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The Stepbrother

" . . . no talking, no yelling, no touching, no texting, no whining, no getting up, no leaving this room for anything less than an emergency, of which I will deem whether or not the situation is an emergency, keep your hands to yourself, remain in your chair at all times, no whispering . . ."

Thus was detention.

The detention proctor, a greyhound wearing a grey sweater, dull khakis, and plain square-ish glasses on his face, was going over the rules and regulations of what was to be done and not to be done during the dreadful moment of silent solitude in the small classroom for the three hedgies. Scourge was well acquainted with the ropes of detention, and Sonic had known from a few past experiences; Shadow, however, did not.

And so, in a long, dreary, monotonous voice, the proctor saw to it that Shadow understood the rules and regulations. All of them.

Scourge sat in a reclined position at the desk closest to the window; his hands were rested behind his head, his eyes were closed, and his feet were cross up on the desk. Sonic, set in between both Shadow and Scourge and irritated as he could possibly be, had his face down on the desk with one hand on his head in an exasperated manner. Shadow, not as irritated as Sonic, just glared at the proctor as if ready to strangle him in order to make him shut up.

" . . . and before you know it, the time will be over." The proctor finished, gloomily. "I'm going to the teacher's lounge to eat my lunch; the bell will ring when time is up." And with that, the proctor left the room. The hedgehogs watched the proctor until he shut the door and walked down the hall to the teacher's lounge. When it was clear that he was out of earshot, the azure hedgehog spoke up.

"I hope you two know that this all your faults." Sonic glared at both of them.

Scourge chuckled, still reclined with a toothpick in his mouth. "How on earth is this my fault, blue?" He opened an eye and looked at Sonic.

"If you had left me alone like a good little student, none of this would have ever happened." Sonic reasoned and glared at the accused.

Scourge, now with both of his eyes open, stared at Sonic in silence for a time before speaking and moving from his previous position to lean closer to the blue hedgehog. "All you had to do was give in to me, blue. From the outburst earlier this morning to the little paint stunt that someone decided to pull last period . . ." Scourge took this time to glance with narrowed eyes at Shadow, who, at first, was merely observing the conversation with his chin rested on his fist.

"So, you're saying that this was my fault?" Shadow questioned.

"No, stupid, I was talking to the wall behind you." Scourge pointed and remarked sarcastically. "And how did you end up in all of this, anyway?"

"Because I do what I want." Was Shadow's reply.

Scourge shook his head. "No, it's because you stuck your nose in business it didn't belong in."

Shadow glared. Business he didn't belong in? If anything, the business was now more of his than it was Scourge's. Shadow stood up.

"Sonic is my brother, now." Shadow stated.

"Step-brother." Sonic corrected, earning a glare from Shadow.

"Sonic is my 'step'-brother, now, which devastatingly makes us family. Therefore, any business of his is automatically business of mine." Shadow crossed his arms in a matter-of-fact manner as if the conversation should have ended then and there.

"Nuh-uh!" The younger blue one protested.

"Yuh-huh," Shadow answered the younger one and returned his attention back to Scourge. "And if you know what's good for you, you'll leave him alone." Shadow demanded.

"Aww!" Scourge removed his glasses, and mockingly placed a hand on his heart. "That's really touching, Shadow. But, ya' know what?" He got up and walked up behind Sonic, who was a little nervous at the moment. "You can promise and threaten me all you want." Scourge snaked his arms over Sonic's shoulders, and he leaned down close to the azure's face. "Nothing's gonna stop me from getting what I want. Nothing's stopped me before, and nothing will now." Then, he let his right arm glide down Sonic's chest to his lower abdomen, rubbing it slowly. Sonic was frozen right on the spot, a pink hue undoubtedly formed on his face. He was so embarrassed, he could barely move. Shadow, on the other hand, was shaking angrily at Scourge's ministrations to Sonic's body. A feeling akin to what he had felt in the art room began to well up in him, again. A hostile feeling. And Shadow had a hard time quelling it, at the moment.

Scourge smirked as he watched Shadow's reaction. And why wouldn't he? He got to piss off the asshole that landed him in detention, and at the same time, get close and personal with someone he definitely held a torch for. He was killing two birds with one stone. And he was pleased with himself. He decided to take his actions further.

He leaned toward Sonic's left ear, and he whispered huskily and audibly enough for Shadow to hear, as well.

"Hey, babe, if you submit to me right here and now, I promise I'll make you love every single minute of what I plan on doing to you." He smirked. Sonic's cheeks couldn't have possible turned any pinker. He knew what dirty-minded things the green hedgehog was suggesting, and although he loathed the mere thought of Scourge's sickly thought up scenarios, let alone being touched by him, he couldn't help getting hot by what Scourge was telling him. For the love of Chaos, he wasn't perfect. His mouth became as dry as the Sahara, his voice wouldn't work, and he was getting hotter with every second that Scourge spent touching him. He had to get away. But how?

