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Johan: Why do I have a bed feeling about this one?

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Johan: Damn straight I am!

Judai: But Johan, she did have us engaged.

Johan: …Yeah I guess she did.

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"C'mon! C'mon!" a brown-haired youth coaxed his luggage to shut it's mouth. However, it was stubborn as Judai wrestled with the green-colored suitcase. He belly flopped onto the bag before scrambling onto the bag and sitting on it. His fingers fumbled to zip the item completely closed. When he did the brunette breathed a sigh of relief. "Gotcha!"

Suddenly the top of the suitcase disagreed, ejecting the duelist from his perch and sprawled onto the ground. Clothes and other items clattered onto the carpeted floor of the room he resided. SWISH! A door opened to reveal Johan. Green eyes scanned the room. "Need help?"

"Just a little…" the holder of Haou answered. It had bee about two months since he and his bluenette lover were engaged and began a new life. The nineteen-year-old, in order to remain with his boyfriend, joined a secret organization, Echo, that Johan, his twin sister, Jazzlyn, and his adoptive parents, Devi and Leanne, were employed under. They were paranormal anomaly detectives, or PAD for short, whose jobs were to investigate, exorcise, solve, even exterminate the supernatural.

Johan started to neatly fold the clothes of the former Osiris student into the suitcase. Judai discovered that the PAD was an exceptional marksman for his age and, according to his relatives, a cunning agent. With an eyesight surpassing a human's, the green-eyed male could hit virtually every target. The bluenette revealed his home, family, and occupation prior to their engagement, fearing the caramel-eyed adolescent would reject him. However, the experience only strengthen their bond.

During the beginning of learning Johan's trade, both he and Judai were captured by two members of an opposing organization known as Haze. Their captors, an affluent gentleman and a hunter, were familiar with the gunman, and continually tortured Johan. Only after injuring the brunette enraged the agent sufficiently to construct a hasty escape. After Judai was in safe hands did the green-eyed operative scout his captors.

That was when Judai discovered the hidden darkness in Johan's heart, which manifested as a spiteful resentment towards the two men that tortured him, Giese and Reaper. In the past Giese had been the man who killed his original deck's spirits. Reaper, in the twenty-year-old's mind, was the blame for the 'death' of his parents (they were declared missing after an explosion). Hell-bent on revenge, Johan actually stood at gunpoint with Reaper, prepared to shoot a bullet that would've killed both the silver-haired man and himself. Of course Judai stopped his love from hurting himself but never ceased worrying over the mar of darkness in his fiancé.

ZIP! The luggage shut with no resistance. A smirk of satisfaction graced the experienced PAD's face. Caramel eyes glared teasingly before their lips met. Behind the couple a gagging noise was heard. "Jeez, are you even gonna wait for marriage?"

Both males broke away, flushed at the newcomer. In the doorway stared what would be Johan had he been born female. The lady, they knew, as Jazzlyn, Johan's younger twin sister. First to recover from their embarrassing moment, the marksman queried. " What do you want, Jazz?"

"Just letting you know, that we'll be there in another hour or so." she informed. "Now come down for lunch."

The couple followed Jazzlyn into the lounge, one of the normal appearing rooms in the GHOST, short for Getaway Hovercraft for Overseas and Space Travel. Though Judai memorized all the locations of weapons in the vicinity. On a table sat a smorgasbord of sandwiches and desserts. They sat in chairs where Johan's caretakers, Devi and Leanne sat. The two sat besides each other, and cautiously sampling a sandwich. "This is good, who cooked?"

"Jazzlyn." the purple-haired mother of the Andersen twins chirped. Immediately Johan and Judai choked, trying to dispel the foot. From across the room, the cook for lunch crossed her arms. "I'm not that bad of a cook!"

Everyone laughed.


The GHOST landed within the private area of the Japanese airport. The brunette quipped. "You know, I' always what's behind here."

His green bad glided against tiled floors of the airport. A grey rolling duffel and it's owner accompanied it. The males had their hands intertwined with a certain twin trailing behind them, who was carrying a blue duffel bag casually along her shoulder. The trio strolled into the baggage claim area. Caramel eyes scanned the vicinity until they noticed a sign that read 'Yuki'.

A tall man garbed in slacks and a white collar shirt held the sign. The dark purple-haired man's brown eyes locked with the nineteen-year-old's gaze. Judai laughed and hugged the person. And his boyfriend, despite knowing that his fiancé was just really friendly, suppressed the twinge of jealousy bubbling. "Koichi!"

