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Dakota: Hello and welcome to Invader ZIM…

Tamim: …Truth or dare!

Dakota: Where all of your favorite.

Tamim: Or least favorite.

Dakota: Invader ZIM Characters do.

Tamim: Embarrassing.

Dakota: Stupid.

Tamim: Life-threatening.

Dakota: Impressive (Not).

Tamim: Just plain silly.

Dakota: Tasks that YOU get to choose!

Tamim: We do

Dakota: ZIM

Tamim: GIR

Dakota: Dib

Tamim: Gaz

Dakota: The Tallest

Tamim: Tak

Dakota: MiMi

Tamim: The Computer

Dakota: Professor Membrane

Tamim: AND Keef

Dib: WAIT!

Tamim: WHAT!

Dib: We have to do ALL this!

Dakota: Yep, and to a further extent. You would wanna go back to Jack A.K.A. RulerOfFire after you see what we are gonna do to you.

Everyone but Dakota and Tamim: !

Dakota: Yep! So send some dares or truths to torture poor souls!

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