"So Many Things To Consider"

From Grease –Post Movie

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For a minute all they did was just look at each other. Neither one knew who should be the first to speak. It was very awkward since Sandy and this person had never had a conversation one on one before. Finally the guest at the door spoke.

"Hey Sandy."

"Hi, um what are you doing here?"

The guest at the door let out an uncomfortable chuckle.

"I know this is kind of weird right? Danny told me where you lived, and I wanted to talk to you about him and Rizz."

At that Sandy wanted to hear no more. It wasn't worth it.

"Look I do not mean to be rude, but I want nothing more to do with Danny or Rizzo or any of you. With the exception of Frenchie none of you ever liked me anyway."

She had started out speaking calmly, but as she went on a fire shot through her, and all bouts of courtesy and worrying about hurting another's feelings went out the door.

"I can't believe I let myself fall for Danny Zuko! He was a fake and a phony the whole time! I can't believe I even wanted to be a Pink Lady!"

With that Sandy grabbed her Pink Lady jacket that was hanging on the hall tree by the front door and threw it at the person standing before her.

"You can take this piece of garbage! I don't care what you do with it, and I don't care about any of you! Not anymore!"

Though the guest at the door had always known what to say in any situation, this incident was the exception. This person did not know whether to leave at her request or forge along and try to speak to her. The guest knew that there was more to the story that what Sandy knew.

"I know why Rizzo doesn't like you Sandy."

"Well good that you know, but personally I don't care! You can leave now!"

Sandy stood there and thought about what was happening here and then retracted her thoughts back to the party. While the last couple of days had been a nightmare for her, she had also discovered that standing up for herself felt very good. Why had she not done it all these years? She thought about all the situations where she could have spoken up and chickened out. If only she had. Would the outcome have been different? What kind of person would she be today if she had? Well Sandy decided that she couldn't waste her time thinking about the "what ifs?" She was taking up for herself now, and she did at the party a few nights ago. That was all that mattered. Better late than never.

Instead of leaving the guest at the door went on.

"Rizzo feels threatened by you."

Sandy said nothing, waiting for the guest to continue on and simultaneously wondering why Rizzo would the threatened by her.

"You see, her and Zuko broke up about three months before he met you, and though she acted all tough, I mean like it didn't bother her and all, we all knew it did. Luckily she found someone else that had a thing for her, and Zuko didn't date anyone, so it was like she had the upper hand you know?"

Sandy didn't respond but instead waited for the guest to continue on.

"Well anyway the guy was this T-Bird who was like a senior, and he had a motorcycle, and all the girls loved him, but Rizz had him. I don't think she ever liked him. I mean I think she felt important being seen with him and all, and I guess she figured Zuko would get jealous and want her back. He was the T-Bird that every T-Bird wanted to be!"

"Can you just get to the point please?" Sandy asked feeling as though she had the upper hand.

"Okay, sorry. Well he graduated and dumped her and said he was taking his motorcycle on a road trip across America. I mean he told her they were through and up and split in one day. This time though she wasn't upset. She told one of the girls that she had found someone new that would make her forget all about Danny. However she never saw that guy during the summer, because he was working. Therefore she had to wait until school started to make her move."

Sandy's patience with this story was waning.

"Look if she didn't like Danny anymore then I don't see why she feels threatened by me. She's just crazy. We're done here."

As she began to shut the door the guest stopped her.

"Wait, wait wait! I am getting to the point right now! I promise!"

Sandy let out a deep exasperated sigh.

"Fine, go ahead."

"Well the first day of school came, and she saw this guy, you know the new one she liked, standing at the registration office. He didn't see her though, and she started to go toward him to like make her move and all, but then as she got closer she saw him checking out the new girl that was filling out some forms. He was really into that chick too. He thought about going over there and making his move, but he didn't, even though he thought she was beautiful. As a matter of fact he had never seen a girl more beautiful at Rydell. Well Rizz saw what was happening and left. The guy never had a clue that Rizz was there, and the new girl never knew that either of them were there."