"Please, don't make me wait, baby. I want you and your beautiful body right this second."

Scourge's hands seemed to be covering lots of ground. Fast. His left hand moved to ghost over Sonic's chest, while his right hand was traveling down a southern path. The hand was getting closer and closer to Sonic's privacy, a privacy that was soon to be invaded if something was not done.

"Scourge!" Sonic finally spoke, closing his eyes in anticipation of the unwanted touch. The hand was even closer.

"All I need you to do is lie down on that desk, spread those sexy legs of yours, and w—UNGHH!" Out of nowhere, it seemed, Scourge was hit hard in the stomach, and he was sent flying across the room and into the wall. He dropped on the floor with a thud, and he immediately put a hand on his abused stomach. He glared up to see who dared treat him in such a distasteful way, and his eyes widened slightly at who was in front of him.

Shadow stood in front of Scourge with the angriest look on his face. With narrowed eyes, bared fangs, and hands balled into fists, Shadow, shaking like mad, was ready to kill. The penalty of delivering death would outreach far beyond detention, but the feeling inside of Shadow didn't leave him much room to care.

"W-what was that for?" He stammered, a little more on alert and on end now that he knew the onyx meant business.

Sonic raised an eyebrow at Shadow's behavior. Why was he acting this way? What reason did Shadow have to get mad at Scourge?

Shadow started to walk slowly to a grounded Scourge, cracking his knuckles as he walked. Scourge gulped at this. "If you don't know by now, maybe I should just beat the sense into you to make you understand." Shadow grumbled.

Scourge stood up and placed his hands up in a white-flag type manner. "Calm down, Shadow. I didn't hurt the guy or nothin'."

Shadow chuckled, darkly. "Well, I'm going to hurt you." And those were his last words before he lunged at his target. He grabbed him by the collar of his leather jacket, and he began to punch him left and right, showing zero remorse. Shadow aimed everywhere. The face, the chest, the arms, the gut, and everywhere else he could land a fist on Scourge. Shadow knocked the green hedgehog everywhere he could; into desks, walls, shelves, and anything else. He, then, grabbed Scourge by the collar again, he threw him once more across the room. Sonic did nothing but look on at the brutal actions that his stepbrother was taking on Scourge. He glanced at Shadow, and for the life of him, he tried to figure out what could have triggered Shadow's sudden behavior.

Not one idea popped up.

Not one.

Scourge picked himself up, and he dusted off his leather jacket. He began to get fed up of being punched and tossed around. A glare found its way on Scourge's face, too. "I'm getting sick of this bullshit! You want a fight, Sparky? You got it!" And with that, Scourge and Shadow lunged at each other. Shadow used his upper strength advantage to land punch upon punch on Scourge, successfully landing hits on his target. Scourge managed to land a few hits on Shadow, too, but he wasn't nearly as agile and powerful as Shadow. He tried to block some of the onyx hog's advances, but he only delayed the inevitable. Shadow was furious. And when he was furious, he clearly was not a force to be reckoned with. Sonic swallowed hard.

'Should I do something?' He thought to himself. 'And if I do, who should I be helping?' He looked between the two fighting fuzzies. Should he have helped his stepbrother, the one who he couldn't seem to find any common ground with? Or should he assist Scourge, the one who continued to sensually touch him and just would not take 'no' for an answer? He looked between both of them fighting, and he knew that he had to make a decision before one of them ended up dying in detention. As he looked on, he realized that Scourge was clearly fighting a losing battle. Scourge's leather jacket was torn in five different places, he was bruised almost all over, and his lip was busted from being punched repeatedly in his face. It was a wonder that he was still holding his own. Sonic glanced at Shadow, and his eyes widened. Shadow's attacks seemed to have sped up; he looked like something that was spit straight out of hell. Sonic noticed an abnormally dark aura around Shadow that he had never seen during that week of Shadow's stay. How could he be so angry?

Sonic rose out of his seat, and moved over to where the fighting hedgehogs had gotten in the room. He looked out of the classroom's door to check for anyone coming; it was a wonder that no one could hear the bumping and thumping from the brawl, and that no one had come into the room, already.

He had to stop Shadow and Scourge. Now.

". . . Uh, guys?" He started out. "Sh-shadow?" The black hedgehog didn't hear him. He was solely focused on making the green hedgehog pay for the previous actions with his stepbrother. Just thinking about it made Shadow's blood boil! And as a result, he grabbed a helpless and tired out Scourge by the collar once more with his left hand and just beat him in the face repeatedly with his right.

