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P.S. this is a Kurtty fic although the entire emphasis of the story is not on their relationship!

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"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I'm, like, so late!" Kitty called as she raced up the stairs, phased through her door and into her bedroom. She gathered the remaining items from her bed and stuffed them into her rucksack. Shouldering it, she checked her reflection in the mirror before racing down the stairs and into the institute lobby.

"KURT!" she called as she gathered her things (one large bag, her sleeping bag and another rucksack) "Kurt, we are, like, so late! Come on!" She shouted as she struggled with her burden.

*Bamf!*  Kurt appeared behind her in a cloud of acrid brimstone. "Don't panic, Katzchen! Ve've loads of time!" He appeared as relaxed as always, a small rucksack slung over one shoulder.

"Where's your stuff?"

"I dhink you've got enough for both of us, ja?" Kurt teased, arching an eyebrow at Kitty's massive load.

"Eugh! "Kitty sighed, exasperated. "Come on Fuzzy! We're totally gonna miss the bus!"

"Dude, this is so not fair. You totally cheated in the competition, Kurt!" Evan fumed as he watched enviously as Kurt checked his gear over, upon Kitty's insistence.

"No way, man. I won fair und square! Is not my fault I'm German!" Kurt laughed at his green-eyed friend.

Jean smiled lopsided at Evan. "Come on, Evan. We all had a fair shot at it. You can't be mad at Kurt 'cause he got the highest German score. He fluent! Just like Kitty's fluent in that marine science ("Earth science" She was corrected by Kitty) stuff. It neither's fault."

"Yeah, and it's like, about time they started rewarding people for academic achievements instead of all the dumb jocks getting everything." Kitty emerged from her fort of baggage. "This week is gonna be like, so much fun, Kurt! I'm so excited! I gotta hug someone!" She bounced up and down like a child.

Upon hearing her last statement Kurt bounded to her side only to find her hugging Scott, both laughing whole-heartedly. Kurt sighed and returned to his bag to resume his check.

"You've got all week with her, Kurt, don't get jealous." Jean whispered in his ear.

"Vas?!" Kurt attempted to appear surprised. "No, Jean. Kitty ist mine best friend. I was only joking!"

"Sure, Kurt. That's why you just beat the world long jump record to get the chance to hug her!" Jean smirked her patented, all-knowing smile.

Before Kurt could respond they were joined by the Professor and Logan. The Professor surveyed the scene smiling slightly.

"All ready to go, Kurt, Kitty?" He asked.

"All set!" "Ja"

"I would just like a quick word with you two before you leave."

Kurt looked nervously to Kitty before following her over to the Professor.

"I know you're both very excited about this trip but that's no excuse to let your guard down, especially you, Kurt. I trust you have all the necessary equipment to keep you true appearance adequately hidden."

"Ja, this" He motioned to his holowatch. "und two others in my bag. Plus extra batteries. Don't vorry, Professor."

"And you'll avoid physical contact with others?"

Kurt sighed. "Ja, Professor."

The Professor smiled but the slight fear and nervousness was evident in his eyes. "And under no circumstances will you use your powers?"

"No, Professor." They chorused.

"I need not explain to you the full implications of such actions, I trust."

"No, Professor." Kurt chimed, sounding bored and slightly childish.

"Don't worry, Professor, I'll keep an eye on Kurt." Kitty beamed innocently, nudging Kurt slightly with her elbow.

"Hey, I resent that!" Kurt feigned hurt.

The Professor smiled at them. "Have a good week. I'll be keeping an eye on you." He touched his temple.

"Thanks Professor. See ya in a week!" Kitty called as she grabbed Kurt's arm and began unceremoniously to drag him into the lobby.

They loaded up their stuff, Kurt bearing the majority of Kitty's as well as his own. Once all was secure they bid their good byes to the remaining mutants, Kurt spending extra long with Evan, delighting in making his envious. Logan expressed his impatience by revving the engine of the X-van. Saying their final good byes Kurt and Kitty boarded the van, goofy smiles plastered on their faces.

"They are going to have the skies, ja?" Kurt asked lounging back in the seat.

"They supply all the equipment, Kurt. Like, do you think I would forget something as important that!?" Kitty sounded mildly offended.

"Of course not, Katzchen." Kurt gave her his best dopey-eyed look. He decided it safest to change the subject. "Have you ever been skiing before?"

"Like once and I spent more time sliding around on my ass than actually skiing." Kitty winced somewhat at the memory. "Have you?"

