Hi! This is a spin off Life Across Waters, if you've read it, and about mid way I decided to make my OC break Kyouya's heart, and go off with Takashi, and then blah blah blah! This is what would have happened if Saori got with Kyouya instead!

Hope you enjoy!

16 Years old

He pressed his lips to mine, then started to pull away, leaving me shocked and unsatisfied by such a brief kiss.

It was only then that my mind registered that a piece of paper was in my hand where is wasn't before... Kyouya must have slipped it in when I was busy thinking about my lips, so, being the ever inquisitive, and curious person I was, I opened it to read:

'Consider your debt paid~'

That was when it had clicked that Kyouya Ootori had actually kissed me. And then left this piece of paper to tease me.


"Bye." he called, reaching for the cars door handle, and before I could think about what I was doing, I was striding towards him and had told him to wait. It surprised me, because part of me wanted him gone, but part wanted to see what he'd say in a moment...

And he seemed surprised too, probably assumed he could make a clean getaway, and when he turned around he gave me a strange look, nudged his glasses up, and smiled wryly.

"Yes Saori?" he asked, looking curious, but his eyes were twinkling.

So I smiled at him, stood on my tiptoes (I was wearing heels, but they weren't that high) and I kissed him. No way was I being surprise kissed then left alone on a doorstep, I wanted a real God damn kiss.

And I got one.

Kyouya wasted no time in wrapping his arms around me, kissing back, and he even smiled (not smirked) into the kiss, making me smile too.

When I broke away for a much needed breath, his smile grew and he brushed some hair out of my eyes, then chuckled.

"I take it you enjoyed yourself tonight then?"

"I did..." I replied, grinning like an absolute idiot, and it felt like my stomach was doing somersaults, I was that giddy.

"I'll see you tomorrow then." he whispered, kissing me again quickly before bidding me goodnight and sliding into this limo.

When he'd gone, I practically skipped back down the path (stumbling a few times because the dress was longish), opened the door, went in, shut the door again, and sat on the bottom step.

My heart was beating erratically, butterflied were whirling about in my stomach, and my brain was reduced to mush. The only thing that the mush was thinking was:

He kissed me.

He kissed me.

Kyouya Ootori kissed me.

And I kissed him back.