"Its been hours, and this place looks like its about to fall apart at any minute!" Mimi whined. They had been in Myotismon's castle for half the night, and they were all tired. "Well at lest we're out of the rain." Plamon said trying to be cheery. "Hey look!" Izzy shouted. "This is what we say, way back when the dark masters first took over! This is were our digimon were born.sort of." The group of children jumped up and ran into the room Izzy had found. Sure enough it was the same room only much older. "Wow..creepy" Joe said softly. "Hey look Izzy! A computer.I think." He said pointing at the large mechanical object. "Ok Izzy, you try and see what you can find on that thing, Gatomon's going to try to find Myotismons old books." Tai said.

******** "Jenny?" Wake up sweet.." A deep voice called. "Where am I?" He eyes opened and she looked around. "AHHH! I'm dead?!!!" She screamed jumping. "No! Pet you are in my bed.well coffin. You've safe back in the castle with me. I've held your wounds, everything is fine." "Myotismon!" She cried happily. The vampire blushed as she threw her arms around him, holding him tightly. "I need you to come with my now. Piedmon has returned and he whishes to speck with us.

"Leave the girls outside." Piedmon said dryly as Devimon and Myotimon approached him. "Hey clowny we have a right to know what's going on!" Teena yelled. "Ya!" Jenny yelled. "I AM NOT TO BE ARGUED WITH!!!" He boomed, shocking even his own brothers, with his loss of temper. "I wish to see Myotimon and Devimon alone." He said softly. The doors of the large room closed, leaving both Teen and Jenny left out. "Well!!!" Teena huffed. "Guess he didn't get any last night.."

"I need to talk to you both in STRICT confidence." Piedmon began. He rubbed his head as he talked. "Alex disappeared last night, I shell not tell you why, and you are not to ask her. What happened is my business only understand!" Both digimon nodded. "Good. Go find her. Take this, feed it to her, and return her to me." Piedmon said handing something to Devimon. "Now go! I wish to be left alone.."

"Well what did Bozo want?" Teena demeaned. Devimon gave her a strange look, and then looked at Myotismon. "There forgetful Mushrooms.. enough to make her forget a whole day.." Devimon said thoughtfully. Myotismon just turned away. "Come Jenny, we need to find Alexandra.." He said and left.

"This is going to take forever!" Sora said. "So many books, so little time." Joe said. She just gave him an annoyed look. "Joe we can't even read these.. there in digimon!" She said. "Ya but the pictures are nice." He was immediately hit on the head by a book. "AHHH!" He cried falling backwards, knocking over a bookcase. As the dust settled, Sora noticed something. On the wall there was a painting. There were 16 symbols. The first 8 were the symbols of their crests. They were painted inside a sun. Below them were 8 new symbols, inside a moon. In the middle of the moon and sun, were two planets next to each other. One was earth, and the other appeared to be the digital world. All of this was inside a square, with writing all around it. At each point of the square was a digi god.

"Wow." Tai said, just noticing. "But what does it mean? Augmon, can you read it?" "No.its old.really old!" Augmon said looking at it. "Hummm." Joe said thinking. "You know all of Myotismons chamber walls are covered by these book case's.if there was a painting under one." BOOM! Joe knocked over another case, a little further ahead.

"HEY?!!!" TK cried. "It can't be?! That's Devimon, on that panting. And Angemon too." "It's the fight when he first digevolved." Sora said in ah. "Look there's the crest of hope next to Angemon..and there's one next to Devimon too, but what does it mean?" TK said. "It means Oikawa was right! These painting on the wall are events that have happened..or to the people who made them would happened. There very old." Joe said examining them. "Ok! Lets clear away these book cases, we need to see more!" Tai shouted.

"How odd." Izzy said looking through the computer. He had finally gotten it to work, but now had no idea what to do. "What's odd?" Matt asked. "Well, it appears there are many old records, stored here. There are many files but they are all in and ancient language. I can't understand it at all. "Well keep trying Izzy! I know if anyone can figure this stuff out its you!" Tentomon said.