"Ja, loads of times. Stupid tail gets in the way though." Kurt glanced over his to his rear end, to where the offending limb would appear if not for the image inducer. Kitty giggled at him and Kurt grinned lop sided at her.

"Right kido's. Here we are." Logan pulled up outside the school, some meters from the waiting bus. He turned round to face Kitty and Kurt. "Now, no funny business for the next week. I'm looking at you elf. Keep a low profile and" He turned away from them. "have a good time."

They all exited the van and began unloading their gear. As Kurt and Kitty made their way to the bus they received the usual suspicious look from the other students. Everyone knew there was something strange about the 'institute kids' and the presence of the dangerous looking Logan scowling at all present did little to ease that reputation. Once their bags were packed away they began to board the bus. Kitty climbed aboard first, closely followed by Kurt. Just as he turned to board Logan grabbed him roughly by the shoulder. Kurt turned sharply to him.

"Hey?! Vhat are you-"

Logan cut him short. "Keep an eye on the half pint, elf." He answered roughly, nodding in Kitty's direction.

"Of course, Herr Logan." Kurt answered enthusiastically, arching an eyebrow evilly.

Logan glared at him as he boarded the bus after Kitty and took his seat next to her.   To his surprise Kurt received applause as he sat.

"We're the last people." Kitty informed him as he settled down.

"Oh." He replied uneasily as he watched Logan continue to glare at him from his position next to the bus.

Kitty followed his gaze. "Like, what was that about with Logan?"

"Eh, nozhing, Katzchen." He smiled warmly at her. "Ready for a veek of snowy fun!"

Kitty rolled her eyes good-naturedly at him and sighed long suffering.

"Is a hard life, ja!" Kurt sighed with her, slyly slipping his arm around her.

Any possible reply on Kitty's part was cut short by Mr. Williams, one of the chaperons, as he tapped lightly on the microphone, getting the excited teens attention. He cleared his throat before begininng a long and obviously prepared speech. "Welcome everybody to the first of what we hope will be many trips for those excelling on both the academic and athletic fields available to you at Bayville High." He paused momentarily, vainly hoping for applause only to be greeted by resentful silence. Unperturbed he continued. "This week shall be a reward for all the hard each and every one of you has put into your chosen field. This, however, does not give you free reign over the resort though. A number of rules have been drawn up by myself and the fellow teachers relating to your conduct through out the trip. If any of these rules are broken, it will result in your dismissal from the camp and the possibility of further reprimands on returning to school."

The students groaned collectively as Mr. Williams removed a large sheet of paper from his shirt pocket. Fixing his glasses on his nose he began to read.

"No. 1.  Under no circumstances shall a student leave the boundaries of the camp.

No. 2.   Under no circumstances shall a boy visit the girls dorms and visa versa."

He removed his glasses and arched his eyebrows at Kitty and Kurt, whose arm had mysteriously remained draped around her shoulder. Feigning innocence Kurt stretched confidently effectively removing it and scratched the back of his head all the while smirking at Mr. Williams in a rather suggestive manner. The rest of the students cheered and whooped once the realised why Mr. Williams had stopped his speech. Kitty bushed as some of the rowdier students shouted "Go Kurt!"s and "Meow Kitty!"s at them. 

Mr. William's returned to the speech. The remaining rules pertained to safety and general behaviour. Once he was finished Mr. Williams signalled to the bus driver to begin their journey. The students applauded (again) and settled down for a long trip.

Everyone settled down as the journey started. Kitty began rooting through her bags, triple checking her luggage. Kurt arched his eyebrow at her, smirking slightly.

"Eh, Keety, are you feeling alright?" He patted her shoulder sympathetically.

"There's like, no harm in being careful, Fuzzy!" She gave him a dirty look before resuming her search.

"Yeah, but it looks like it's becoming unhealthy." A voice commented from the seat in front. Forge turned to them, the same skepticle look in his face as Kurt's. "Hey guys!" He greeted them warmly.

"Hey dude. I didn't know you vere coming too!" Kurt beamed at him.

"Likewise." Kitty finally looked up from her rucksack.

"Highest in my auto shop class." Forge smirked. "With a little help…" He momentarily morphed a finger into some form of mechanical device before quickly reverting it back.

"Aw. You cheated, man!" Kurt laughed loudly, leading back in his chair.

"Oh, like and you were totally honest and all." Kitty replied sarcastically. She looked to Forge. "Highest in German." She said in answer, inclining her head towards Kurt, before once more resuming her checklist.

Forge and Kurt laughed at Kitty's display. "How did you get here, Kitty?" Forge asked as he made himself more comfortable.

