Piedmon felt his data floating useless within the Gate of Destiny. It had been five years since he had been locked away. Through his powers he saw many things. He watched those wretched children grow up. He watched them defeat Apocalymon after he had lost. Even with the spirits of all his fellow evil Digimon lending their powers to make Apocalymon, he were defeated. Just like Diaboromon, the Internet-created Digimon, when the groups' two Megas had evolved into one. He had to admit he was more than amazed at their power and love for their Digimon. And again when Myotismon tried to destroy them for a third time. Myotismon was outnumbered by DigiDestined all over the planet; ironically, these new digi-brats who defeated him were created by no other than themselves. In all their attempts to destroy the children they created more. Hundreds more. It made Piedmon sick.

He wished he were free of this cursed place more then anything, even if it meant facing a million digi-brats to get out. Piedmon wondered why this place was called the Gate of Destiny. Was it his destiny to float around this place his entire life in misery? A creature as powerful as he? He was one of the strongest Digimon to ever live. He had locked away the four DigiGuardians protecting the Digital World, created an army to take the Digital World, and then relocated and transformed it into Spiral Mountain. He had nearly destroyed those brats: he was able to take out WarGreymon the first time they fought, then he was able to do it again before the DigiDestined of Friendship had come and rejuvenated him. He nearly turned them all into key chains, but by the time he had the last three cornered he had become completely exhausted. Even Angemon was able to give him a few good hits before he digivolved to Ultimate. By the time MagnaAngemon had revived all the other Digimon, the little flower brat had brought reinforcements. He couldn't take them all and he knew it-his only hope was the Vilemon. He needed time to regain his strength but he didn't get it. Before he had realized what was happing they pushed him into this horrid gate.

Piedmon now floated alone, thinking these thoughts over and over again. He had hope when his brother Myotismon had revealed the fact that he was still alive. Hope that his brother would defeat the children and come to free him. But as he watched MaloMyotismon scream in agony as the light of the children's hopes and dreams destroyed him, Piedmon's own hopes and dreams were crushed.

His interest was suddenly drawn to a little boy playing with a DemiDevimon somewhere in the Digital World. The sun shone brightly on the happy twosome. It made Piedmon want to puke. How disgusting: the once dark and frightening Digital World he had created had become bright and happy. But this wasn't what really bothered him; it was the fact that a viral type, his own kind, was betraying its nature. A Virus that could become a Devimon, being good? What a repulsive thought. How could he let this happen? Children all over the world with Digimon partners. Two creatures bound together by fate. And now it was his fate to be alone and watch.

Unlike him, his comrades were reborn because Digimon never really die. But they were concealed within Digieggs. They would never be freed. Even though it was more the likely they would forget everything that had happened and would probably become new Digimon, Gennai and friends would never let them be free again. It was the punishment they would receive for their crimes. They were condemned to never truly live again. Plus, the guardians were afraid of the possibility that his comrades would remember; that they would become stronger and take the world again.

Watching the two made him think. Was it possible that perhaps there was some child out there meant to be his? And what about his comrades? Did they have children as well? It seemed that every Digimon was meant for someone. Piedmon thought very hard for a moment. Perhaps that was what they were missing the whole time. He had power and lots of it, but it seemed that whenever a child gave their power to their Digimon, the Digimon became more powerful. Maybe the children were the key. Maybe it didn't matter how powerful he was; if he had someone with him, someone who was foolish enough to care for him and give them their strength, he could have won. What was it about these little ones that gave their kind such strength? Piedmon wondered how he had never thought of it before. And the more he thought about his own DigiDestined, the more he wanted one. He imagined a strong young boy, with a sick sense of humor and a taste for blood. It made Piedmon tingle all over thinking of the horrible things they would do to the other digi-brats. But alas, Piedmon knew he was stuck forever.

"Damn it!" Piedmon shouted to no one. "I can't take it anymore I'm getting out of here!" Piedmon concentrated all his energy. "I won't stay here forever, I'll get out! I'll become stronger and show this world all my wrath and power!" Piedmon felt his rage growing as he watched more happy children; this time it was the two that had escaped him. "Those brats! I'll get them too! I'll crush them!" He didn't realize it but as his anger and determination grew, his data was returning and his power was growing. It shocked him at first, but he felt his body tingle; when he looked down he saw his data returning to him and he was taking on his true form again. Piedmon started laughing insanely. "Yessssss, yesssss.I can feel it! I'm growing stronger!" Piedmon shouted. But what was making him stronger? There was nothing here...but the data of the Vilemon that were with him in the gate! He was absorbing their energy! How could he do that? He had never been able to do such a thing-no Digimon could. But then again, no other Digimon had been trapped in another dimension for five years. And no Digimon was like him. Something in this place had changed him for the better.