"I want to know what's going on! It early in the morning and I'm tired, plus that storm isn't gone its just stopped for a few hours." Teena said looking up at the dark storm clouds. Devimon smiled at her. "We are on a mission." Devimon said smiling at her. "No we are doing Piedmons dirty work, because he is lazy." Jenny said. "Ya Devimon we need to be preparing to fight Angemon! No affiance but you need to find out how to go to ultimate." Teena said. Devimon sighed, know she was right. "When we find Alex, I want to go." Teena continued. "Its time we toughened up, let Piedmon do what he wants, I have other plans!" "That's not a good idea." Myotismon said, giving her a curl look. "HEY! Don't you tell me what to do!" Teena yelled, Myotismon growled as the little girl stared him angrily in the eye. "She's just as stubborn as him." Devimon thought. "Better do something before she rips him apart." "Myotismon!" The vampire turned away from Teena and looked at his younger brother. "I want to settle the score, I want to be stronger." He said looking at the ground. Teena looked a little stunned for a minute but then smiled.

"Hey guys! Its Alex!" Jenny cried. Alex leaned against a tree quietly. She looked over at the four, and then turned away. "Um, hi Jenny glad you guys came to rescue me." Jenny said pretending to be Alex. "Oh no problem Alex, glad your alright." She continued. "Something's wrong.." Myotismon said sternly. He remembered what Piedmon had said. "Um Jenny, why doing you and Teena.hey?! He said seeing the too girls were now huddled around Alex.

"Hey, you ok girl?" Teena asked. Alex just looked up at her, her eyes watering. "Hey! Your arm, what happened, did someone attack you?" Teena said getting angry. Without warning Alex grabbed Teena with her good arm. Her eyes were full of tears. "When we got lost, Piedmon hurt his head, he was bleeding badly..I didn't know what to do, I had to stop the blood...I took of his mask..when he woke up..I HATE HIM!!! I want to go home, I heat it here!" She cried. Nether girl could understand what she was saying, but Devimon and Myotismon put the pieces together. They stood silently, while Teena slapped some since into the hysterical girl. "Be quiet!" Teena yelled. Alex shut up, the tears stopping. "Good!" "Now tell use everything." Jenny said smiling.

"Unbelievable!" Izzy said. "Ya.look at them all!" Mimi said. "The battle with Devimon, Etamon, Myotismon, the Dark masters.." Tai started. "Deaboramon, MaloMyotismon.." Matt continued. "There's all the armor digieggs, and then some, DNA digievoling, and look! This is from right now?!"

The group looked at the picture, it was seemlier to the first on Joe had found, only, the digital world was black. And all the crest symbols were in pieces, a dark shadow, with glowing red eyes, overlooked it all.

"Creepy." Kari whispered. "But some of the pictures are missing." "Right Kari." Izzy said. "Allow me to explain, according to the information I was able to un-code, these painting, are prophesies, of what the painter prophesized would happen. In the digital world, there are two groups, 8 of light, us and 8 of darkness I assume the other digidestined. That's the first painting. The second is off a place I've never been. It looks like ancient place, pliers and a temple. I believe this was the first primary village, the setter of the digital world, other painting show it was well. In the third painting, it appears that they are people, just like Genni, looking after eggs. The next picture is ripped in half. It shows panic, fire, some of the people are running, but the part that shows what is causing this.is gone. There are a few after that that are missing. The next shows, File Island and us. You know the rest to now. Then there's one more that both worries and puzzles me. The last picture. Its missing, but the one before it.its of the dark digidestind, and there crests and digimon. However the digimon that are with them are blackened out.not one of the appeare to have the form of any of our old enemy's. The world around them is black..and our crests, there in a circle.broken." Izzy said softly. "If only I could read this..but it's so old." "Each one has writing, but until we can understand what it says, we have no idea what anything means." Tentomon said. "I think its pretty clear, we're going to loss!!!" Mimi whined. "No Mimi, the last picture is missing, we don't know." Palmon said trying to comfort her. "Ya and we can't even read what it says." TK said. "What we need to do is find more clue's. Oikawa was right. Something happened in the past, but its all missing. Maybe there is a clue to defeat them!" Izzy said. "Ya, if there was, that would explain why it's gone! I bet the dark master took it so we wouldn't figure it out!" Tai said. "Kari, tell me you have your camera?" "I never take it off." Kari said smiling. "Ya she ware it to bed." Gatomon teased. "What ever, Kari take some pictures, I am going to see if I can find out what ever happened to that old temple. Maybe there are more answers there." Izzy said. "Ya well hurry up, we have to get moving again. We have no idea where the dark digimon are, or Genni." Tai said.

