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I would also like to add, that iff anyone would like me to do a wee lil' story, oneshot or something along the lines, then feel free to ask. I'd write anything right now, so long as it's Ouran, and preferably not homosexual.

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It's a funny thing, life.

You spend forever trying to make things perfect, and then you die anyways. I'm not saying that you should just say 'fuck it' to everything, because to be fair, it's no fun if you're miserable all the time.

But I suppose I've been fairly lucky.

I have a wonderful husband, who spends all his time with me, since we're both retired now. I have two lovely children, Hiroki and Kisa, who are married now and living with their families, with children of their own who we used to babysit before they grew up and had kids of their own, and now they keep us on our toes.

I have several friends, who mean the world to me, and who would do anything for me if I needed it. I've had them there my whole life, and it's been great. Sure, there have been fights, arguments, disagreements, tears, tantrums, cookie dough fights, someone nearly moved to France, love traumas and such, lots of laughter, fun and so much more that it's beyond my ability to describe.

I've had a successful job, as though at first I trained to be a doctor, then trained as a midwife, then I ended up helping Kyouya run the company when he wanted me to.

Most of the time though, we had 'conferences' in private, and got very little work done.

I've traveled the world, I've climbed to the top of mount Fuji and looked out over Tokyo, taken pictures and then camped on top of the dormant volcano, with my very anxious and reluctant husband, who kept saying we could be killed within seconds if the thing exploded.

I laughed at him, and said it was well worth the risk.

But, now I'm old. Very old.

Eighty is old, right?

And unfortunately, I have been caught by cancer.

I saw it coming. My father died of cancer, my grandmother died of cancer when I was younger... a lot younger, and I suppose it's one of those hereditary things, but I had no problem accepting it.

It was one of those things, and I've got eighty years of life under my belt, so I suppose it would be time to call it a day. Or twenty nine thousand two-hundred of them. It sounds an impressive number, so I think I'll go with that.

I sat down with Kyouya, told him that I would rather just die than go through the pains of treatment, which would only give me a few more months at most. I told him that I'd done everything I wanted in my life. I'd made friends in high school that I still had now. I had a husband who loved me, and who I loved, and we had children and grandchildren.

I told him that yes, it was hard... but I was happy with my choice.

That night, I cuddled into him, and he just held me. We talked quietly, reminiscing, chuckling... and the next morning I started making preparations for my funeral, because God knows how long I had left. I was working on little time.

I said that the twins would dress people for the funeral, only in bright colours, and I didn't want anyone to cry, unless they absolutely had to.

I wanted amazing grace played, because my grandmother on my mothers side had it played at her funeral, and I thought it was beautiful. That was while they took the coffin in. On the way out, I wanted the Great Escape theme tune, because I just thought it was a brilliant idea.

Kyouya said it was up to me, it was my funeral. He wasn't happy about the fact that I was dying, but we took it in our stride. We went for walks and picnics, talked more than we did. We had friends round to chat about the old days, when we could walk long distances without worrying about arthritis.

I got all my affairs in order, and though I couldn't leave much in a will because my family could already have everything they wanted. And if they didn't have it, then they could buy it.

So nothing much I could do.


"Kyouya, I feel tired today." Saori said, as she trudged into the kitchen.

"... Go back to bed and rest then love." I replied.

She looked tired. She had large bags under her eyes, and though she kept smiling, the cough that was wracking her body had me on edge.


"Hm?" she asked, sitting at the table with me.

"You... you don' t look..."

"Good? Well? I'm aware." she said, quite glumly, then she sighed. "I think it's about time Kyouya. I'm ready to go."

"Should we call the kids?" I asked, taking hold of her hand.

"It would be best." she agreed, so, two phone calls later, and the kids were going to be here, with the grandchildren, and the great grandchildren.

She'd gone back upstairs while I'd made the calls, and because she'd been a while, I felt the overpowering need to go and check on her.

When I found her, she was sat on the bed, a small bag packed with anything she might need while she was in hospital, and she was holding something in her hands.