"Okaeri nasai (1), Judai-sama." the guy, Koichi, greeted as the Andersen twins approached. The former Osiris student turned to the duo. "Koichi, this is my fiancé, Johan."

Johan gave a polite bow. "Hajimemashite (2)."

"And his sister, Jazzlyn." The woman gave a similar gesture. "Johan, Jazz, this is Koichi and he's my…uh…"

"His butler." the brown-eyed man finished before glancing at his wristwatch. "Judai-sama, shall we go?"

A nod promptly answered. The butler led the trio to a sleek silver SUV/van. The corporate casually dressed man opened the door for the group and took the luggage, despite the duelists' protests. The settled into seats which were surrounding a table while Koichi drove. Mirroring the time the couple rode on a motorcycle through the countryside, Johan wondered. "Uh…Neo, are you rich?"

Copying the answer the marksman gave, the brunette smiled. "It was the butler wasn't it? Hate me for it?"

"Maybe~" the young adult answered in a flirtatious manner. Having enough of the lovey-dovey stuff, Jazzlyn cried. "Oh get a room already!"

The younger Andersen child hadn't intended to come along with the duo. In fact, she insisted to stay away from the couple, claiming that they were on their romantic getaway. (Not that she was lying on that note) However, it was both of her surrogate parents urging, and in the fighter's mind ordering, her to join her brother and his intended for the time period. When all of three of the adolescents questioned why, the Kingsleys replied 'for training'. Of course neither Johan nor Jazzlyn bought the story, but their parents' lips were sealed. This trip, unintentionally, annoyed the PAD because she was the third wheel to the engaged lovers.

Immediately, the twenty-year-old regretted her outburst, since it was their vacation not hers. Attempting to allow herself to blend with scenery so the two could be in love in peace, she put on her headphones with electric guitars pulsing through the buds and climbed (and scolded by the driver) into the front seat. Both guys gaped at the demon and angel deck user then back at each other. They did feel sorry that Jazzlyn put up with their…moments as long as she did, but they hadn't tried to start kissing and making out…it just happened.

And the gazing into their eyes started yet another one of their making out moments. Yes, love was a strange thing with the duelists.


Johan and Judai had fallen asleep beside each other. About an hour and a half past when they awoke. Fields of greenery with flower petals of pink and white hues flitted about the breeze. Brown eyes reflected in the rearview mirror, directed towards the couple. "Judai-sama, we are nearly there."

"That's fine…" he blearily mumbled, rubbing his caramel eyes. Johan sat up, glancing at his surroundings. It was a city, however it wasn't as crammed as Tokyo. There were stacked abodes and private areas blocked by fences or concrete. However, the most notable thing, the scenery appeared copied from old Japanese paintings and that the homes were built in a traditional style with some western influences.

The car briefly halted enough for the bluenette to notice the gates that surrounded a substantial amount of land. It began moving again and on the side of one of the posts was a metal plate that Kanji (3) with hiragana (4) in smaller print along the side that read his fiancé's last name.

When Koichi finally parked, he opened the door for his master and his guests. Green spheres drank in the area. It was constructed like the other houses he had seen however it was grander. It appeared to be designed like the houses of those in power right under the emperor in feudal Japan resided in. Multiple smaller housing units were located around the building they stood before. It was similar to the layout of Johan's mansion but less…technologic. Judi's residence held a more natural setting than his usual home.

It was…beautiful and Johan had yet to begin his adventure into his fiancé's life.


And so begins the new story! So Johan finds out Judai is rich too! What about the people in his house? Namely his parents, Johan's future in-laws, the Yukis? Find out next time!

Authoress' Notes:

1) Okaeri nasai: This is a Japanese phrase typically used by the person who was left at home greeting whoever is returning home. This can be used as 'Welcome home'.

2) Hajimemashite: A Japanese phrase used when meeting someone for the first time. It means 'It's nice to meet you'.

3) Kanji: This is a form of Japanese writing. It uses more intricate characters to represent specific words. A lot of Japanese do not know a lot of kanji because there are hundreds of kanji characters.

4) Hiragana: Another form of Japanese writing. It's the equivalent to what is in America, the alphabet. It involves characters centered with endings of the vowels: A I U E O. Hiragana is often written in smaller print next to Kanji to spell out the characters for people that are unfamiliar with the Kanji.

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