"We found him Piedmon." Erika said walking into the thorn room. "Don't you ever knock.." Piedmon groaned. "Well sorry, it's not my fault you got no sleep last night." Erika said. "Hey Piedmon!" Etamon shouted. "Suddenly my head ach just got worse." Piedmon sighed. "What?" He asked. "Never mind. So you found Genni. Good, bring him to me.." Piedmon said. No one moved. Erika folded her arms looking annoyed. Piedmon frowned. "Did you hear me girl? Go get him!" "I think for waking us up early in the morning, making me, Etamon, Taila and Betamon go out and search for this man for hours you should at lest say something!" She said getting angry. "I did, I told you to go get him!" he shouted. "No, Tank you!" "Your welcome." "PIEDMON!" "GET OUT!!!!" He shouted jumping up. "jest leave, and have him sent to me..NOW!!!!" Etamon grabbed her before she could say a word, and they were gone.

Piedmon groaned. He was falling asleep. As soon as Alex had ran off on him, he had ran after her. He couldn't find her, he searched all night long. He had never been so worried in his life. When he found her, she was huddled underneath a tree soaking wet, and bleeding. He had wanted to pick her up, and hung her. He wanted to bring her home, and what did they call it? Apology? Something stopped him. He didn't want to face her, he didn't understand. It wasn't his fault, he told himself. She was so horrible, he hated her so much; he told it to himself again and again. She was so kind and nice and gentle.He couldn't get her out of his head. He rubbed the wound softly. He had lost much blood, and because his power flowed though his blood, he had shrunk. He hated it, all that work wasted. Now he had to have Myotismon and Devimon return her to him, without her memory, so he wouldn't have to deal with what she did. She did. It was her fault, not his.

"Um.hello?" a young girl spoke Piedmon razed his head. A young girl with white hair and sunglasses poked her head through the door. Piedmon sighed a sigh of disappointment. "Yes Jane..what is it?" He said rubbing his forehead again. "Um.. where's Alex?" She said looking around. "NEVER MIND!" Piedmon yelled causing the girl to jump. "What do you want, or have you just come here to annoy me like everyone else?!" Jane suddenly lost her nerve. She hated that creepy clown. "Well? Speck up!" "Were tried of sitting here!" Taila said coming in behind Jane. She gave Jane a quick wink, as she was fallowed by Blue, and Demona. Piedmon looked amused. "Really." He said giving a sly smile. "Ya!" Blue continued. "We've located the digidestend, and its time for us to test out how strong we are!" "Were going out to fight!" Demona said. At this time Erika had come back, followed by the other digimon, and Genni, who was tied up. Piedmon's smile grew. This would give him time to deal with Genni alone. "Very well." Piedmon said. All of them looked shocked, he agreed. "Go find them, however remember, this is not the final battle! Spy on them if you want, train, but if you fight them, remember to just crush their sprits, not them! There is much more for us to do before we ride ourselves of them."