Sandy felt heaviness in her chest and took a deep breath before responding.

"Let me guess who the new girl was…"

"Yeah it was you."

The guest at the door waited for Sandy to say something else about what had just been said, but when she didn't the guest continued on realizing that Sandy had not made the other connection.

"The guy checking you out was me."

With that neither said anything for a few moments. Moments that felt like years.

"I had no idea you felt that way Kenechkie."

He couldn't look her in the eyes when responding instead choosing to look at his shoes.

"Yeah, funny huh?"

He let out a nervous laugh.

"Yeah I really liked you Sandy, and I thought about you all that morning. Later when I met the guys at the bleachers to crap on the football players, I even mentioned you to them."

"You did? Wouldn't Danny have said something?"

"Well he didn't know I was talking about you, and all I really said to the guys was something like 'Hey did any of you see that new chick at registration? She sure beats the foam domes around here.' Then after that the subject changed to Danny's summer at the beach and how he met you. I didn't know you were the one he met until the bonfire though."

"What about Rizz?"

"Well you ended up meeting her when Frenchie introduced you to the girls at lunch, and then you told them all about your summer with Danny. When Rizz found out that the guy you spent the whole summer with was Danny Zuko, well that just added fuel to her fire. I mean the way she saw it was that she had already lost one guy to you and now she had lost another. The guys she wanted picked you over her."

"Well then if you liked me as much as you claim then why didn't you do anything about it?"

"T-Bird code. Pink Ladies only."

"That is such a stupid rule. Just because someone is or isn't a T-Bird or Pink Lady doesn't mean that you will necessarily be compatible with them."

Kenechkie knew she was right.

"Well those are the rules for being a T-Bird or a Pink Lady though. It's like the number one rule, and it has always been that way."

"Kenechkie let me ask you something. What is the thing you like the most about being a T-Bird?"

"Everybody looking up to you, like you're some sort of a leader or something."


"Whadya mean 'exactly'?"

"Why don't you be a leader and change that rule! If the other T-Birds see you doing it then the others will follow suit."

Kenechkie liked the idea, but he didn't know how to break the news to Sandy.

"Hey uh Sandy, I meant it when I said that you were beautiful and all, but now I am really in love with Rizz."

Sandy was taken aback by his response, and she felt awkward beginning hers.

"Oh Kenechkie I didn't mean… I mean you are very handsome, and beneath that tough exterior I think there is a wonderful, humble, caring man deep down inside, but I don't see you that way, and I never did. The only man I looked at that way was Danny."

Kenechkie felt a sigh of relief at knowing where they stood with each other.

"Well about Danny…"

Sandy put her hand up to stop him.

"The subject of Danny is closed."

Kenechkie ignored her.

"He's in love with you Sandy! I know you don't believe me, but he is! Why else would I have come all the way over here?"

"I am still in the process of piecing all that together Kenechkie."

"I came over here, because it is my fault that you had problems with Danny, and it is my fault that you had problems with Rizzo. Rizzo hated you, because Zuko and I both liked you, and I also heckled Danny about how goody two-shoes you were and how you were out of his league."

"Out of his league?"

"Yeah, and the reason that I gave him such a hard time about you was because I was jealous that he had you. I remember getting pissed when we saw you at the bonfire and you two were so happy to see each other. Then when he made fun of you and you left I knew that was that. Then I ended up making it with Rizz later on that night, and I then discovered that I really liked her. By then you two were history, so it didn't seem to matter anymore. I just didn't think it was fair that Zuko could get a girl like you and I couldn't. Therefore I made him feel like he didn't deserve you."

"Well Danny could have been a man and stood up to you."

Kenechkie changed gears on the topic.

"Did you know that Danny lettered in track our senior year?"

Sandy was taken aback by this new piece of information. She had remembered seeing Danny running around the tracks at school, and she had thought she'd remembered him wearing a letterman sweater at the carnival, but she had dismissed it all as a hoax of his to win her back.

