I want to thank Sheechiibii for being a wonderful beta, Eshizzle for supporting my idea for this story and of course Emo-geek-87 for allowing me to borrow her OC Gemma. If you want to know more about Gemma or the references to her then read Gemma and the Hallway Hands!

WMHS is having some dumb open-house thing and Figgins is making the Glee club do a show, nothing big, like, just a small one. Whatever. The only good thing as that Mr. Shue wasn't allowed to help us. Coach Sylvester rigged it so that only the students could put on the show. Rachel's doing some Broadway shit and Quinn is singing the same thing she did for Funk week. Kurt is doing that song he lost to the fashion disaster in the diva-off. The other two are group songs to Smells Like Teen Spirit and Animal. I got a solo too. Brittany's dad is coming tonight and I'm gonna let him know that I'm serious about her. I'll be singing to both her and her father. Good thing I'm badass.

"Alright guys," Shue said as he clapped his hands together, "tonight's the night. You all worked very hard today so go show those parents what Glee is all about!"

We shuffled out on stage and Rachel sang her little song. Everyone clapped at how good they thought she was; it's not like she ever had a bad performance, well except for when she lost her voice. I'm guessing that the two horribly dressed men in front are her dads. No wonder she dresses like that! Quinn sang her song and her mom clapped, but her dad wasn't there. He still hasn't tried to work things out with her. She was good and she had the rest of the unwed mother's group doing the backup dancing like last time. Kurt went and sounded okay despite sounding somewhat girly. Turns out that he really can hit that high note after all; I wonder why he threw the Diva-off. It's not like I care though. My turn now. I can do this.

I walk to the mike and look right at her father. Brittany and Quinn come up behind me to do back up vocals. The music starts and I start.

"I know you think that I'm worthless

I know you think that you're sure

it's not right for

Me and you're daughter to be

What we want to be"

I hear whispers around the parents, but I don't care. He looks shocked. His mouth is hanging open and I'd laugh, but I still have the rest of the song.

"She just wants attention and

you give it to her

Living in detention she's got to get away

Got her life in a bag and she's on the run

Girls really do just wanna have fun"

Britt moves closer to me and I take the mike off the stand and dance with her. Right before the chorus she kisses my cheek. I spin her around, and then I turn back to the audience.

"When she turns 18 she'll finally be free to do

What she wants to do

When she turns 18, she'll choose between me and you

Guess who she's gonna pick? (0h 0h 0h)

Guess who she's gonna pick? (0h 0h 0h)

Guess who she's gonna pick? (0h 0h 0h)

When she turns 18 (Oh oh oh)

When she turns 18 (Oh oh oh)"

I pull Britt closer to me as the rest of the club joins in a dance routine behind us. I face her and sing the rest of the song to her alone. Right now it's only me and her.

"I know how to treat her right and I know

She wants to stay the night and

We'll watch a movie, maybe make plans

I hope you understand

She just wants attention and

you cant give it to her

She's tryin to get to LA

She's gotta get away

Cause she's on the run

Girls really do just wanna have fun"

She smiles at me and mouths 'I choose you.' I give her a small smile in return. The rest of the girls join in for the ending chorus.

"When she turns 18 (When she turns 18)

(When she turns 18) When she turns 18

We're gonna have alot to do

Oh just me and you oooh

Turns 18 she'll finally be free to do

What she wants to do

When she turns 18,

she'll choose between me and you

Guess who she's gonna pick?"

The final notes ring out and everything is silent. I expect some kind of riot to break out so why not add fuel to the fire. I grab Brittany and kiss her full on in front of everyone. The club cheers and some of the audience claps, but then there's a crash. Her dad passes out in his seat. Some parents are trying to see if he's okay. Everyone's gone still and we don't know what to do.

The silence is broken by the new school nurse; I think her name's Gemma. She's with Shue or something now. She's the reason Puck and Kurt are all mushy and sappy together these days. She has something in her hand that she waves under his nose. He wakes up instantly. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief, but immediately goes back to awkward silence. Gemma once again breaks the silence.

"Great song guys! It's so great to see teens who aren't afraid to be themselves! I'm glad you can stand up for who you love!"

I try to hide my blush as there are hums and nods of agreement followed by some clapping from the audience. There are a few disgusted looks and hateful words, but some of the parents tell them to shut up. The curtain closes and we get ready for our group performances. Wheels takes the lead vocals for the Nirvana one. Finn and Puck get lead vocals for the Neon Trees one.

Right before we take the stage the back door of the auditorium opens and in comes Douche-bag St. James. Everyone turns to glare at him. We all surround Rachel in a protective blockade. We may not like her some of, well most of the time, but only we're allowed to mess with her. This Vocal Adrenaline traitor is certainly not one of us.

"What do you want St. James?" Puck barks out.

"I want to speak with Rachel, not that it's any of your business Puck." I hate his 'Better than thou' attitude; makes me want to slap it out of him.

"Well your not going to speak with her." Puck's tone is harsh as he bites out the words.

"What? Are you going out with her now? She's too good for you." Again he has that damn attitude.

"Hey! He's not going out with her; he's going out with me! Don't talk trash about my man again or I'll make sure you'll be able to hit a high F just like Rachel." Kurt's voice was practically dripping with venom.

Damn. I didn't know that Kurt could be so vicious. I like this side of him. It looks like I'm not the only one surprised by Kurt's words if the look on St. James' face is anything to go by. Puck puts his arm around Kurt's waist and Kurt snuggles into his side.

"You know what? I just wanted to tell her that I'm sorry and I would like another chance. I really do like her!"

"That's why you egged her?" I'm tired of his bullshit. "If you really like her then you wouldn't have done that. You just want to see if she'll take you back cause it will boost your over-inflated ego. Get lost or I'll help Hummel with his little threat."

His eyes widened and he turned his hide and left.

After our last performance of the night, Mercedes spotted Jesse outside of the school in the parking lot. She told Berry what had happened with the douche. Apparently he's refusing to leave the school grounds until she talks to him. He only left to get a cup so he could protect himself from Kurt's very real threat.

"You want us to kick his ass?"

"Non-violence is better Finn."

"Well what should we do then?" Artie asked her.

"We'll put on a show for him!"

This girl is definitely missing some screws here. She fills us in on her idea and I change my mind. She isn't as nuts as she seems.