The group walked out a little shocked but ready to fight. Piedmon smiled being left alone with his old foe. He was still taller then him, and he could see the fear in Gennis eyes. "Well well well, look what we have here." Piedmon taunted. "A washed up old fool!" "Stop this Piedmon! Let the children go!" Genni said coldly. Piedmon just smiled. "I think they like it here." Piedmon said confidently. "Oh really, ALL of them..." Genni smiled at the evil clown. Unlike most he had know Piedmon for a long time, once they were friends, until it happened. Piedmon was never the same again, so much anger and hurt. Regardless of the past he knew what the dark digimon was thinking, just as Piedmon knew what he was. Piedmon frowned. "So how are you and your child making out? Alexandra right?" Genni smiled, knowing he hit him right on. "What does that have to do with anything?!" Piedmon yelled losing his temper again. Genni's smile grew. "So where is she Piedmon, I'd love to meet her. I bet she tell me just how much she really wants to stay with you.." Piedmon growled, rubbing the wound on his forehead again.

"THAT ASS WHOLE!!!!" "Teena calm down" Devimon urged. "I'm going to rip clown body into a million pieces!!!!" She yelled marching back towards the castle, along with Jenny. Both virus digimon were trying to stop them, when Devimon lost it. "TEENA DON'T MOVE!!!!" Devimon reached out and grabbed her holding her up to his face. Teena was angry and shocked at the same time. "I could tar you into little pieces right here and now!!!! Just image what Piedmon could do to you. You see what he did to Alex?! That was an accident, what do you think would happen if he meant to hurt her? If you can't even fight me then don't you dare to try him! Your going to obey me this time is that clear?!!!" He yelled throwing her to the ground. Teena just looked at him her mouth wide open, her eyes white. For the first time ever, she felt scared, truly scared of Devimon. Devimon looked down at her his red eyes glowing, and then he noticed something, small tears welling up in his partner's eyes. Before he could realize what he had done, Teena had ran off into the woods.

"You jerk!!!" Jenny yelled. "Myotismon tell him, he's your brother." "Jenny, he's right. Lets just do what Piedmon wanted and go home." Myotimons said coldly. "And what's that?" Jenny said putting her hands on her hips. "Erase her memory, so she forgets what happened." Myotismon said hand Devimon the mushrooms. Jenny's face went white. Myotismon didn't seem to care. "Your just going to make her forget what he did? He could have killed her, that doesn't mean something?" Jenny said in shock. "Its not our problem, I'm just following orders." Myotismon said coldly. Suddenly Jenny felt, like she barley knew her partner. "So.if he hurt me, you'd just make me forget about it?" Jenny said softly. Myotismon tried to say something but she cut him off. "And for that matter, if you hurt me, would you just make me forget?" "Don't do this I'm warning you Jenny." Myotismon said coldly. "Don't do this?! How can you be do." "HEARTLESS?!!!!" Myotismon boomed. Jenny fell over in fear. "Look into my eyes human, I AM heartless, I care for no one! Nothing you hear me?!!!" Myotismon yelled, letting his temper get the better of him. Jenny stood up and turned away for him. Devimon put his hand on Myotismon's shoulder. "Myotismon." He whispered, letting the vampire realize he just made the same mistake as Devimon had.

"Jenny.I." He called out. "I'm leaving now. I'm going to find Teena, then I'm going home.." She whispered. "But Jenny." "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" She cried her eyes full of tears. "You lied to me..I can't trust you anymore, find a new partner." Jenny said before she ran off into the woods. Myotismon and Devimon just stood there stunned.

"So you were going to erase my memory?" Alex said making them jump. He face was blank, with no sing of what she was thinking. "Why would he want you to do that? Is he just as bad as you two?" "Hey, at lest we care about our partners!" Devimon yelled. "I'd never hurt Jenny!!!" Myotismon said angrily. Devimon nodded in agreement. "Really? I think you just did." She said coldly. They said nothing. "I'm going back to Piedmon.if ether of you have any decency, then you'll tell him you did your job, let him think I don't remember. And if you really do care about Teena and Jenny, then stop pretending that you have no feelings! We all know you do, so prove it!"

"Ok so if we keep heading north, we should find this place? Izzy you sure about this?" Kari asked. "Yes." Izzy said. "Well keep in contact with the D-Terminals." "Your not going???" TK said in shock. "No. Matt, Kari, Sora, will go to find the temple. Tai Joe and me will stay here, to continue trying to understand these painting. TK and Mimi are going to look around for Genni." "Ya." Mimi said. "He might be able to help." TK replied. "Ok guys, stick together and good luck!" Tai said waving good-bye.

