Takes place in medieval times with castles and stuff.

"It's time for your studies, your highness." brown eyes stared out the castle window, watching all of the kingdom's children play together. "Your highness?" the tutor took a step forward and looked at the prince, in worry. "Another time, Neji." the older male just sighed and left. His father, the king, would be upset if he missed another lesson.

The prince continued to watch the children play as the sun set, till it turned to night. "Tch." he got up from his chair and started walking to the kitchen, deciding to get a roll. It was night time and he was supposed to have his servants get him food, but even during the day he wasn't allowed alone, his father and mother thinking he would get attacked by rebellious servants.

The idea was strange to him, since they had all of the servants and guards thoroughly checked for them to work serve in the castle. Just because of one incident that happened in the Konoha Castle and the prince was murdered, he was never supposed to be let out of sight. His father had said he would stop with all of the guards, but he knew there would be some guarding his door, or some outside his thirty story window.

It was strange that there were no guards by his door that night. He shrugged it off. His mother said that he thinks to much for an eight year-old. Going through different halls and steps, he was about to reach the kitchen when he heard a moan of pain. He entered finding his chef on the floor, clutching her enlarged stomach in pain.

She saw him and her eyes widened in fear. The servants were always supposed to bow when royalty passed by them working hard, but she couldn't get up at all. The prince never liked that rule; he thought it was silly and always tried to tell them to stop, but if they didn't the guards would punish them. "I came to get a roll." was all he said before going to a basket on the counter and taking off the cloth, he grabbed one.

"P-please, y-your highness. P-please may you get-" she winced and bit her lip, making him growl. He hated waiting, and she knew that so she tried to hurry, "A-a servant... Please?" he sighed; it wouldn't hurt to help the poor woman, "Fine, but I want strawberry pastries tomorrow morning." she smiled and nodded, "Yes, you'll h-have all the pastries you want just... G-go."

He nodded and ran to the servants corridors. That was something that a prince should never do. He should never run, leave that to the servants and horses and he should never go to the servants corridors for any reason. A king wouldn't waste his time there at all, so why should a prince. Going into the bog room with beds he ran up to a servant he knew.

All the servants were asleep so he tried to be quiet, "Konan... Konan." he gently shook the bluenette awake and once she saw him, her eyes went wide. "You're not supposed to be in here, your highness." she whispered, getting up, "I know, but Dia said to go get a servant." he saw the orange eyes get bigger. "Where is she?" she whispered, getting her ratty shoes on.

"In the kitchen." she nodded and woke up three other servants. "What was going on?" she asked. "She looked like she was in pain and she couldn't get up." she nodded and told the three servants to go get supplies. "You should go back to your room, your highness." he shook his head, "I want to see what's wrong." she bit her lip and sighed, "Your mother and father wouldn't want you to be there. Please go wait in your room." he nodded and she sighed.

He wasn't actually going to wait in his room, he was going to go see what the big fuss was about in the first place. There was screaming in the cook's room and he covered his ears. He never liked the sound, it reminded him of the tortures he witnessed on accident when he was four. "Come on, Dia..." there was another scream and the prince heard a small cry.

He had only heard it once, when he saw his youngest cousin at infancy and he had began to cry. "It's a boy, Dia." he heard a relieved sigh and he peeked around the corner, to see the chef holding a small bundle in her arms. She looked so tired, her blue eyes seemed lifeless and her blond hair was stuck to her face. "Konan... I need you to... take care of him okay...?" she asked, trying to hand the infant to the other servant.

"W-what do you mean?" Konan asked back, not taking the child. "I can't go on, Konan... I need someone to raise him... please...?" her voice was getting softer, which the prince didn't understand at all. "I can't name him." Konan said in defeat, tears streaming down her face. Dia smiled, "I'll name him..." she looked thoughtful, "... Deidara."

The prince felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up at his father. "You should be asleep, Sasori." he frowned, "I was helping, Dia." he heard his father sigh and look into the room, as the blond's eyes closed, "You've helped her enough, now." Konan looked at the door and saw the king standing there. She panicked and bowed, trying to hold the newborn in her arm, still.

"Rise." she did so and stood up. "I am sorry, but Dia has-" he held up his hand and looked at the bluenette solemnly, "I know. Until the child is able to care for itself, you will be raising it." Konan gulped, "It's a boy, your highness." Sasori watched as his father sighed, "That's fine. Come, Sasori. You should be in bed." he grabbed his son's shoulder and lead him down a hall away from the room.

The younger redhead looked back at the teen, still holding the infant in her arms. She gave him a sad gaze and looked down at the bundle in her arms. Looking ahead of him again, he sighed. So, the baby's name was "Deidara"?