A/N: I handwrote this—rather, handscribbled this in a notebook a few weeks ago and while cleaning my notebook, I stumbled across it and decided to type it up. So, yeah. Enjoy.

Bad Romance

Kitty flopped down on her bed, crying. She had come home two hours before curfew, when she was supposedly on a date with Lance, but when she had run past the common room with tears streaming down her face, everybody had assumed (quite logically, really) that the date was over. Once she had let most of her tears go, she rolled over and stared at the ceiling for a moment before reaching over to her iPod and playing "Bad Romance".

"I want your love an' all your lovers' revenge, you and me could write a bad romance,"

She turned the volume up really loud and put her arm over her face and let the music make her mind go numb. It would've worked if somebody hadn't knocked on the door.

"Hey Half-Pint," Logan pushed the door open and came over to sit on the bed next to her. "Anythin' you wanna talk about?"

"Lance is an a-hole." Kitty mumbled around her arm.

"Language," Logan cautioned. "How do you stand this noise?" he went to turn the volume down, but Kitty kicked his arm away.

"It's called music, and I like it." She muttered, though with more emotion.

"Ohh, this is that Lady Crazy, isn't it?" he asked.

"It's Lady GaGa, Logan." Kitty gave a watery little laugh.

"Whatever. I still won't forget the time I plugged my iPod into your computer to charge and it connected to something and when I went to listen to it, I had that Lady GaGa and the Owl Boy singing in my ears." Logan grumbled, and Kitty started laughing.

"Yeah—would you like some Justin Bieber for your birthday?" she asked, going into laughing overdrive at her own joke.

"Bieber," Logan growled. "You could use that as a cussword. BIEBER!" he barked, making Kitty jump and shriek with laughter.

"B-bie-bieber . . . !" Kitty coughed in between shrill laughs.

"Whoa, easy, Half-Pint, don't want you choking on your own spit or anything," Logan cautioned, easing Kitty into a sitting position. She coughed again and giggled a little, but calmed down.

"Yeah," she agreed, then remembered the look on Logan's face when he had said "BIEBER!" and burst into fresh laughter.

"God . . . when you choke to death from laughing and they haul me into court on murder charges, I'll have to say I laughed you do death," Logan mumbled, patting Kitty on the back, but only succeeding in making her cough harder.

"Ow! Stop!" she choked, then gasped for air. Logan opened his mouth to say "at least you stopped laughing," when Kitty held up her hand. "Don't say anything or I'll start laughing again."

Logan closed his mouth. Kitty smiled. "Good. BRB," and hopped off the bed, running into the bathroom. He heard the water run for a moment, and when Kitty came back, her face and bangs were wet.

"All better," she smiled again.

"Good." Logan said.

"Hey Logan?"



"Anytime, Kit."

Just a writing doodle, and for once, not Kurtty. Sometimes I get sick of that uber-happy German elf, so I substitute him for a grouchy Canadian wolverine! :P

And in case you didn't get it, "the Owl Boy" is Owl City.

This story is based on an actual conversation I had with my dad after I came running home crying because my pseudo-boyfriend (long story) had called me a bitch. *shrugs* I guess laugher is the best medicine! :D