"So..there splitting up..." Blue said watching from the shadows. "All the easier, right?" Hugguramon said smiling. "So? What do we do?" Taila asked. "Well we know where Genni is, so following those two won't do any good, however I'd love to know what there up too. How about this, there are five of us right?" Demona started. "Me and Taila, well follow those guys. Erika, Jane and Blue should stay and watch the others. "Good Idea, I want to see what those kids are up too." Blue said. "Well contact you if we find anything out, but be on guard!" Demona said.

"I did nothing wrong!!! It was her fault!" Piedmon yelled. "Why are you making her suffer for what happened? You need to forget what happened all those years ago, you can't live like this forever!!! You can't live the rest of you life alone, and think that everyone else is out to get you." Genni yelled. "Its not our fault, we did everything." "It is your fault! Everything is!" Piedmon yelled. "You'll pay." "Piedmon?" A female voice called. Piedmon stopped dead in his tracks. Alex stood quietly in the door of the throne room. He just looked her over for a moment unaware he was staring. "You can't keep yourself bottled up forever.why are you so afraid to care? Not everyone will end up hurting you." Genni whispered. "Silence I've had it with you for today." Piedmon smiled evilly, Genni felt his hair stand on end as the dark jest held out a white cloth. "Piedmon NO!!!" he yelled. In a flash all that was left was a small toy. Alex felt a shiver go down her spin. "Did he just do that?!?!!!!" She thought. "Maybe coming back was a bad idea..but.I have to give him one more chance, maybe it was an accident like Devimon had said. And what was Genni talking about?" Alex felt confused, looking at him again, made her feel like she was supposed to be with him. She felt like they belonged together, and although she was angry and terrified, she had to wonder, if he really hated her. Did she still hate him, maybe it was her fault, she did remove his mask. "Well don't just stand there child come here!" He yelled. Alex quickly walked towards him, as he sat on the thrown. Piedmon eyed her over again; Alex found her eyes wandering towards the little doll still on the floor. "What were you doing?" Piedmon asked. Alex jumped un able to find any words. "Uh I wasn't doing anything." she stuttered. "I meant what were you doing when you hurt your arm. How did it happen?" He asked. "Oh!" she said a little relived. "I..I don't remember." She said. "Ya, funny come to think of it, I don't remember anything." Piedmon eyed her suspiciously. "Oh great he doesn't believe me." She worried. "How strange indeed." He smiled. "How about you and I go out and train hum?" He said. Alex blushed. "Really?" She said. "Well no one else is here, and I don't trust you here by yourself, so lets go!" He said getting up and walking out of the room. Alex sighed, and then looked down at the doll again. "Poor guy." She said picking him up and putting him in her bag pack. "Maybe he'll change you back."

"Stupid Devimon!" Teena said, still unaware she was crying. Part of her was angry, but mostly she was hurt. She thought they were close; she had to fight her better judgment and lie to herself just so she wouldn't let him know how she really felt. For what. "He never did care." She thought. "He threatened to kill me......I'm scared.." For the first time she was, sitting in the dark woods alone, and afraid. "Mimi hurry up!" A voice called, making Teena jump. "I think were lost TK. And I don't know where she went she's no where around.TK?" TK had stopped it took Patamon a second to notice the girl. Teena just stood staring. "Um hi..Teena right?" TK said. "Look if you and Devimon are looking for a fight, I'm ready!!!" Patamon yelled. "Patamon, not now." TK said. He saw her hurt, and she knew it. "Your crying..what did he do to you?" TK said softly. "That's non of your business!" She yelled. "Leave me alone, she yelled as she ran off.

"Patamon common" TK yelled. "What were going after her, what if it's a trap?" He protested. "That's not the point right now. I know it could, but look at her. Something happened, and we both know Devimon had something to do with it. Remember, what Oikawa said. There kids like us, we have to help them!" TK said running off. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this." Patamon said flying after him.

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