"Shadow, stop." Sonic called out. The blue hedgehog wanted Scourge to pay, not die. "Shadow, you're gonna kill him or something. Stop."

Shadow still wasn't listening, and Scourge looked like he was falling in and out of consciousness. Shadow was going to kill him.

"Shadow, stop!" Sonic grabbed Shadow's shoulder and yelled.

Shadow's head snapped back at Sonic and glared at him. Sonic gulped out of nervousness; Shadow truly looked like a dark, unfeeling being with no current connection to sanity. The dark, older hedgehog dropped his victim from his clutches and began advancing toward Sonic. Sonic's eyes widened and he began retreating, walking backwards. But, Shadow just kept on advancing, growling while revealing his teeth as a warning that he was the wrong one to mess with.

"Sh-shadow, what are you doing?"

Shadow said nothing.

"Get away from me." Sonic tried again. But, Shadow moved closer and closer. When Sonic's back finally met the wall, he became even more anxious; no place to run and no place to hide.

Damn detention. Damn being stuck in a room with two psychos. And damn Shadow.

"Shadow, don't touch me or I'll—" He didn't get the chance to finish his empty threat before Shadow grabbed his stepbrother's chin with a finger. He bent down to Sonic's level, and spoke. "—Or what? You'll beat me up?" Shadow teased with a dark smirk on his face. "I'm very dangerous, Nicky. And I suggest that if you don't want to end up like your little lover over there . . ." Sonic blushed as he looked to where Shadow was pointing at an unconscious Scourge. While half of Sonic was embarrassed at what Shadow had said, half of him was angry at what Shadow had said.

Lover? As if!

". . . you'll stay out of my way. Got that?" Still looking over at Scourge, Sonic nodded at Shadow's warning. However, this wasn't enough for Shadow. Shadow wanted Sonic's undivided attention while he was speaking to the blue one; it made Shadow even more ticked that Sonic's attention was diverted by the sole cause of all the hostility that took place in the room. He used his hand to grab Sonic's chin, and he pushed Sonic a little harder to the wall by pressing himself closer to the younger hedgehog.

"Are you listening to me, hedgehog?" The sudden close in proximity between the two had startled Sonic. He was at a complete loss of words, even when a simple nod or shake of the head in response would have sufficed. "When I'm speaking to you, I want your undivided attention. Do you understand?"

Sonic didn't respond. He kept trying to avoid Shadow's nerve-wrecking, yet strangely . . . attractive gaze.

"Look at me, Sonic." Shadow gently yanked Sonic's chin upward so that Sonic would look him in his face. Shadow wanted to see Sonic's eyes so that he would know that Sonic fully understood how serious he was being. And when Sonic finally made eye contact, to Sonic's dismay, he found himself not able to immediately divert his own eyes from those sparkling, glistening emerald orbs that held so much emotion in them. He could clearly tell that Sonic hated physical contact, and that he was not helping by being so blunt and forward with Sonic. But, better him than Scourge, right? How could Scourge even think that he had a right to put his hands on someone with eyes this beautiful? He was unworthy to even think the thought, Shadow thought. Shadow felt entranced by Sonic's beautiful eyes. And he cursed Sonic for blinking. Every blink took a millisecond away from Shadow being able to observe those breath-taking emeralds. And how did his stepbrother's eyes entrance him, anyway? Wasn't he only trying to prove a point earlier?


"Ahh , wh-what?" Shadow answered the voice that came from under him.

" . . . can . . .can you . . . eh, ya' know . . . g-get off of me, now?" Sonic stuttered, trying to sound unshaken by Shadow's forwardness, and by the way Shadow was just looking at him as if he wanted to eat him. 'What is that about?' Sonic thought.

Shadow, without a sound, averted his eyes from Sonic, who did the same, and jumped off of him as if he had just touched a burning flame. A second passed, and the two stepbrothers found themselves looking up at each other again, trying to figure out what took place in the time in detention, and how they ended up the way they did. Another few seconds passed by, and loud bell was heard. The two covered their ears and shut their eyes tight.


The classroom door opened, and the boring proctor stuck his head in and said, "Detention is over. Go to class." Neither blue nor onyx had to be told twice. They both gathered up their things and their bags, and they headed for the door. When they arrived at the entrance at the same time, they glanced over at each other. Sonic glared at Shadow, a blush threatening to creep back up on his face, and Shadow just glared back at Sonic, wondering if he was imagining a pink hue arise on his brother's face. Sonic just 'hmphed' Shadow's glare, and he walked off to his next class. Shadow rolled his eyes and did the same.

And Scourge stayed right where he was, on the floor and unconscious.