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The Stepbrother

"Sonic Hedgehog, for the last time; Pick. Up. This. Room!" was the sound of Sonic's mother, Bernadette's voice.

Whether the 16-year-old, azure and peach-colored hedgehog liked it or not, Bernadette was determined to make Sonic clean up his typhoon of a bedroom. Sonic crossed his arms and sighed.

"I don't even see why we gotta go through all this trouble for one stupid kid." The hedgehog complained with a scowl as he watched his mom move here and there.

"Sonic, you know I don't like it when you talk that way. And besides, you don't even know Jules' son. You might even end up liking him." Bernadette said still moving about.

Sonic's parents had divorced long ago while Sonic was still young. He hadn't remembered his father's face, let alone his name. And his mother refused to bring up any thoughts or memories of 'the deadbeat'. However, Bernadette had found love in a better man, a man named Jules, and he and Bernadette had been together for a couple years before they had finally gotten married, much to Sonic's dislike. Sonic never really openly expressed his objection to his mother's marriage, but honestly, he wished his mom hadn't married Jules. And he would sometimes wonder to himself what would happen if his mom and his real dad got back together. But there were two problems wrong with that:

1. Bernadette would never bring up Sonic's father's name, house address, or even appearance. She wanted NO recollection of him back in her life or her son's.

2. Bernadette was now married to Jules and there was absolutely no sign of them breaking up any time soon.

But, back to the story . . .

Jules had been living with Bernadette and Sonic for a while, seeing as though their house was bigger and more accommodating for them all. And at first it was just the three of them currently living together. But, there would soon be four. Jules and his ex-wife had a son. From all of what Jules told Sonic and Bernadette about him, the son's name was Shadow, he was 17 years of age, and by choice, he attended a far away boarding school since 9th grade. But, since Jules felt that he would be with Bernadette for a loooong time, he agreed that it was time for Shadow to start attending a public school and move in with the rest of them so they could all be a family.

So when Shadow apparently phoned his father to come and pick him up from the airport, Jules left the house to go pick up Shadow and bring him to his new home. And this was the cause of Bernadette's rushing around back and forth. She was trying to make sure everything was nice and clean for Shadow's first time seeing the place. No need to look like slobs, right?

Wrong according to Sonic. He didn't care about his new, so called 'stepbrother', nor did he care about his room being messy.

"Cheaa, right! Pfft . . . Shadow." Sonic continued. "The guy's name sounds emo, so he must be stupid or something."

Bernadette stopped dusting for a second to turn to Sonic.

"Really, Sonic. Why can't you just cooperate for today?" She pleaded.

"Well, why'd you have to marry Jules?" Sonic questioned back. "Things were fine the way they were before you married . . .him! And I don't want a new stepbrother, either!" Sonic narrowed his eyes with his arms crossed more than ever.

Bernadette narrowed her eyes at her son. "Now, Sonic, I will not have you bad-mouthing your new stepbrother that way! And I will DEFINITELY NOT have you bad-mouthing Jules!" She said. Anyone could see that she was getting annoyed with her son's blatant disobedience to her and disrespect for their new family members. "I don't know why you're acting this way, but I do know that it's going to stop. Do you understand?" She stared Sonic in the face.

Sonic stared straight back into her eyes for a few seconds before replying. ". . .yes, mom."

"Good." Bernadette answered in a satisfied tone. "Now I want you to finish this room. As fast as you are, I have no clue why you're complaining about it being such a chore."

Sonic unfolded his arms, inwardly cursing at his mom for making such a scene. And for what? For two people he could care less about!

After Sonic threw around a few objects around his room out of anger, he burst around the room speedily as he picked up every single out-of-place object. As his mother had stated before, Sonic was fast. Very fast. And after all, he was known as the fastest hedgehog around. There was no one ALIVE that could compare to his incredible speed.

. . .or so he thought.

When Sonic was finished picking up in his room, he headed for the door leading to the outside.

"I'm leaving, mother." He said in an almost acidic tone.

"Be back soon, son. It won't take them much longer to get back, and I want you here when they do." She said in a more pleasant tone than Sonic.

Sonic didn't quite catch what Bernadette had said, but he was so anxious to get out of the house, he didn't even care. And he slammed the door behind him.


At first, Sonic had no clue where he was going to go. He just knew he had to get away from his mother, and fast.

He didn't hate his mother, nor did he dislike her. He just hated the decision that she made to marry Jules.

'Why does she have to marry him, anyway?' Sonic thought. 'She already has almost everything she needs. . .she doesn't need to re-marry. Humph!'

Sonic thought his mother was making the worst decision of her life and for his. He could admit that Jules wasn't a bad person for his mom, but he just wasn't his father. And even though Sonic didn't even know who his father was, he still felt that he and his mother should be together.

