"So Many Things To Consider"

From Grease –Post Movie

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Though Sandy's senior year had been overall rocky the ending was definitely on a high note. The T-Birds and Pink Ladies had finally accepted her, and best of all she won Danny's heart for good. Since graduation everything had been smooth sailing. When she had a moment alone-which was not often since her and Danny were inseparable-Sandy would sometimes reflect on how much had changed for her in one year's time, how much she had changed in one year's time.

Sandy had gone from being the sweet, goody two shoes that everyone knew to a tight leather wearing, big hair, pierced ears, chain smoking member of the Pink Ladies. She nearly went into shock when Rizzo gave her the jacket the day after the school carnival and told her, "You're officially one of us now." Jan and Marty were in awe of her, and Sandy couldn't believe that these were the same group of girls who made fun of her earlier in the year at Frenchie's slumber party. Frenchie. Sandy couldn't help but smile when she thought about her best friend. Frenchie was the only one who accepted her right from the very beginning, no questions asked. She took Sandy under her wing the first day of school, and she was always there for Sandy when Sandy had no one else. Frenchie was the one who stood up for Sandy when classmates teased her right after she cheered at the bonfire pep rally, Frenchie was the one who comforted Sandy after Danny completely dissed her in front of his friends at that exact same pep rally thus inviting Sandy to her sleepover and Frenchie was the one who gave Sandy her grand transformation, per Sandy's request, that made Kenechkie, Rizzo, Sonny, Doody, Putzie, Jan and Marty all befriend her. Most importantly Danny no longer had reservations about bringing her in front of his friends. Frenchie had made it all happen for her. From September to May, Danny's heart and the approval of his friends was all she had wanted. It had become a reality. The irony was that it had not made Sandy happy the way she thought it would.

Sandy can still remember the looks on her parents' faces, when she came home two hours past curfew, and they saw her in that hooker red lipstick and black leather outfit so tight she looked like she was about to spill out of it. After picking their jaws up off the floor, her mother asked, "What have those kids done to you?" "They didn't make me do this. I chose this for myself," Sandy replied. "You smell of smoke! Do those kids have you smoking too?" her father asked. Sandy looked down and chewed on her upper lip for just one second while she quickly thought of an excuse she thought her father would buy. "Daddy of course not. The others were smoking, and I just happen to be around them," she lied. Sandy couldn't even make eye contact when she answered, and neither one of them believed her anyway. Sandy's response was significant in that it marked the first time she had ever lied to her parents. The scene overall stood out, because it was the first time her parents had ever looked at her with disappointment and shame. "Does this all make you happy?" her father slowly asked. Though Sandy's answer to this question should have been true it was instead another lie. Defensively Sandy answered, "Yes Daddy it does make me happy. I'm grown up, and I needed a change. This is the way it is going to be for now own, and you both will just have to accept it!" Both of her parents just stood there, taking in Sandy's answer, wondering what had happened to their sweet daughter, wishing they would have moved back to Australia like they originally were going to, wishing she had never met Danny Zuko. He was the reason for all of this! "Well I hope that what you are giving up is worth what you are gaining," her mother said. With that they both left the room, and Sandy just stood there feeling more alone and confused than she ever had in her life.

The truth was Sandy liked the way Frenchie had dressed her, and she thought that Frenchie had done a great job, but she didn't want to wear outfits like that every day. Every now and then was fine, but those pants seriously felt like they were going to suck the life out of her, and she still liked her long, flowing skirts. Pink Ladies however did not dress like that. She also missed the way she use to be able to brush her hair without the brush getting all matted up in it. However her fellow Pink Ladies loved her hair! She also hated wearing hooker red lipstick, because it always seemed to wind up on her teeth. The only attribute of her new look that she accepted without reservation was her pierced ears. Sandy had secretly always wanted pierced ears. As for the smoking, Sandy still got ill from one cigarette.

As much as the old Sandy was still a part of her she also knew that she needed to grow as a person too. She felt like the more edgy Sandy that she'd become was just her way of doing that. It was also the only way that the T-Birds and Pink Ladies would like her, and it was the only way she was going to be able to have a successful relationship with Danny. If she went back to who she was before she would lose everything. She wasn't herself though which meant that her new "friends" liked the person they wanted her to be rather than who she really was. It meant that Danny loved the person he wanted her to be rather than who she really was. She didn't know what to do. Would she go back to being the person that made her happy, at the expense of losing the guy she loved and his friends, or would she remain the image that kept her from being alone? It felt like a lose/lose situation. Sandy would either lose Danny or herself. She couldn't take feeling like that anymore. Sandy knew that she needed to do something, and she was going to have to soon. With no one else to turn to, she called the one person who had been there for her since day one. "Hello?" a voiced said into the phone. Sandy took a deep breath, "May I speak to Frenchie?"

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