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EVA Possibilities and Fusion Pandemonium

Chapter 1: Auras and A.T Fields

It was on a high plane, miles away from the bustling metropolis known as West City and also, across the boundless infinite possibilities of the dimensional barriers in another universe, in another city who's relative geographical location was virtually identical, that the stage was being set for a string of events that both the Kai's and the creator himself did not see coming.

All hell was soon to break loose.

"Come on, Goten, are you going to be a wussy mamma's boy all your life?" The nine year-old purple-haired boy referred to as Trunks exclaimed. He was speaking down to his usual black-haired, eight year-old minion-in-mischief known as Goten.

"I don't know, Trunks...even my Dad told us that Super Saiyan 3 was dangerous to use!" The hopelessly innocent boy pleaded to his social superior.

"Goten..." sighed Trunks, "Just think about it: it's only dangerous if we use it for the whole thirty minutes, and we're only going to be doing it for less than thirty seconds."

"B-but Mister Piccolo said that the chamber was totally sealed and that we couldn't get back. H-he said it was too dangerous!" exclaimed Goten right back, his small arms waving almost comically up and down.

"Aw, come on, Goten. You know as well as I do that Piccolo's nothing more than a big green worry wart."

Several thousand miles away, a certain Namekian sneezed.

Goten frowned, "We're gonna get in real trouble either way though, Trunks. Our parents might go wild."

Despite Goten's objections, Trunks knew he was slowly whittling away his defenses. It was only a matter of time until he caved.

"Come on, Goten! Do you think our parents will even care about that for a single second when we come back stronger and faster than ever before? Or don't you want to be strong enough to fight with your Dad and be just as strong as Gohan?" Trunks smirked, his left eyebrow raised as he thought to himself, 'Yeah, that's it, Goten. Run that through your tiny brain. You know it makes sense...'

And just as the son of Vegeta calculated, Goten cracked under the weight of peer pressure. The mental images of him squaring off against his Father in serious sparring matches, and fighting side-by-side with his big brother were just too tempting to ignore.

It was just enough for him to pout and then say reluctantly "Hrm, okay, Trunks. We'll try it..." and despite the reservation in his voice, it nonetheless elicited a happy smile from Trunks, "B-but we stop if anything starts to go wrong, okay Trunks?" he then added hastily, stabbing a finger at him.

Trunks just shrugged and held his hands up, "Works for me. I mean, what possibly could go wrong, Goten?" He then walked about and dropped arm about Goten's shoulder, who still seemed unhappy with the idea, "Look, it's simple: We go in for just four hours of real-world time and come out stronger than ever!" He leaned closer in and smirked, "And don't worry about our parents. They won't even know we've gone."

Trunks reached into his gi and retrieved a capsule case, "And... We've got everything we need right here! See, I think of everything, Goten."

Trunks set the case containing the supplies for their trip into the Time Chamber down atop a nearby rock in preparation whilst Goten steeled himelf, "Okay, Trunks... I'm ready," he said, nodding once emphatically.

"'Kay, Goten...shall we?" asked Trunks, beckoning a hand out towards a nearby flat section of earth.

"Uh-Huh!" responded Goten, who followed contentedly on after his companion.

Both took to the air to close the few hundred yard distance and landed in perfect synchronization equal distances apart, facing forward with fists clenched.

They began...

The two children roared as they focused their ki energies onto one point, forcing their power levels up. Their bodies erupted into twin blazes of golden flame, hair shunting upwards as their power levels rose with equal ferocity, all the while they expertly managed to equalize that power into perfect alignment with each other.

Their hands moved out in opposite directions with their fists clenched.

"Fuuu-" They intoned in unison, their arms rising over their head as they shuffled their feet three times over, moving closer to one another.

'I'm not sure about this...' thought Goten silently as he went about the moves he'd long since burned into muscle memory.

"-sion..." Their arms and bodies then twisted round, fists extended in opposing directions.

'Yeah, this is gonna be great!' contemplated Trunks gleefully, in a stark contrast to his companions thought processes.

Both boys arched their bodies over, index fingers extending,"...HA!"

The dim evening erupted into golden daylight as the fusion began. That same explosion of light swallowed up Goten's worries as his mind and soul were flooded and complemented by Trunks' confidence. The boundaries between where one ended and one began were now gone.

Twilight descended once more, and where once stood two golden-haired children now stood one. He was a cheekily-grinning boy donned in a purple waistcoat, with emerald green eyes, an intense golden aura crackling with ki energy, and most notiecably of all: long, swaying gold hair that reached almost all the way to the ground behind his back.

The lone figure opened his eyes slowly, exhaling a calming breath. His smile then flashed back into place as he declared, to nobody in particular, "Ohhh, yeah, that's the stuff! Gotenks is officially back on the scene!"

He then proceeded to burst into borderline-manic laughter for absolutely no reason.

The laughter stopped instantly and Gotenks coughed once into his hand. He then hopped through the air and swiped up the capsule case, storing it firmly in the folds of the sash about his waist.

He then dusted his hands down and turned about, "Okay then, let's get this show on the road."

