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(Sasori is 27)

-One year later-

Sasori stared down at his father, who was in his death bed. (A/N: STDS!) The king already knew he was going to die and that meant that Sasori would be king once more. He still thought that his son did not learn his lesson, but he couldn't do anything about it now.

The king had only died a few days later and Sasori became king. To honor his father's death he had a ball to celebrate what a great king he was. As he sat on his throne, he eyed a blond across the room. She resembled his servant greatly and that was the only reason he noticed her.

She had long blond hair that hung down her back. She had two big blue eyes and ageless sun-kissed skin, which made him assume that she was in her teens.. Her dress was all the way to the floor and a deep blue; it had sleeves that went all the way to her wrists. The king felt drawn to the blond and decided that since the ball was almost over it wouldn't hurt to have one dance. Once he stood up most people looked in his direction, wondering what he was doing.

Once he reached the blond stranger, she looked at him shocked. He bowed his head and held out his hand. "May I have this dance?" He asked with a small smile, making the blond blush deep scarlet.

She curtsied and stammered with a small, "You may." Sasori gave a kind smile and led her around the dance floor. All of the nobles got off the floor to let the duo dance, making the blond blush even more. The music was nice and soft and it seemed to set the mood. After a while she looked up to see thew king was still smiling.

She gulped. "Wh-why did you ask me to dance?" She said, catching a few peoples attention.

Sasori continued to smile. "You looked lonely, so I thought it would be nice to dance. This is actually my first time dancing at a ball," He admitted, slightly embarrassed.

The teen bit her lip and looked down, before looking up with a small smile. "This is my first dance, as well," She confessed, her blush growing.

The king smiled. "Well, you're doing well," He reassured her as they danced some more, till the song came to an end. Sasori didn't want to let go of the blond, but he did so and she walked away, before being surrounded by a few noble girls her age, asking her questions about what it was like to dance with a king and why he chose her. She just answered with a big blush and a few stutters.

Sasori smiled and walked back to his throne as the ball went on its way. He eyed the blond across the room and she blushed when they met eye contact, before looking away. The king had a small feeling that things may start going for the better.

-Two months later-

It was quick and rather rushed, but it didn't seem fast enough for the duo. Sasori stood at the alter once more with a new wife beside him. She looked scared but excited. Everyone was happy that the king was now remarried and this time happily. Most nobles didn't like the new wife, simply because they thought he chose her because he looked like his old servant and that she was blond with blue eyes; which was considered trash in Suna.

Once both of them said their "I do"s they had kissed, which got many cheers from the witnesses. Sasori soon pulled away and looked down at his wife. "I love you," He said, as he brushed his fingers against her soft skin.

She smiled sweetly. "I love you, too, u-"

"Your highness!" The said redhead turned around to see a friend from long ago. "I can't believe I missed your wedding!" He exclaimed and Sasori just chuckled.
"I guess I can forgive you, Akira," He said with a small teasing tone.

The brunette sighed and gazed at his former friends new wife and grinned. "So you must be the lucky lady," He said, his grin growing. She blushed smiled, before nodding. "Well, aren't you going to introduce me?" He asked the king.

Sasori sighed in fake distress. "Fine, this is Safaia. She came from Iwa," He explained, making his friend's eyes widen in interest. (A/N: Safaia means sapphire.)
"Iwa, eh? I didn't know you went for foreigners," He teased with a chuckle.

Sasori smiled and they continued their conversation. Soon the couple went to their new room and it was well past midnight. Safaia stared out the window, watching the moon intensely. She felt a pair of arms encircle her waist and she looked behind her to see her smiling husband. He gave her a small kiss on the forehead and she gave a small smile before turning around to kiss her husband on the lips.

It was a hesitant kiss, but soon it turned more passionate and more needy. Sasori pulled her over to the bed and lied her down, before continuing their kiss again.

-Three months later-

Safaia tried to ignore the glares and gossip of the other nobles. "She can't even have children, for pete's sake! I don't know why the king even bothers with her anymore," A snobby teen said, sending a glare to the blond.

She looked away, tears in her eyes. She hated being talked about in general, but actually being insulted was the worst. She continued to walk to her and her lover's room, only to be greeted by her husband. He frowned. "Safaia, what's wrong?" He asked, and she just sighed, before wiping away her tears.

"It's nothing, Danna, I just don't like the attention," She said, in a small voice. She was so used to being ignored that this was a bug change and she was uncomfortable with it.

Sasori nodded and brought his love close, before whispering reassuring words, before they headed to their room.

Only a month later they were out in the kingdom, taking a stroll when the queen heard something. She went into a dirty alley, which her husband tried to stop her from going into.

"S-Sasori, th-there's a baby in here!" She exclaimed, which they found to be the sound. It was in a dirty blanket and she guessed that it was about a month old. "Someone just left her here," She said sadly. She picked it up and brought it to her husband. "She has nowhere to go a-and... We don't have a child," She said quietly.

She did want a child for a while and this seemed like a good opportunity. She looked up at her lover's face, which was in a grimace. "Safaia, y-you know I don't like children."

