''Grimmjow! Grimmjow! Get up already!'' Nel screeched,''We'll be late for school!''

She huffed as her older blue haired brother simply groaned and rolled onto his stomach.

'This'll get him up!' she thought joyfully, delivering a powerful kick to Grimmjows side.

''ARGH! You bitch! What was that for?'' Grimmjow yelped.

''I told you we're gonna be late! Hurry up!'' she said, throwing Grimmjow's school unifrom at him.

''Fine, fine...'' Grimmjow grumbled, to scared to reply with a witty comment as he feared for his life. His little sister may look and sound harmless but she was far from it. It was just last summer that she had broken his arm by 'accidently' pushing him off his old bunkbed. 'Yeah, accidently my ass', Grimmjow thought, pulling on his white school shirt, 'theres a reason I got rid of that bed. Now if only I could get rid of Nel.'

10 Minutes later Grimmjow stuffed his art book into his school bag and hurridly grabbed a piece of toast on his way out of the house, following closely behind his bubbly sister.

''Ah! Grimmy! I have an idea! Lets go see-'' Grimmjow cut her off,

''No. We are not going to see Ichigo. And don't call me Grimmy or I'll rip your legs o- ARGHH!'' Grimmjow yelped in pain as his arm was pulled back at an odd angle.

''Say you're sorry Grimmy!'' Nel said calmly.

''Arghh! I-Im... SORRY!'' Grimmjow gasped out in pain and sighed as his arm was released. He flexed his arm experimently and heard a few loud cracking sounds. 'Great', he grimaced, ''shes fucked up my arm again.'

Nel's eyes lit up as she spotted an orange head of hair further down the road. Grimmjow groaned inwardly as his sister practiaclly rugby tackled his classmate to the ground.

''ITSYGO!'' She yelled.

''N-Nel... Uhmm.. hi'' Ichigo stuttered as she pushed her breasts into his face.

''Nel! Get off him you're making him uncomfortable!'' Grimmjow ground out. 'I wish she would stop doing that. It makes me feel uncomfortable as well. So does Kurosaki but thats in a different way'

''Hey! Grimmjow'' Ichigo smiled. 'Thats why.

Back in middle school... he used to hate me. We fought everyday. But then something changed the summer before we started highschool and he just plain ignored me! He would talk to Nel and wouldn't even look at me. So I ignored him as well, but last week... something else changed. He just kept... smiling at me. It was creepy! Well and quite cute but that really wasn't the point. I bet he asked out that Orihime chick and she said yes. That'll be it. Stupid happy couples.'

''Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimjow! Earth to Grimmjow!'' Ichigo called.

''What?'' I snapped before realising I had been reminising like some old guy. ''Oh.''

Ichigo was looking uneasy as Nel had his arm firmly between her breasts in what was her way of 'hugging' him. Grimmjow muttered something incoherent under his breath picking up the pace towards his sister and her friend.

The walk to school always seemed longer when a certain orange haired male was present but Grimmjow would always mentaly smile at his sisters antics. He loved the way she tried to make everyone smile and just be happy, even if it never worked for him. His friends were all trouble and he was being pulled into the rough side of everything.

The trio walked through the school gates with smiled on their faces, the only exception being Grimmjow, who scowled the entire walk.