Sonic also didn't like thinking of the fact that he would now have a new brother (or stepbrother). He kind of liked being an only child, and besides that, he practically already had a brother; Miles 'Tails' Prower. Tails, as he liked to be called, was an 8-year-old little fox that would always chase Sonic around when he was younger than he already was. He still had a little habit of tagging along with Sonic, but he did so a little less. Tails was also extremely intelligent which made him very mature for his age. . .most of the time. As far as Sonic was concerned, Tails was the only brother he needed. He didn't even know who this 'Shadow' kid was, but he had an idea that he wasn't going to like him very much.

As Sonic was thinking about his family predicament, he noticed he was walking in the direction of a familiar neighborhood; the neighborhood of the house of his little brother Tails.

'Ah. I'll just stop by Tail's house, then.' Sonic thought to himself as he walked toward his direction.

As he reached Tails' doorstep, he knocked at the front door. After waiting for a few seconds, the front door swung open to reveal a golden-yellow fox with two tails moving about freely.

"Hiya, Sonic!" he greeted with a bright smile plastered over his face. Anyone could tell that he was excited to see his 'older brother'.

"Whatsup, little buddy." Sonic half-grinned at him with an obviously less amount of enthusiasm. This made Tails' smile fade and a slight look of worry appeared on his face.

"What's wrong, Sonic?"

". . .eh? Why do you think something's wrong with me?" Sonic questioned as if he really didn't know.

"Well, Sonic, it's not like you're painfully hard to read." At this, Sonic half-heartedly glared at the fox, but the fox continued. "And I mean, c'mon! Who wouldn't be happy to see this face?" Tails pointed to himself and smiled smugly.

Sonic just stared at him for a second, and then replied. ". . .when did you become so. . .so sarcastic?"

"I dunno. Just a habit now, I guess. And let's not forget that I hang around you a lot."

'Ugh. I gotta watch what I say around this kid.' Sonic thought and shook his head.

"Anyway, you never told me what happened." Tails said. Sonic walked over to Tails kitchen and helped himself to a glass and a drink. Because Sonic and Tails were best friends and like brothers, they had a 'your home is my home' type of relationship.

Sonic sighed and answered. "Well, Tails, as you already know . . . my mom is married to that . . . t-that . . . that. . ."

"You mean Jules?" Tails finished.

"Y-yea. That's what I meant."

"That's who you meant." Tails corrected. Sonic glared at him, again.

"Whatever, Tails. Anyways, he left our house this morning to go pick up his son, and . . ."

"He has a son?" Tails interrupted again.

"Yes, he has a son. His name is Shadow, and Jules went to go pick him up from boarding school. And apparently, he's s'posed to be living with us, now." Sonic said in a grim tone.

"But, why are you so unhappy, then. This means you'll have a new brother to talk to, and hang out with, and laugh with, and . . . and . . .hey, wait a second!" Tails paused. "A-am I being replaced?" Tails asked with a sort of dejected look on his face.

Sonic chuckled. "No way, little buddy! I would never replace you for some emo freak! Not for a million years." Tails let out a huge breath and replied with, "Phew! That's a relief." Sonic laughed at Tails before he made another gloomy sigh.

"I still don't see why you're disappointed at all this, Sonic. I mean if my parents divorced and found significant others, I'd be positively ecstatic."

Sonic lifted an eyebrow at the fox boy. "Ehhh . . . huh?" He questioned. Tails gave him a dull-eyed look.

"I'd be really happy for them." Sonic nodded in understanding. "So what's the problem?" Tails asked once again.

"I just don't want my mom to get remarried to anyone else. We're fine just the way we are. And we don't need Jules and his damn son coming along and . . ."

Tails gasped and threw his hands over his ears. Sonic looked up at him with a puzzled look on his face. Suddenly, realization hit him and took a few steps over to Tails to uncover his ears.

"Oh, he-he! Sorry, Tails. I'll try not to let it happen again." Sonic reassured Tails that he would watch his language around the young kit. Tails smiled back and answered, "It's okay, Sonic."

"But like I was saying earlier, I don't want those two barging into our lives and ruining the order my mom and I have, already. We don't need them in our lives, anyways." Sonic crossed his arms over his chest and stated.

"Oh. Well, I'm sorry you feel that way about all this." Tails replied earnestly. "So, when will he be over at your house?"

"I dunno. A few minutes, I guess." The blue blur responded. "And mom said she wanted me back home before he got there."

"Oh, okay. Well, I guess you're gonna be leaving now, huh?"

"Yea, I have to. But, you can come with."

"I can?" Tails exclaimed joy as if he hadn't been invited over Sonic's house millions of times. And he probably had if not a little less.

"Sure. I'll need someone to hang out with. I don't wanna be stuck by myself with emo-turd all day, ya'know." Tails just laughed at this.

And they both began to walk towards Sonic's house.

The Stepbrother