"Eh, Earth Science." Kitty mumbled.

"Ja! Along vith every other class you take." Kitty blushed deeply. Forge gave Kurt a puzzled look once Kitty obviously avoided his questioning glances. "She got da top in every class she takes so they just pulled Earth Science out of a hat but she could have got here vith any of her classes." Kurt explained, smiling proudly.

Kitty blushed deeper and Kurt smiled lopsidedly at her. Forge cleared his throat catching Kurt's attention. Forge smiled cheekily at Kurt while winking suggestively at Kitty. Kurt blushed slightly and brushed his hair back with the illusion of two fingers.

The three chatted for sometime. It was when Forge and Kurt were animatedly discussing the Beatles that Kitty began to drop off, and only when Kurt turned to her for her opinion on "Hey Jude" that he realised she was sleeping soundly, her head resting slightly on his shoulder.

"Do you think ve vere boring her?" He asked Forge in a whisper.

"Maybe. She not really into music, is she?"

"If you consider 'country' music." Kurt snickered.

Forge stifled a snigger. "She's into country? I never would have thought. She seems more a pop kinda girl."

"God knows I've tried to show her the error of her ways but she can be stubborn vhen she vants to." Kurt added with a sigh, pushing Kitty's long bangs back of her face.

Forge observed this action with interest. "You and Kitty, you aren't… know…"

Kurt turned a puzzled face to him. "Vas?"

"An item?"

"Ha,  huh, ja, right!" It was bad enough that everyone at the Institute knew he adored Kitty, what he really didn't need was for it to start at school too. "No, ha, no. Ve're just friends." He tried to act breezy but his blush told differently.

"Ok, whatever you say, man. I'll leave you and Sleeping Beauty alone, shall I?" Forge replied sarcastically as he turned around to sit properly in his seat.

Kurt sighed. At this point his 'crush' on Kitty was really getting on his nerves. How long had he been at the institute now? Two years? He was starting to think himself ridiculous and he didn't even want to know what the others thought. Although to be honest, they never really said anything directly to him. Everyone accepted his and Kitty's twisted relationship, it being him mainly swooning over her every move and her being completely oblivious to it. Sure, in the beginning she was, to use her own phrasing 'freaked' by him and his enthusiastic attempts to flirt with her, but things had changed over the years. She had stopped taking his flirtations serious, as if they had become part of every day life and no longer required attention. This strangely enough had evented in them becoming steadfast friends. They spent most of their free time with each other, allowing Kurt ample time to fall even worse for her.

He sighed. Maybe it would be better if he distanced himself from her. Tried to forget about her. Admittedly, a difficult feat when you're sharing a house with someone but Kurt was nothing if not resourceful. He cherished every minute he spent with Kitty, but it also hurt. He was so close, yet he would forever remain on the periphery, never a full part of her life, not in the way he wanted anyway.

But if being Kitty's friend was the only way he could be close to her, he would gladly suffer the heartache it brought.

The bus came to a stop, haulting Kurt's internal turmoil. He yawned and looked out into the dark night. Snow was falling lightly all around. Kitty loved the snow. He turned to look at her. She was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder still. He moved to touch her face in an attempt to rouse her but reconsidered it and gently shook her shoulder instead.

With a slight moan Kitty began to wake. Gingerly she stretched her muscles, inadvertently applying more pressure to Kurt's shoulder. She slowly began to regain consciousness, bringing a hand to her face to rub the sleep from her eyes.

Kurt roused her further. "Come on Katzchen, do you vant to be last off the bus, as vell?!" He whispered.

Kitty suddenly bolted awake, as Kurt made her aware of what (or rather who) she was using for a pillow. "Sorry, Kurt. Did I like, fall asleep on you?" She asked blushing slightly.

Kurt smiled warmly at her. "I hardly noticed Keety. You're as light as a feather. Now if the Blob snuggled up on my shoulder, that would be a different story!"

Kitty stepped out of her seat and began to unload their bags from the overhead compartment. "I was not 'snuggling up' Fuzzy!" She replied indignantly.

"Sure, Keety. Live in denial!" Kurt joked.

In response Kitty harshly threw his bag at him. Kurt caught it roughly as it collided with his stomach. He looked to Kitty shocked. She smiled sweetly at him before getting off the bus.

Everyone's bagadge was unloaded and they wearily trooped through the snow and up to their cabins. Mr. Williams had instructed them to drop of their bags and then to go straight to the common room. Once everyone was assembled, the timetable for the week was read out. Everyone listened excitedly, in eagar anticipation for the forth coming events. Once he finished Mr. Williams allowed them an hour to rest and get something to eat.

