at your laptop again, didn't you?"

Sasuke looked away.

"That's what I thought. So sleep."

"Fine, can I get my flashdrive back?"

"Nope." Naruto moved his hand behind his back. "Don't want you losing more sleep because I can see that you'll find my laptop and stay up all night."

Sasuke took a step towards him and Naruto stood his ground. The Uchiha took another step towards him until there were mere inches between them. He made to get the flashdrive but Naruto moved his hand.

Sasuke saw this and took a hold of his hand instead.

Surprised, Naruto took a step back and hit the bed, falling over and taking Sasuke with him. Naruto had his eyes closed tightly, scared.

Sasuke's eyes were wide, staring down at Naruto. The blonde's grip loosened and Sasuke's tightened around his hand.

They didn't kiss this time, and Sasuke was the first to recover from the fall. He let go of Naruto's hand and the blonde slowly opened his eyes and looked at him.

Sasuke smirked. "Fine. I'll sleep."

His editor turned red and quickly got off the bed, keeping the flashdrive. "R-right. Sorry about that, it was an accident honest. I'll give you your flashdrive back in the morning. Goodnight Sasuke." And without waiting for a response, Naruto dashed out of the room, closing the door beside him.

Sasuke stared at the door for a few moments before chuckling and shaking his head as he took off his shoes and laid down.

His life definitely got more interesting when Naruto showed up in his life, and even right before that, when he started drinking that damn tequila.

He closed his eyes and hoped he'd be able to get a couple hours of sleep before the police called.

Naruto placed the flashdrive on his desk and walked into the bathroom in his room. He turned on the light and saw he was blushing. He pulled at his hair.

Why why why?

He wondered what Kakashi would do if he found out about this.

He already knew about the other thing, but this one was different.


It was late. Too late. Or incredibly early, depending on how people looked at it, so he was going to get some rest.


He turned off the light, walked out of the bathroom and collapsed on the bed.

Oh Sasuke, if only you knew.

The Uchiha wasn't sure how long he had been asleep for, but it had only felt like a few minutes before he felt someone was staring at him.

Taking in a deep breath and slowly opening his eyes, he looked up at the person staring at him.

It was still dark out, but he could see familiar blonde hair and blues eyes.

"Naruto? What's going on?"

The blonde grinned. "Oh come on Sasuke, it hasn't been that long since you've seen me."

His muse.

Sasuke shot up in bed so fast it was like the bed suddenly lit up in flames. "What are you doing here?" He glanced at the door. "I thought you were..."

The blonde casually sat down on the bed beside him and looked at the Uchiha. "You haven't been writing much lately."

"You took my flashdrive," Sasuke accused, bringing the blankets up around him to keep himself warm. He narrowed his eyes at the grinning blonde.

So similar. It just had to be—

"I didn't take anything."

"You know what, that's it." Sasuke threw the blankets off of him and walked towards the door. His muse followed as Sasuke walked down the hall to where he remembered Naruto's room was.

"You should be working. Sai will be back soon and you haven't gotten much done for your own work, I can help with that," the blonde said.

Sasuke ignored him and lightly knocked on the door. He glanced at the muse behind him before looking back at the door and speaking. "Naruto? Naruto, are you awake?"

He heard the rustling of some blankets before someone sleepily shuffled to the door. It opened and he was greeted with the same sight from when he first arrived at Naruto's. "Sasuke? What's going on?"

Sasuke pointed a thumb behind him. "You and him are one and the same, aren't you?"

Naruto stared at him for a moment before blinking curiously. "Me and who?"

"Your clone behind me!"

Sasuke turned around to drag his muse to Naruto, only to see there was no one behind him. He dropped his arm and looked all around that hallway.

"Sasuke? Maybe you were dreaming?" Naruto offered. He yawned loudly and made to close the door. "I'll see you when the sun's up, Sasuke. Goodnight."

The door closed and Sasuke turned around. He walked up and down the hallway and he was truly and completely alone.

"What the fuck." Sasuke mumbled as he went back to the guest room. He closed the door and leaned his forehead against it. Well, that had been embarrassing. Hopefully Naruto had been too asleep to remember this in the morning.

With a small sigh, he turned around, only to slam back into the door.

There he was, his muse, sitting on the bed nonchalantly waving at him with a grin on his face. "Miss me?"

The Uchiha narrowed his eyes and opened the door again, walking back to Naruto's room.

He practically pounded on it this time. "Naruto!"

Within half a minute, the door opened again and Naruto sighed sleepily. "Sasuke, there's no one there. Maybe you're traumatized from the break in. You can sleep with me tonight." He yawned again and took a hold of Sasuke's hand, guiding him towards the bed. Naruto pushed him gently onto the bed, let go of his hand and passed out after lying down beside the raven.

Sasuke didn't move. He was sleeping in Naruto's room?

The blonde turned slightly and cuddled up with Sasuke who tensed and didn't move a single muscle.

Well now, he always got himself into these kinds of situations nowadays, didn't he?

Naruto was dead to the world and once Sasuke realized that, he relaxed some. The bed was warm, he wasn't with a stranger and he was extremely tired.

Plus his muse apparently didn't like to show up when his lookalike was around, so he'd be free of him too.

That's why he was doing this. Because it would keep that damn hallucination away.

Nothing more.

He breathed out deeply.

He would be fine as long as no one else ever found out about this.

Within seconds, he was fast asleep and once he was in deep sleep. His editor merely cuddled up more with him.

They'd both be fine, as long as the muse didn't show up and no one else saw them like this.

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