Piedmon got an idea; he stretched out his arms, closed his eyes. "I want to be stronger!" Piedmon repeated it over and over again. He started to feel his newly restored body tingle. He felt strange; opening his eyes, he was shocked to see his body expanding and the foggy substance that was holding him disappearing, letting in the sun of his home. "Yes..." he whispered.


Gennai sat alone in a large hall. He was finally able to relax; everything was at peace. Azulongmon's power had been restored, and with Myotismon defeated the world was safe. He looked over at the seven dark eggs behind a heavily armed grate. He counted them: Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, LadyDevimon, Pied...no, not Piedmon. Gennai knew Piedmon had been concealed within MagnaAngemon's gate, and should be there forever. But Gennai also knew Piedmon too well. Piedmon had been the one that started all the problems in the Digital World in the first place, and was the meanest, sneakiest, most unpredictable mon ever. Worse than that, Piedmon was the only Digimon like him; there had never been another. Devimon and Etemon were common Viruses. Myotismon and LadyDevimon were very rare and powerful. The others Megas didn't appear as often but were the highest stage of other common Digimon, like Cherrymon, MegaSeadramon, and Megadramon. But Piedmon was unique. Some said that Piedmon were fully evolved Phantomon or Myotismon, but Gennai knew better. He had seen Piedmon's other forms, and like him they were unique. This wouldn't bother him except for the fact that there were only four other Digimon that were one of a kind. The four guardians. Like them, Piedmon was powerful, and there was little known about him. This made Piedmon more dangerous; they didn't know what he was truly capable of. Gennai wished that Piedmon had been destroyed like the other Dark Masters, and his egg safe and protected. He wasn't, though; he was too strong, and they couldn't delete him.

It was the children's own belief that they could defeat him that allowed them to win. They didn't give up and had weakened him, but it would have taken much more to delete him like the others. Gennai knew that Piedmon's true power was more then what the children knew, more even than MaloMyotismon's. The children didn't understand how close they had come to losing everything. It was pure luck that they sent Piedmon through the gate, that and Piedmon's oversized ego. Gennai smiled; that had always been Piedmon's true falling. Piedmon had always been overconfident in his abilities. They could always use that against him. But still his existence bothered him. Gennai finally realized what he needed to do.

"Azulongmon!" Gennai shouted out.

"He still worries you, doesn't he...?" a voice answered.

"It's just that we both know what he's capable of. There was a lot more to his defeat then the children knew about," Gennai replied.

"It's true, Piedmon did many horrible things and we had to take matters into our own hands. We wore him down and drained him of a lot of his power before the children arrived," the voice said. "Tell me, what do you want to do?"

"I want to check out the gate where he's held. I want to make sure he's really trapped there. I need to know that there's no way for him to get out," Gennai said.

"And what if you find he can get out?" Azulongmon asked.

"Then we alert the DigiDestined. We tell them everything, like we should have in the beginning."

"You know that if we had told them everything, it would have been too much for them! They don't need to know everything we know about Piedmon. Even Piedmon himself doesn't know," Azulongmon reprimanded.

"I know, but still.I wish we could have told them. Anyway, now there are children all over the world ready and willing to protect our world and theirs. If needed, we have quite an army. I propose if there is any way for him to escape, we go in and delete him! The when he is reconfigured we well finally be able to keep his evil hidden and concealed."

"Very well. Let us deal with that option when we come to it. And Gennai, remember.tell no one of your plans. We can't let anyone know what you are planning; it is too dangerous," Azulongmon finished.

Gennai was still troubled. The thought of the still-living enemy worried him.

"So I still worry you, do I, Gennai?" a cocky, all-too-familiar voice called out. Gennai couldn't believe his ears. He spun around. There stood the regal clown in all his glory and then some. Piedmon was different now; he was ten feet tall, and his eyes sparked with power and revenge. Piedmon's laugh echoed in the world, filling it with fear, as the seven eggs glowed with the happiness of the dark noblemen's return.