"But I want you all in your rooms by ten o'clock. Lights out by half ten, understood." He finished, glancing around at the assemble youngsters.

Everyone began to settle in. Kurt immediately loaded up with food, sighing contently to himself as he dug in. Kitty protested at how 'gross' he was, which (Kurt being Kurt) only prompted him to eat faster.

Everyone was becoming relaxed and comfortable when suddenly the door swung open emitting a vast flurry of snow and wind. At least fifteen armed men dressed in black entered the room. They began shouting orders and moving people to the back wall. Kurt nimbly moved to Kitty's side and began to pull her back with him. The last thing they needed was for Kitty to phase in a moment of panic or for one of the army men grab him and feel his fur. Following the orders of the men they stood with their backs against the wall, their hands over their heads.

Once everyone was secured a man of what looked like rank and importance immerged from seemingly nowhere. He stood before them looking threatening. "Don't worry kids. We are only here to perform a simple vaccination. It seems that a rather virulent strain of the Hanta Virus is prevalent in these woods and were only going to give you a simple shot to prevent you from contracting it. It should take less than ten minutes to vaccinate you all, then we'll be on our way. Unfortunately if you have contracted the virus, the vaccination will cause fainting and we will have to take you to a medical facility for treatment, but that is highly unlikely." He turned from the frightened youngsters and signalled one of his men to come forward.

A young officer marched up to him and placed a black case on a table. Following him was an older man, with receding brown hair. He was dressed in a white coat, and all took him to be a doctor. He opened the case and retrieved a needle and a large vial. He inserted the needle into the vial and sucked up some of the liquid. Holding it in front of him he tapped the needle twice before ejecting a small stream of the liquid. He walked to the first student in line and grabbing their arm, pushed up their sleeve. The boy pulled back instinctively.

"Don't John." Mr. Williams stepped forward. "This has been cleared with the school."

John didn't look any more at ease with this knowledge, nevertheless he allowed the 'doctor' to inject him. He rubbed his arm once the needle was removed. The doctor moved on oblivious to John and injected the next student, Forge. As soon as the liquid had been injected into his skin Forge gasped as if in intense pain. He pulled his arm close to his body before falling to his knees and finally collapsing completely. The students gasped and moved far away form the stricken Forge. He was roughly picked up by two cadets. They savagely lay him on a stretcher and took him out into the night.

Mr. Williams looked completely shocked. He stared wide-eyed after Forge, mopping his brow with a hanky chief. "I would have never know, General" He breathed barely above  a whisper.

"I told you. They're everywhere. Disgusting mutants." The officer in control splat on the floor.

Kurt and Kitty  both look shocked over to him. Kitty immediately grabbed Kurt's hand. He could feel her shaking.

"Shh, Katzchen. It'll be alright." He whispered reassuringly squeezing her hand.

Kitty couldn't answer him as she tried to blink back the tears.

Unfortunately the General was closely watching their exchange. He had noticed something strange about that boy as soon as he laid eyes on him, he was trained to. There was just something wrong about the way he held himself, something he didn't like.

"Doctor." He had called to the man who was still injecting students. "Take a look at this one." He motioned to Kitty. "Looks a little pale don't you think?"

Kurt looked to Kitty. She certainly did look pale but he suspected something else. Kitty was almost hyperventilating. She was clutching his hand with every piece of strength she had.

"Yes, she does look, eh, pale alright." The doctor stood on front of Kitty and tapped the needle, displacing any air bubbles contained in the liquid. "Roll up your sleeve, dear." He said patronisingly. He squirted a stream of the liquid in their direction.

But Kitty had not moved. Or rather she had moved closer to Kurt, who was now shielding her with his body.

"We can do your boyfriend first if you want, honey." The doctor made eyes at two officers to restrain Kurt. Just as the were about to grab him, he and the girl with him disappeared. All that remained was a grey cloud and a foul smell.

All hell broke loose in the room. The general swore profusely before sending a team out to find Kurt and Kitty.


Kurt and Kitty appeared in a cloud right in the middle of the snowstorm. Both immediately collapsed on their hands and knees, gasping for breath and attempting to control their nausea.

"I'm sorry, Keety. I…..took us…….as far as…..I could go." Kurt said between breaths.

"It's ok, Kurt. At least we got away." Kitty composed herself quicker. It was obvious to her Kurt had borne the brunt of the teleport. "Are you ok?"