Gotenks rolled his shoulders briefly and then inhaled for almost ten seconds straight. He clenched his fists by his side and then arched his back, 'Okay, Gotenks,' he contemplated to himself briefly in that instant, 'You did this once before to get out, therefore you just have to do it again to get back in right?'

He let his confidence swell with the air in his lungs, 'Yeah, simple...'

Gotenks modulated the massive amount of ki up to the intensity needed to breach the dimensional barrier as he had done just once before. He then took the plunge.

"Gyaaaaaaa!" he screeched directly ahead, again just as he had before.

But that was when things went wrong.

A micro-second before he released his screech, Gotenks was suddenly flooded with a burst of last-minute reservations from the side of his consciousness that was comprised of Goten. And whilst his energy may have been at the perfect level for punching a dimensional hole, that last minute twinge threw off the harmony enough to cause that wave to miss it's intended target, which was a simple sub-dimension of the world they were currently in, and instead punch far deeper. That wave of energy cascaded through the infinite possible worlds, throughout the very scope of the multiverse itself, seeking out a weak-spot to connect to like lightning being drawn to a conductor.

It found one.

The barrier was ripped violently open as a result , creating a great, swirling vortex that dragged the visibly panicked Super Saiyan 3 in before closing instantly behind him.


Meanwhile, on the other end...

"Just concentrate on walking for now. Okay, Shinji?" advised Captain Misato Katsuragi to the visibly unsure Third Child as Evangelion Unit-01 was released onto the surface, face-to-face with the collossus that was Sachiel, the Third Angel.

"...Walking," muttered the more-than-slightly nervous Shinji Ikari as he willed the bio-mechanical fighting machine they'd plugged him into forwards.

The Eva took its first steps forward. And at that very same instant, the Angel thought it apt to make friends with the newcomer in its own special way.

"Shinji, you have to get up!" cried Misato over the comm system a few seconds later, just as Unit-01 was hoisted into the air by the messenger.

There followed a series of deafening crashes as Sachiel drove it's purple-white lance repeatedly into the skull of the limp Evangelion.

"The stress is too much!" Shouted Maya, "There's a crack in the brain case!"

The Angel then raised the EVA up and hurled it into a nearby building as though it were a ragdoll.

The mecha slumped limply forwards and then several events occurred in an eternally slow, yet somehow also rather rapid succession.

A cold silence emerged both inside of the NERV command center and outside over Tokyo-3.

A spurt of blood erupted from the head of the damaged EVA and a fourteen year-old boy started slipping into neurological shock.

A sub-conscious cry for help screamed out from that child, and the EVA's eyes blazed to life once more in response. Seconds later, the blanket of silence over Tokyo-3 was cut through like a knife by a great, unholy roar.

A mother's wrath had been unleashed.

"It...reactivated...?" breathed Misato as the Test-Type EVA lumbered back to its feet.

"We've done it," came the almost inaudible murmur from the NERV Supreme Commander as he watched the proceedings with a concealed smirk.

The berserk EVA charged the Angel with completely inhuman ferocity. It leaped hundreds of feet into the air and into a forward flip, directly onto its enemy.

Sachiel, several unsuspecting buildings and more than a few unfortunate civilians ended up getting sent hurtling back through the streets.

The Angel rose back up in response, unfolding its A.T field on instinct, just as the berserk fighting machine lunged in to attack once more. The EVA found itself thwarted however when it bounced straight off the Angel's deployed field.

The impact had both the EVA and Angel recoiling away from one another, with Unit-01 using the instant of disorientation to deploy it's own field in response.

If one was to observe the area precisely half-way between the Angel and the EVA as they pressed forwards, then they might just notice a slight rippling in the air currents. And, if one were to also monitor the energy being emitted by those on the battlefield, as opposed to just gawking at the proceedings like some overly exciting pay-per-view event, then they might also notice the energy spikes representing the Angel and the EVA being dwarfed by something new for just the briefest of instances.

It was as the behemoths collided, their A.T fields clashing and neutralizing one another, that it happened.

That was the instant the destiny of human kind was changed forever.

The imbalance in the dimensional fabric created at that very point was minute and almost undetectable, but it was enough to attract a certain out of control multidimensional energy pulse that had been released from an alternate universe, which was drawn to that instability like a moth to flame.

Anyone watching that tiny spot would have sighted a small, congealing distortion in mid-air. It existed only for the briefest of instances before vanishing, however not before spitting out what appeared to be a tiny, spinning yellow furball. It was this newcomer who was the source of the third energy reading that so eclipsed the others.

The figure was sent hurtling downwards through the A.T Field neutralization point. The opposing forces tugged the unconscious child back into his two component selves, who were in turn sent careening downwards in opposing directions and into the city below. One crashed into a munitions building, the other straight through the roof of what looked to be a derelict apartment complex. The gold had already faded from their hair along with the green of their eyes by the time they impacted, and it would be some time before either got up again, but get up again they would.

The Saiyans had landed.


To be continued...

[A/N] Went through this one again to polish it up, so will be going through the others too until they're at the standards of some of the later chapters (so it's a re-rewrite for the first 12 at least) but it shouldn't get in the way too much.

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