She looked down slightly sad. "I understand, un," She muttered. She was about to go back into the alley, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She saw her husband's piteous gaze and she smiled. They were keeping her.

-Five years later-

(Sasori is 32 and "Safaia" is 24)

Big blue eyes opened to the sun rising. Dia sat up when she realized that today was her birthday and that today was also a festival. She jumped out of bed, still in her nightgown and ran to her parents room. As she ran, her long golden hair flew behind her. The little five year old couldn't contain her excitement. This was the first time she was actually going to leave the castle walls!

Once she reached her parents bedroom door, she barged in. Her parents were still sleeping and she ran and jumped onto their bed. "Mother, Father, wake up!" She cried, shaking them. She gasped when she saw her mother's back. It was scarred beyond belief.

Safaia opened her eyes when she felt someone shoving her. She sat up, bringing the blanket to cover her bare chest and was surprised to see her daughter wide eyed. "What happened to your back, Mother?"

Safaia's eyes widened and she bit her lip. "I was in an accident," She lied but Dia seemed to believe her.

"O-oh... Today's my birthday!" She cheered, again, this time waking her father.

"Dia, what did we say about coming into our room when we're still sleeping?" Sasori asked, sitting up, shirtless.

The blond pouted. "Fa-a-ather~!" She whined and the king sighed.

"Fine, just this once," He said, making the five year grin and nod.

"Today's my birthday and you said that I can go to the festival today," She said excited as ever.

Safaia giggled and nodded. "You can, but let me and your father get dressed, okay. Then we can leave, un," The queen said with a small but tired smile.

Dia nodded and received kisses on the cheek by both parents, before leaving and closing the door.

Safaia frowned. "What's wrong, love?"

"She saw my back," The blond commented, her frown deepening.

Sasori nodded and pulled his love into his lap. "She was going to see it sooner or later with barging in all the time," He said, as he traced the patterns on his former servants back.

"I still don't like my new name, un."

Sasori smiled and chuckled. "I thought you liked sapphires."

Deidara shrugged his shoulders. "They're okay," He said with a yawn. "I should've remembered to put on a shirt last night."

The king chuckled. "You did, but we were having too much fun," He said, as he nibbled on his love's ear.

Deidara gave a small whine and pushed him away. "We have to get ready before Dia comes through the door again," He protested, before getting out of bed.

"Fine fine," The redhead muttered as he got out of bed as well. He still couldn't believe that his plan six years ago actually worked.


Deidara had still not woken up yet and the sun was about to rise. There was a small knock on the door and Sasori quickly granted entry.

"Did Dei wake up yet?" Ino asked, but once she saw her friend's condition she got her answer. "What're you going to do, your highness?" Apparently word had spread around how he was in a relationship with his servant and the deal that he and his father had made was also in the air.

The prince shook his head. "I don't know," He whispered. He looked up and saw the slave. An idea formed in his mind and he quickly asked the blond. She hesitated at first, but once she saw her dying friend she agreed. She would pose as her friend and leave the kingdom. She would no longer be a slave and would be free.

Once Ino had left, Sasori had moved his love to the secret room in the walls and kept him there till he recovered. As the blond was recovering he would go back and forth between the two rooms. His recovery was slow and it practically took a year. Once he had heard what his friend had done for him he began to cry. He had already planned to die and he was worried she would die now. But of course his lover would reassure him that she made it out of the kingdom safely.

After he had recovered once more his Danna had made a plan for them to meet at a ball and they would get married. It was a long shot but Sasori hated seeing his love so confined. The plan worked and they were now living happily.

Once Deidara was dressed in a new dress that Sasori had bought for him and the king was in his best clothes as well, they headed out, both wearing their famous headpieces. Deidara a silver crown and Sasori a gold one.

They went to find their daughter, who was all ready. A servant always helped her dress, but Deidara always brushed and made her hair. If you looked at them, you would think that both blond's were related, but they were actually complete strangers when it came to that.

As the older blond brushed his daughter's hair he began explaining about his back and how he was a slave. It probably wasn't the best news to hear on your birthday and it even made the little blond cry. Deidara soothed her the best he could and reassured her that everything was fine. After five minutes she quieted down and looked up at her mother with teary eyes.

Deidara wiped them away and kissed her forehead, before finishing her hair. Her hair was down in a braid, but with two bangs on the side of her head. Deidara had even gone back to having his hair to it's usual style.

Once everyone was ready, they headed to the kingdom and celebrated the princess' birthday.

Sasori smiled as he saw his family having so much fun. They watched little puppet shows, ate junk food and played games. Soon it was night time and Sasori carried his daughter in one arm, her arms wrapped around his neck and her head rested on his shoulders. His other hand was grasping his love's as they walked back to the carriage.

"Did you like today?" He asked his love quietly for fear of waking their daughter.

Deidara nodded. "I did, un. It was fun getting out of the castle," He said with a small smile.

Sasori smiled as well and kissed his wife on the side of his head. "Good... I love you," He whispered and Deidara blushed.

"I love you, too, un," He replied, before kissing his lover on the lips, softly.

Sasori smiled and pulled away, still tasting the blond on his lips. "The forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest."

The End