"I'll….be fine." Kurt looked up at her before a wave of nausea over came him and forced him to lower his head.

Kitty sat by him and rubbed his back soothingly. Eventually he sat up, although it was evident he was still not back to full strength.

"Is a good thing I ate so much earlier, ja?" He joked.

Kitty sniffed and nodded, smiling sadly. "We should find shelter."


Kitty helped him to stand. Once Kurt was upright he took stock of their surroundings. They were deep in the forest, far from any signs of civilization.

"That looks a good a place as any." Kurt motioned to a fallen tree. It was hollow on the inside and relatively dry. Kitty helped him inside and they sat down, attempting to get comfortable. Reluctantly Kurt turned off his holowatch. He was not sure how much battery he had left and there may yet come a time when he desperately needed it.

"Its….s..s..ssoo…c.c.cold." Kitty shivered next to him. She was wearing only a light cotton top, obviously they hadn't had time to retrieve their jackets.

"Here." Kurt removed his sweater and attempted to help Kitty put it on.

"No, Kkurt. Yyyou'll…ffreeze. You've only ggot a t-shirt on!" She argued.

"Fur Kitty. Nnnnot only aesthetically pleasing!" In spite of himself Kurt shivered too. He knew he was nowhere near as cold as Kitty but he couldn't help his body's natural reaction. "I'll bbbe fine. Fur'll kkeep me varm, honest."

"Here" Kitty moved closer to him. She attempted to drape the sweater over both of them. Unfortunately, Kurt's shyness prevented him from moving closer to Kitty to seek warmth. Sighing, she crawled closer to him so that their shoulders meet. Gingerly she placed Kurt's arm around her shoulder and snuggled closer to him.

Taking Kitty's lead Kurt pulled her closer, rubbing his hand across her back in an attempt to warm her further. He looked down at her. Her eyes were clenched shut, her lips had gone an alarming blue and her entire body was shaking. Her hands were red and painful looking. Sighing he removed his hand from her back.

"Hhhhey." Kitty mumbled into his chest, too cold to move.

"Your hands." He said simply. Ever so gently Kurt took Kitty's small hands in his own. She cried out in pain as he did so. "I'm sorry, Katzhen, but we have to get them warm, ok?"

Kitty nodded her head in answer, sniffing slightly. Kurt began to rub her hands gently with his fingers. He worked each little finger singly, restoring the warmth and feeling. Once they were adequately warm Kurt cupped them in his own hands and brought them to his lips, breathing softly on them, attempting to warm them further.

"Better?" He looked down at Kitty, nestled snugly against his chest. She nodded, blushing slightly. Reluctantly Kurt released her hands. Kitty sighed at the loss of his warmth. She hid her hands by her sides attempting to keep the warmth in them, but found it cold and uninviting compared to Kurt's heat.

"Kurt, do you mind if.." She found herself lost for words. Kurt looked down at her, clueless as ever. Sighing she timidly placed her hands under Kurt's t-shirt, guiltily relishing in her newfound warmth.

From the look on Kurt's face he very much didn't mind. He barely managed an "ok".

Now that Kitty had permission she allowed herself to get more comfortable. She laid her head on Kurt's chest and hugged his waist. He replaced his hand on her back, while pulling the sweater tighter around them.

They sat in silence for sometime, Kurt aimlessly tracing patterns across Kitty's back.

"What's going to happen now, Kurt?" Kitty's voice sounded small and distant in the absolute darkness.

"I don't know." He answered truthfully.

"They know were mutants." Kitty stated what both were afraid of.

Kurt sighed. "Ve'll tell them I'm a mutant. Pretend I took you hostage or something."

Kitty attempted to face him but Kurt held her firm. "No way! Are you like, delusional? We can deal with this. We just have to get back to the institute and the Professor will know exactly what to do, right?"

"Right." Kurt attempted to sound confident but failed miserably.

Neither wanted to mention that it was highly likely they had exposed the entire institute and all those contained in it. They would cross that bridge when they came to it, for now their immediate concern was making it through the night.

The wind howled out side their shelter and snow was already forming a drift across their hiding place. Kurt and Kitty held steadfast to each other for both emotion and physical comfort. Their worst fear was being realised, their secret was out.

"What about Forge?" Kitty asked her voice almost failing her.

Kurt sighed but failed to reply, he responded by hugging her closer as the tears cascaded down her face.

End Chapter One….

Ok, not much happened in that chapter, but remember it's only setting the scene. Things get far more interesting from here on in!!!