"Kyouya, do you remember me saying that my dad died of cancer?"


"Well, he gave me this watch. He always wore it, and it's really special to me. I want you to keep hold of it, and then when you're at the end... give it to Hiroki."

"... Your watch?"

"Your's now." she said, passing it to me. I held it in my hands, and then put it on. It was still ticking, so I had to wonder just how many batteries she'd bought for it, and then I looked at her.

There was a tear crawling down her face, so I brushed it away and cupped her face...

"You've been so strong." I whispered, before pulling her into my arms.

"It hurts..." she whispered back.

"I know... I know."

She stayed in my arms for a minute, before sitting up again and wiping her eyes.

"Anyway... Hiroki and Kisa will be here soon, so we should go down."

I picked up her case, and helped her up, and we went down together, and it was brilliant timing, because as soon as we were by the door, Hatori walked in, saw Saori, and pulled her into a hug. Not long after Kisa was here, and everyone else came in afterwards.

"Mum, are you okay?" she asked, taking hold of her hand.

"I'm fine..." she said, putting on another smile.

"Are you going into hospital grandma?" Alicia asked. Kisa's only child, who looked the spitting image of Saori in her youth.

"I am, I'm about done now."

I saw Hiroki's eyes well up, and I placed a hand on his shoulder...

"This is going to be hard for everyone..." I mumbled.

"It's hardest for mum though..." he choked.


At about midnight, the other had left, except Hiroki, who said he'd stay in the waiting room, unless something happened, then he'd phone the others and they'd get here as soon as possible.

I'd stayed with Saori though, holding her hand as she lay on the bed.

"Would've been better to go at home..." she mused.

"Do you want to?"

"No, I'm here now." she chuckled.

"...Are you comfortable?" I asked.

"As comfortable as they could make me to get ready to die."

"You're not holding back are you?"

"Don't see the point sweetheart. We knew it was going to happen."

I nodded mutely, clasping my hands and looking down at my shoes. The woman I've spent more than sixty years of my life is here now, dying, and I'm the one taking it worst. How absurd is that? She's fully accepted that it's the end, when I can't.

I felt her hand squeeze mine, and I looked up into her eyes.

"I love you Kyouya."

"I love you too... even if you are old."

"You're old too, you windbag." she said, grinning at me, eyes twinkling, a shadow of her old self there.

"... It's not going to be the same without you." I said, rubbing my thumb across the back of her hand.

"Least you don't have to wake up to my wrinkled face anymore." she smiled.

I had the overwhelming urge to say that I was used to it, but I felt I had to be nicer.

"I think you're beautiful."

"Lier. You're just used to seeing me."

"...Can you read minds?"

"No, I just know you love."

She gave a large yawn, and then coughed. She sighed, and then clasped her hands over her chest.

"I'm tired Kyouya."

"Oh?" I leaned over and stroked her hair, and she smiled slightly.

"Yeah, I'm going to go to sleep for a while."

"Okay Saori..."

I signaled for the nurse, and told her quietly to go get Hiroki, and when he poked his head around the corner, and I indicated for him to phone the others. He nodded grimly, and went off again. Not too long later, he came back in and stood by my shoulder.

"Mum?" he asked quietly, because her eyes were closer and her breathing was quiet.

"Yes love?" she replied anyway.

"I love you mum."

"I love you too."

Kisa arrived five minutes after, and she did the same thing as Hiroki, but she was more teary eyed, and was sat at the other side of the bed, crying quietly. Hiroki went over to her, and hugged her.

Saori's eyes fluttered open again, and she reached over to me, and she held my hand.

"Love you..." she whispered.

"You too..." I whispered back, and she smiled as she closed her eyes again.

And I held her hand as she fell asleep.

As her breathing became more shallow.

As her grip on my hand loosened.

As she passed, peacefully, in her sleep, her last smile still on her face.

And I couldn't help but smile... because even though in all sense she was gone, and you can say age made me soft hearted and sentimental, but it wouldn't be long until I see her again.