"Are you kidding me?"

"No I'm not Sandy. The guys and me were out stealing hubcaps and such, and all the while Danny was at track meets and practices. He had wanted to surprise you at the end of the school year. I envy him for it. I wish I would have lettered in something. Actually I wish I could be more like Zuko."

Kenechkie paused for a moment.

"I am probably crazy for saying this, and she would never admit it, but I think that Rizzo wishes she could be more like you."

"You're right Kenechkie that is crazy! Also if Danny really loves me so much as you claim then why is he not here telling me all of this? As a matter of fact he has made no effort to contact me since it all happened!"

"Zuko's not here, because he thinks he is not good enough for you. He thinks you deserve someone who would not hurt you the way he has. He wants the best for you, and he doesn't think he is the best. Danny believes you are better off without him."

Sandy put her hands on her hips.

"Yeah right! I'm really supposed to believe that Danny said all of that to you!"

"No he didn't. His mom did, and that's why I am here. He wouldn't come to the door when I went to see him. It's my fault he feels that way."

Sandy pondered everything she had been told for a moment. She didn't know what to think about all of this. She didn't know whether or not she should go to Danny or just let it go. She also didn't know what to think about these new revelations concerning Rizzo. It now made sense why Rizzo had a problem with her, but what about the last part Kenechkie had said….the part about Rizzo wishing she were more like her. Then again she also learned that Kenechkie wishes he were more like Danny and out of jealousy convinced Danny that he and Sandy were not right for each other. She looked at Kenechkie and knew what to say next.

"Kenechkie you are a better man than you think you are…"

"No I'm not." Kenechkie interjected. "I'm a greaser, I'm a tough guy and I am one of those guys that mothers warn their daughters about."

Sandy continued on.

"You are also a brave, honest and decent man Kenechkie. You coming over here was not an easy thing to do, and it shows that you really care about Danny and Rizzo. You, Kenechkie, are proof that you can never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes humans can surprise you for the better, and you most certainly did that for me."

At that moment the weight of despair was lifted away from Kenechkie. He hadn't felt this good about himself in quite some time, and he knew that Sandy was telling him the truth.

"Thanks Sandy. That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me."

Sandy smiled.

"You're welcome Kenechkie."

Kenechkie smiled too.

In one meeting the two had gone from being acquaintances to being friends.

"Oh my gosh! Where are my manners?" Sandy exclaimed suddenly.

"What is it?" Kenechkie asked.

"We have been standing here this whole time, and I never invited you in! Please come have a seat in the living room. I can get you some tea or juice if you like."

Kenechkie chuckled a little bit at Sandy's sudden outburst.

"No thanks Sandy I actually need to go. Um I'm sorry for everything."

"Everything is not your fault Kenechkie, and all is forgiven."

"Does this mean you are not mad at Zuko or Rizz anymore?"

"Well I am not mad at all anymore, about anything. I will figure out what to do about Danny and Rizzo. In the meantime I just have some thinking to do."

Kenechkie accepted her answer.

"Sounds like a fair plan. Well I guess I will go now. I am actually on my way to see Rizz."

"Does she know you came by here?"

"No she doesn't. She has been pretty upset too these last couple of days. Let me know if and when you plan to speak to Rizzo okay? I just want to prepare her."

"Well Rizzo is not my first priority, so let's not think about that."

"Alrighty. Well I will see you later Sandy. Thanks for listening to me."

"Thanks for coming by Kenechkie. Have a nice evening."

"You too Sandy."

With that Kenechkie headed down the driveway, toward the new and improved "grease lightening," then took off. After he left Sandy sat in the living room and thought about what she would do. She couldn't deny the fact that she was still in love with Danny. That was something that would never change no matter how much she tried to ignore it. Sandy then decided to go back to her room. This time however it wasn't to sob and hide from the outside world but rather to write a letter to Danny.

It was time to put all the cards on the table.

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